Glossybox | January 2014


Remember that time when I told you I subscribed to nine beauty boxes?  Yeah, completely not true.  I subscribe to ten.  TEN.  Is that really necessary, you ask?

Yes.  The answer to that question is always yes.

This is the final box, though.  All ready to review for you just in time for the influx of February boxes that will start arriving next week.  The fun never ends, people.  Don’t worry.

Here’s what I got in my Glossybox this month:


Purty stuff!  There’s only one thing in there that I’m not too sure about; everything else I will use.  I think that’s a pretty successful box if you ask me.  Glossybox is a nice one.  So sign up immediately.

First things first, the most awesome of all things awesome: the beautyblender.  This is not a dupe, this is the real thing.  And it’s fantastic.  Have you ever used one?  I’ve always wanted one, so several months ago I got an Ulta dupe.  Wasn’t very impressed so I stopped using it.  When I heard we were getting a beautyblender in our Glossybox, I was excited to finally get to try the tried and true.  Sooooo worth buying the original.  My foundation has never looked so flawless and beautiful.  I bounce this thing all over my face … tap tap tap tap tap … and voila! I love magic, don’t you?

Plus, they sent a bonus item – the beautyblender cleaner.  Not sure if this is a necessity or not, cuz regular brush cleaner might work just as well.  However, I’ll take it, please and thank you.  Anytime an item says “bonus” on it, I want it.  Can never be anything but good.

And then I got a little bottle of Balance Me super toning body wash.  The claim on this one is to improve your skin tone.  I don’t really have tone issues on my body, so I may  never know if this really works.  But the smell is decent, and I’ll use it simply because it’s body wash.  The only bummer is that it’s not a pump or a squeeze tube so it’s annoying to get out of the bottle.  And who has time to be annoyed while trying to relax in the bathtub?  Not me.  I have time for lazy, and that’s just about it.  If I get around to shaving my legs, it’s a dadgum miracle.

Next up is a mineral blush from Bellapierre.  I can’t remember what color I got but it only comes in 4 shades.  I haven’t used a mineral blush since 2006 or something so I forgot how much I liked it.  The color was very pretty on my cheeks, made me look as if I’d been sitting in a field full of wildflowers all day with nothing more to do but be innocent and pure.  Just a lovely flush.  I’m excited I got this.  I thought for a second I got another mineral eyeshadow, of which I DO NOT love, so had an episode of bummerocity for about 2.5 seconds.  Glad to see that was all for naught.

Got yet another moisturizer to add to the stack.  This time it’s from Vichy, an Aqualia Thermal Rich cream.  Sounds so fancy, and it should be since it’s made in France or somewhere else super exciting.  And if this matters to you, it won a Good Housekeeping award.  Apparently that’s quite prestigious, so if it doesn’t matter, it should.  I love award winners.  I instantly want it if it’s sitting on a shelf with an award winner sticker on it.  It’s a sad state of affairs sometimes.  There’s a lot of award winners out there, and only two paychecks per month.  So I appreciate Glossybox for sending this to me, saving me the trouble of having to buy it myself.

Last product is the one I’m not sure about.  It’s the Toni & Guy sea salt spray.  Now, I’m sure this is a great product for certain people.  Imagine simply spraying this in your hair, scrunching it around a little, and suddenly you look as if you’ve been frolicking on the beach all day, carefree and stress-free.  I, on the other hand, have difficulty achieving anything remotely looking like beach hair.  In fact, if I was leaning more towards something akin to severe case of bedhead, then I would look perfect.  I’m going to have to play with this a little.  Maybe on the weekend, see if I can create something relatively presentable and effortless.  We’ll see.

Alright y’all, that’s it for January.  Next round of boxes should be filtering in starting next week sometime.  Get excited!

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