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Cirque Colors: Holiday 2017 Collection 


I sat about 10 feet away from an open box of donuts ALL DAY LONG and somehow, miraculously, managed to ignore them like a dadgum CHAMPION.  GUYS.  Am I finally getting used to this potato chip-free hell .. er, I mean, life I’ve found myself in?  Can I finally look snacks and sweets straight in it’s deliciously devilish mouth and then WALK AWAY like no big deal?  I mean, there were jelly-filled donuts in there, and I didn’t eat one of them, not even a little bit.  Gah! Are bonus points coming? Cuz I’ll take a billion.  The fact I ate 27 Tootsie Rolls out of my co-worker’s leftover Halloween candy is beside the point.  

Good thing I got this nail polish deal on lock.  I received a most glorious set of polishes from Cirque Colors to share with you today.  First time on the blog, y’all, and I feel like a fancy lady!   Take a look at what you’re buying:


ALL OF THIS.  IMMEDIATELY.  Excuse me while I attempt to reattach my jaw to my face roughly 18,000 times.  Cuz a whooooole lotta gorgeous is happening in case you didn’t know.

This is the Holiday 2017 Collection, a set of six beauties full of shimmer and flakies and noodle legs GALORE!  Seriously, every single one of these:  STUNNING.  If this collection was clear across the room and I really really wanted it, I would consider walking over there myself instead of asking my husband to do it.

In other words, nail polish affects the brain.  Prettttty sure.  Here’s your quick rundown of colors!


DESCRIPTION:  A sheer blue with copper pearlescent sheen

OPACITY:  Three coats

First things first, it’s pronounced “hoo-gah” which means “cozy” in Danish.  Seconds things second, COZY is right!  Cuz anytime you’re tossing in a bunch of copper shimmer, you might as well have handed me a basketful of kitties.  Who’s got a dire case of the Grabby Fingers?  Basically everyone, just to be clear.


DESCRIPTION:  A brilliant ruby red holographic

OPACITY:  Two coats

Oooooh!  How about this one?!  YES.  It makes my sad, white sausages look less sad and sausage-y, and for that we lub it lots.  Cuz the last time I had a tan was in 1994 and someone had peed in the trashcan next to the tanning bed, and well, wearing this polish seems to be much much less traumatic.


DESCRIPTION:  A mint green with sparkling holographic flakies and subtle purple shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats covered really well, but I added a third cuz CAN’T. STOP. POLISHING.

This one is a return from a previous release, back just in time for the holidays!  I can see why they brought it back … guys, the flakies!  The dadgum FLAKIES!  Ugh.  I may never be the same again.


DESCRIPTION:  A rose gold to white gold metallic foil thermal

OPACITY:  Two coats

This one ended up a surprise favorite as y’all know how I get around thermals. Capturing that perfect transition shot is an anxiety attack waiting to happen. And with your hand going in and out of the freezer to the lightbox and back, the appearance of normality has a shelf life of about 1.2 seconds. You’re a crazy person, is what you are. A crazy person with her hand stuck in a glass of ice water.

But these two colors?  Well, they made it ALL worth it.

Extra effort alert!  Here’s full mani shots of both.  First, just the cold:

And now, the warm:

Lastly, back to the gradient as a reminder of HOW MUCH YOU NEEEEEED:


DESCRIPTION:  A deep cornflower blue to pale silver-blue metallic foil thermal

OPACITY:  Two coats

Another thermal for double the crazy!  And only 5 photos to show for it.  However, there’s at least 9000 other pictures in the deleted file in case you need proof of my love for you.  Cuz I don’t hang around with my hand in the ice water for no dadgum good reason, just so you know.

Aside from all that, if you love you some blue, well this one is headed for the shopping cart, stat.

Just the cold:

Just the warm:

Back to the gradient:


DESCRIPTION:  A violet jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Soooo .. this one sold out within a few hours but I thought I’d show you what you can’t have anyway.  Cuz who can’t be a proper blogger, not even for a little bit?  I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know. 

On the plus side, there’s a chance it might come back in stock in December. Head over to the product listing by clicking here and enter in your email address to receive the restock notification. Seriously. DO IT. Cuz I am the boss of you.

Another angle to show off that shimmer.  Are you dying?  Cuz I’m dying:


And now wallets are officially flying out of purses, everywhere.  

The Holiday 2017 Collection is up for presale now through November 17, with the exception of Coronation which is already gone (boooooo).  Before anything else bad happens, here’s very important deets:

Hygge retails for $12.50; all the rest are $14.00

And in case some kinda Christmas miracle is lurking, Coronation will be back and you can snag it for $16.50.  Baby Jesus, are you listening?  This one’s got your name on it.

Where to buy:  http://www.cirquecolors.com

Shipping takes place on November 17 a.k.a. BEST DAY EVER! to like the trillionth degree.

Now, the linky loos!  Connect with Cirque Colors:



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That’s it, gang.  As always, thanks for reading all the way to bottom.  Now I’m off to do some swatching that’ll most likely turn into some late night EXTRAVAGANZA! and then it’s desk naps for me about a thousand times tomorrow.  HR loves it when I do that, I swear they do.

Later, loves!