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OneRadiant | March 2014


This is my last OneRadiant box.  The very last one.  I tried to get them to let me continue subscribing but they said, No! No skin care for you!

Well, it wasn’t exactly like that.  I guess technically it was more along the lines of the subscription just being a 3-month program, and the only way to guarantee you wouldn’t get the same products in the next 3-month subscription is if your skin care needs have changed.  And mine hasn’t.  Sadly, I’m still a mildly dry, somewhat combination in the t-zone, periodically dry chin and forehead, with normal cheeks and temples.  Anyone else got this?  We skin twins?  No?

It’s just me then.  Figures.

There’s probably not even a name for that skin type.  I’ve probably even invented it all by myself.  I could be a miracle of nature and not even know it.  Let’s just assume that’s the case from here on out, mmmm k?

Anyway, here is my final box:


First of all, I was cheated.  The little pouch of EltaMD sunscreen is a duplicate.  And not just from receiving it in another subscription box (which I have; it was Beauty Army), but OneRadiant sent this to me in my very first box a mere two months ago.  Honestly, do they not have a database that tracks that for them?  Or did they run out of samples to treat my bizarre – I mean, miracle of nature – skin type?  Whichever the case may be, I gave them to a friend.  I didn’t dislike the sunscreen.  It was fine.  I just didn’t feel like sampling it YET AGAIN.  Have you seen how much shit I have in my bathroom?  I don’t have time for no repeats.

So if you can’t tell, this box is chock full of one-time-use packets.  Hooray.  Here’s my face:  -__-

Another packet being the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment.  I’ve always wanted to try a product by Sunday Riley.  Primarily because I love the name of their company.  Okay, that’s the only reason.  I have no idea about anything else.  And sadly, after putting on this product one time and one time only, I still have no idea.  It felt like any other serum I’ve ever tried, and I looked exactly the same as I always do afterwards.  I suppose if I really want to find out if it does all it claims (brightens, improves textures, replaces your old face for a young one), I can pay $105 for the full-size.

And suddenly, I’m not interested anymore.  Tricky little marketing tactic though.

That little envelope that says Chella on it contains three sample packets of their advanced treatment line.  There’s a serum, a lifting lotion (for jowls; urgh, horrible word), and a line filler.  I used all three on Saturday, and guess what?!  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Why, again?  You know why.  I’m not even going to say it because I’ve already mentioned it like 15 times in this post.  And also, I’m trying to keep the carpal tunnel at bay.

But if I need to be CEO of all the companies, so be it.

Moving right along.

Finally, a deluxe sized sample of something.  Now was that so hard?  Received a tube of the Nia24 Physical Cleansing Scrub.  I’m alright with this.  I exfoliate twice a week so I always need scrubs like this.  I haven’t used it yet because I’m still working on a tube of VBeaute that I got last month.  But it’s coming up next, and I’ll be sure to let you know.  It’s got niacin-infused jojoba beads in it, so I’m sure it’s just lovely.  (Oh, I love jojoba – did I mention that?)

Last product is four little tubes of a serum from Rejuve MD.  I was supposed to get the eye treatment according to the product card in the OneRadiant box, but my tubes clearly say FACE on them.  So here’s to hoping that’s correct or else I’m putting eye gel all over me.  Anyway, the serum is a gel consistency so it goes on cool and wet, but it dries slightly sticky before it completely sinks in. I don’t necessarily think it makes my skin soft or anything, but it does feel better once fully absorbed.  I’m super big on texture, so I wouldn’t purchase this on that fact alone.  It’s also $165 for the full-size, so I would also not purchase this because I am poor.  However, I’m going to relish these four little tubes as if there’s liquid gold inside.  Which there practically is if you think about it.

That’s it, people.  No more OneRadiant.  It was fun getting customized skin care just for me, but I’m okay with letting this one go.  It’s an inexpensive box, though, so if you love skin care, I’d recommend shelling out $36 for the 3-month subscription.  Even if you don’t like anything in the box, you’ll probably still use most of it.  There’s a bit of skewed logic for you, but I’m wayyy big into justifying everything beauty related.  It’s a natural inborn reflex.  Can’t help it.  It’s in me.

Til next time.

OneRadiant | February 2014


Oh, Skin Care, how I love thee.

