Tux Polish: Chrome Alone Collection 


Four hour concert.  An hour and a half away from home. On a work night. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Seriously, y’all, I’m more tired than any amount of late night swatching-slash-Full House marathon-ing could ever have me be. For real. Stupid words are most definitely coming out at some point. As one with a brain half asleep is wont to do.  I’m not saying there were 18,000 desk naps happening today, but I’m also NOT not saying it.  I’m a virtual HR darling, just so you know.

On with the speed blog (for real this time)! Received a most awesome swatch pack from Dominique with Tux Polish to share with you today.  Get ready for a flakie EXTRAVAGANZA! in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..


Yes?  YES.  Some rich, vibrant colors for fall got me feeling some type of way.  I’m gonna need some smelling salts and someone to come hold my mouth shut, stat.  Lest the drool fall out and accidentally cause a divorce-type situation.  As happens from time to time.

This is the Chrome Alone collection, a set of 6 jewel-toned beauty queens, all inspired by the 90s holiday film, Home Alone.  You know that open-mouthed scream face little Kevin McCallister makes after he slaps aftershave on his cheeks for the first time?  This collection is that face times a billion.  AT MINIMUM.  Here’s all the proof you need.  Your color rundown:


DESCRIPTION:  A pink/purple/yellow shifting holographic

Okay, so this one doesn’t technically have flakies in it, but it might as well have considering the 27 levels of SWOON that is happening right now.  Multichromes will get ya!  Each and every dadgum time.


DESCRIPTION:  A glitter topper filled with colorful chrome chameleon flakies

I did one swipe – ONE SWIPE! – over a black base and the flakie payout is LEGIT no joke.  And the below macros I took?  The most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen.  Saw.  You ever saw.  UGH.  One cannot grammar at a time like this.

And then a matte shot for funsies!  


DESCRIPTION:  A pumpkin orange crelly with scattered holo, green shimmer and chameleon flakies

The name of this polish is basically the motto for my life.  I mean, hubby’s over here watching some documentary about astrophysics, making us all look bad, while my contribution to society is naming off the guys who’ve played the Bachelor on every season since 2002 and shoving Cheetos in my mouth like no big deal.  Well, not lately with the chips cuz I’ve somehow found myself on a diet I didn’t ask for.  Blah.  SCIENCE.


DESCRIPTION:  A purple base with scattered holo, microglitter and shifty blue flakies

Ummmm, purple lovers, you seeing this?  All your polish dreams come true with this one.  You’re buying a bottle plus 18,000 backups for SAFETY.  Cuz an accidental painting of all the surfaces is coming, I just know it.  


DESCRIPTION:  A shimmery green holographic with green shifting chameleon flakies

Oooooh, we got a GREEN one!  Excuse me while I attempt to somehow remain a lady while my tongue is lolling about outside my body.  Nigh on impossible, pretty sure.


DESCRIPTION:  A shifty blue/black jelly filled with holo and chameleon flakies

Let’s end this thing on a big ole exclamation point, shall we?  What a gorgeous deep ocean of lovely this one is.  Wanna go swimming?  I do.


Each polish had a really nice formula, a bit on the thinner side which I actually prefer.  The applicator is very long, so polish will drip down the wand and onto the brush (and into your cuticles) if you’re not paying attention.  It took me a minute to get used to but I’m pretty much an expert at this point.  Scroll up if you need a refresher.  Little works of art!  Although BETTER BE, cuz I paint nails for like 17 hours straight; clearly, I’m suuuuuper fun at parties.

NOW … Let’s buy some nail polish, shall we?  Here’s very important shopping deets:

Each polish retails for $10

This collection released just today, so BEST DAY EVER doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  It also marks the start of a 48 hour pajama fest, so things officially just got best-i-er.  Weekends = LIFE around here in case you’re new.

PLUS! There’s a coupon. Make a purchase from today through Sunday, November 19 at 11:59pm EST and you’ll get 10% off with code CHROMEALONE. Whyyyyy, that’s practically free!  Soooo, a billion bottles in the shopping cart then?  That sounds about right. 

Where to buy:  http://www.tuxpolish.com

The linky loos! Connect with Tux Polish:



More blog-y things tomorrow.  Come back to see what else you’re buying.

Later, loves!


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