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Peachtree Polish: Sparkling Holiday Collection


Hubby told me if the Cubs won the World Series, he was probably going to cry.  And so I looked forward to that little gem for an entire week.  I even reminded him a couple times, just in case he forgot the plan:  watch game, Cubs win, he cries.  But when the Cubs did win, and he did not cry, I felt as if I got cheated out of the only thing that mattered to me.  I mean, I watched that entire 3 hour game ON PURPOSE just waiting for my big moment.  I even jumped off the couch really fast to cheer for the team and peed my pants a little bit.  Certainly that gets me something?  Something, plus interest.  

Don’t worry; I’m making a list.  The trade-in allowance for a single tear is var var high.

I got new polishes, guys!  Bonny from Peachtree Polish sent me four new pretties to review for you.  This is their Sparkling Holiday collection:

So pretty!  We’ve got two shimmery polishes and two festive glitter toppers.  Putting them side by side like that, and I would like to just fast forward to December 25 right now please.  And then quickly skip to April 1 so we can go ahead and get Spring started.  We are barely out of the 80-degree weather here, but I already miss it so bad.  

First up is Southern Pine:

Now if you previously purchased the Peachtree Polish Fall Collection, you already have Southern Pine.  But it really is the perfect Christmas green, isn’t it?  So here we go.  We’re doing it again. Yay!

Look at her under the lights:

Good gracious, that shimmer.  That right there is why green is my favorite color.  I could wear this one everyday, but I have 800 polish children, so I can’t play favorites.  But this one knows.  She knows the depths of my love.

Macro time!

Yep, it’s official:  you’re buying this collection.

Next up is Poinsettia:

You know, I don’t wear (or own) a lot of red polishes, most likely because a red is a red is a red.  I know, I know, the girl who has at least 30 shades of purple polish just said that.  Assume I’ve been kidnapped and someone else is writing this blog, because somehow that makes more sense.

Anyway, this red is special.  It’s loaded with this glorious golden shimmer.  Take a look:

Did your mouth just fall open?  Maybe pass out a little bit?  Cuz mannnnn, this red got me.  It glows!  It’s truly such a lovely red.

You know what’s next:

Okay, now for the glitter toppers.  This first one is called Silver Bells/Gold Balls:

This one is a mix of silver and gold glitters in a clear base.  It was really hard to macro in the bottle because – while I’m no scientist (surprise!) – I assume clear bases don’t photograph all that well.  You know, cuz INVISIBLE.

Below shot shows three ways of wearing the topper:

Pinky nail has 2 coats over nothing; ring finger has about 3 coats sponged on for a “full coverage” effect.  And the other two nails have the topper over Southern Pine.  Which is your favorite way? 

Oh, and not to be outdone by myself, here’s another version:

This all took like 80 years to do.  Someone deserves a gift card.  (Me, to be clear.)

Here’s a weird macro of my ring finger:

And now, Garland:

This is a festive little mix of different sizes of red hexes, green bars and some holographic sparkle.  It’s the type of glitter you find in strange places days and days after messing with it.  So thank goodness this version is contained safe and sound in a clear base; otherwise, I’d no doubt be digging around in my underpants, picking them off my ladybits.   How’d that get in there?!  It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Like the last glitter topper, I treated this one in the same way – 2 coats over nothing on the pinky, 3 sponged on coats on my ring finger, and 2 coats over Poinsettia on the other two fingers.

Then I did this one over white because I had another 80 years to spare:

If you assumed this mani gave me anxiety, you assumed correct.  When you have OCD, there is no such thing as random glitter placement.  Looking at my actual, true attempt at “random” gives me the hives.  I just wanna reach into the screen and move some of those glitters around.  Someone needs to invent that, please.

One more macro:

As a special treat, if you purchase the 4- or 3-piece set (with or without Southern Pine, depending on whether you purchased it previously in the Fall Collection), you get a cute Christmas tree charm from Charmed & Dangerous.  I love free stuff!

I added the charm to Southern Pine and Poinsettia both because I am nothing if not thorough:

Well, you get the point.

The round up:

The Sparkling Holiday collection released yesterday, so you’re all good to go!  Click here to purchase.  Set is $28 (or $21 for the 3-piece), or $8 for a single polish.  Also available in minis.  Remember though, no charm unless you buy a set. Sooooo, inother words:  YOU’RE BUYING A SET.

Later, loves!