This statement is completely hilarious to me cuz prior to last September I hadn’t washed my face for about 39 years. That’s not much of an exaggeration either. There’d be small spurts of skin care interest, like that one time about 4 years ago when I became a BeautiControl consultant for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I’ve owned cleansers and masks and so forth, but they’d literally last me years as the only day I’d wash my face was Sunday in order to start the work week as clean as possible.

Ew. Did you just throw up a little bit? Isn’t that just so gross?

Well I’m making up for it, trust me. I am in the very midst, the absolute deepest center, the furthest reaches of the black hole abyss vortex thingie of an obsession. I now need to own, and use, every bit of skin care I can get my hands on.

I mean, if you’re gonna have an obsession, for heavens sake, do it right.

So it only made sense to sign up for OneRadiant. Customized skin care just for me. This right here is my second box:


Let’s get right to that packet thing. You know how I feel about packets. However, since it’s just eye cream I suppose I’ll let it slide. (Yes, I make exceptions for my own rules. I’m the boss of me.)

The eye cream is from Juara. I used it for two days before I tossed it. I could probably have eked out a couple more days but I lost interest. If it had only been in a tube…

I will say the consistency was nice. It was not watery but slightly thicker which is what I prefer. I wish I could say my wrinkles disappeared after my two-day trial but no.

So in other words, this little science experience was all for naught. Packets should be banned. That’s all I’m saying.

Ever wanted to wash your face with 24k gold? I never cared about it before, but now that I have this exfoliating cream cleanser from LaRocca, I get to feel oh so fancy every night of the week (well, until the sample runs out). I’ve been using this the past couple of nights, and it does have some pretty apparent exfoliating bits in it. It says it’s gentle, but the bits are a little rougher than some of my other cleansers. I suppose if you barely touch your face while cleansing you can call it gentle. And then hopefully your latent magic powers kick in, as I imagine barely touching your face would equal barely cleaning it either.

What am I going on about? I dunno.

I did see on the website it also says it’s made with wind power. WIND POWER! Pretty sure I should be rather excited about that part, but I have no idea what it means. Maybe it’s churned by milk maids sitting amidst the windmill fields in Holland. Not sure what kind of benefit that would garner either, but that’s the kind of psychological brain trickery that makes me buy about 97.736484% of everything I own.

Next thing is this day serum from CellCeuticals called Extreme Defense. It contains antioxidants that helps prevent skin damage. I’ve used it for the past week, and at first I was pairing it with this horrific moisturizer and the serum was peeling off my face in an eraser shaving-like incident. Thought maybe I was using the product wrong so I contacted the company for further instruction. They were so appalled by my description of what had happened, apologized profusely, and are now sending me another sample as a replacement.

In other words, if their product doesn’t work that well, at least their customer service does.

Decided to toss the moisturizer and use something else with the serum. And guess what? Serums works flawlessly. This relieves me greatly as the price for the full size is $70. My faith in expensive skin care has been restored. Amen.

Speaking of moisturizers, got this tube of skin strengthening complex from Nia24, which according to their website is niacin-powered skin therapy. There is a whole Q&A on their site about niacin and what it does for your skin. I will attempt to condense this for you:

Increases the skin barrier which means better skin texture and tone. Niacin can cause flushing and/or itching of the skin, which should subside in a few hours. Alright then, I’m excited!

There is a detailed chart showing how to use this product for the first week and how to gradually increase on the second week. I’m already tired and I haven’t even used this yet. If I need specified instructions in order to apply something as simple as moisturizer, I’m scared a little bit. On the other hand, full size is $93.

Sucked right in. Let’s start immediately.

Last product in the box is an evening serum from pH Advantage called PM Vitamin Triple Complex.  I freaking love this stuff. It goes on like silk and disappears into your skin almost instantly.  I’m a huge texture lover, and this one is texture at its finest. I will actually be sad when the little samples are gone because that means undoubtedly I am going to have to shell out $48.50 to get more.

The only issue I have with this product is the instructions on how to use it.  It says to apply sparingly. How much is sparingly, I ask you?  Dime size? Pea size? Smaller? Again, I need clear, concise information here people. Also, what happens if I go over their definition of sparingly? Will there be some kind of chemical reaction situation upon my face, like a lab experiment gone horribly awry?

Do I need to take control of the United States Product Instructions Department? Mandate a few things, enact some laws or something? I think yes.  Otherwise, this rampant vague instructioning habit will never end.

Well, off to write a letter to my congressman. Later, loves.