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Tonic Polish: Rainbow Connection UK Exclusives


I started to feel bad about the jelly stain on my robe. We had company Saturday night, and I found myself walking backwards so they wouldn’t see that I’d sat in jelly over a week ago and had yet to wash it off.  I don’t know if it was obvious or not – me not walking like a normal person – although the sheer fact I wore my robe around house guests might actually be the bigger issue here.  Well, according to my husband who is NO FUN AT ALL.

Needless to say, it was time.  Hubby gingerly took the robe away from me, although “death grip” doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  I clung to it like it was family (well, duh), and kind of cried a little bit. Then proceeded to freeze to death for the next two hours while I waited for the dang thing to be done. It was torture. Agony. I had to put pants on like a crazy person. Ugh.

Plus, it’s day #2847393 of New Robe Watch, and I have a feeling it’s not coming. Which means hubby still owes me a Valentine’s gift. So if Leonardo’s not busy, I want that.

On the bright side, my old robe smells super good right now.  Like spring mornings and sunshine.  She’s fluffed back up all nice and pretty, and even the spot on the belt where I tried to acetone away black stamping polish doesn’t look half bad.  So there might be something to this laundry thing after all.  I mean, I suppose if hubby is headed that way, I’ll let him wash it from time to time.  As for me, I’ll be laying on couches, Netflix-ing and whatnot.  Most likely covered in a thousand blankets.  You know, var var busy per usual.

So there’s a nail polish emergency in our midst.  Listen carefully.  Tonic Polish – one of our utmost very favorite brands in the entire world – has big news and now you have to read all the way down to the bottom because it is mandatory at this point.  FOCUS:

OMG, did you see that?  This is why we love Tonic.  Who else is already a drooling, speechless, puddle of goo?  I can’t be the only crazy one in this blog.  If I’m going to be super unattractive, the least you can do is be ugly with me.

So Lindsey with Tonic is now selling her polishes through Rainbow Connection, a stockist based in the U.K.  All you people in Europe, your dreams have officially come true.  How lucky are you?!  (Very.)

To celebrate, Lindsey has made two exclusive polishes just for Rainbow Connection customers.  And good news:  US and Canada has access to them.  Squeeeee!  Let’s take a look:

First up is The Answer is 42:

Well I do not know the question, but 42 sounds about right.  Regardless, you purple lovers just died for a second.  What an unbelievable polish.  Seriously, I’m hot, are you hot?  I need someone to come point a fan at me, cuz I’m an incredibly ugly sweater.  Quick, before hubby sees me!  I have to remain sexy at all times, and right now there’s a dire struggle taking place.

So this one has a deep violet base with teal-red shifting shimmer, a sprinkle of scattered holo and fuchsia-gold-green shifting flakies.  I mean, it practically glows.  Grab your smelling salts, then, and keep scrolling (i.e., dying).

Told ya.  Out of this world good.

An insane display of pretty:

Ugh.  Perfection.

The other half of the duo is Guardians of the Tower:

Alright, it’s getting ridiculous.  I’m having trouble staying upright, so I’m not sure how the rest of this blog is getting written.  I need a secretary for times like this.  Or I guess Siri could do it, but last time we asked Siri a question – specifically, what is the state fish of Oklahoma, cuz hubby and I literally have nothing else better to talk about – she came back with websites on karma and Buddhism.  So either Siri doesn’t listen very well, or we broke the internet with our lame ass question.  (Also, the answer is white bass, in case you’re curious.)

So this one has a dark teal base with pale pink to yellow shifting shimmer, a sprinkle of scattered holo and fuchsia-gold-green shifting flakies.  Under direct lights it definitely pulls more teal, but in the light box it has a touch of olive green.

Green and purple – one of my fave color combos.  This polish is 100% speaking my language.  Probably with a French accent, handing me a Starbucks.  Thank you, now GIMME.

More macro, more drool:

You done died.  You did.  Thank goodness were at the end, otherwise nothing much is getting accomplished today.

The round up:

This Sci-Fi duo can be purchased two ways.  If you are in the UK, they will be found on the main site by clicking here.  You can also find a huge selection of other Tonic shades, which just debuted on the site this week.

If you are in the US or Canada, you will find the exclusives by clicking here.

These exclusives will only be available until March 26.  After that, they will be retired and unavailable for the rest of eternity.  Did you just panic?  Well, rightly so.

GUYS. Everything Lindsey does is magical.  That is not a typo.  EVERYTHING. You will love this duo, I swear, and then you will thank me with Starbucks and Visa gift cards for helping you make good decisions.

Okay, go.  Go now. I mean it.

Later, loves!