Nail Hoot: Birthstone Trio – April May June


Oh, the never ending game of catch up, how you elude me. You’d think by now I’d finally be checking off that last item on the list, but for whatever reason, some 9 year old girl comes on tv singing the Titanic theme song and suddenly NOTHING ELSE FREAKING MATTERS.  What is blogging?  What is swatching?  What is DADGUM RESPONSIBILITY?  All the things I should be doing instead of the crying like a baby that I’m actually doing.  Ugh.  Where is Leonardo when you need him?  (Oh, but seriously, WHERE IS HE?)

Trying to make up for it tonight by being ultra focused.  Came home from work, locked myself in the bedroom, and sat down to write.  Then my phone notifications lit up, my Popcorn Snowballs are ready!, and so it’s off to the fake Bakery for nigh on eternity.  For real, someone just need to take my phone away.  Except don’t, cuz I will cut you.

Time for polish!  Brandie with Nail Hoot reached out to me asking if I’d like to review her most recent addition to the birthstone collection.  Ummm, is this Silly Question Day?  Of course I would.  BRING IT.  Cuz you don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by just lounging on couches.

Or maybe you do.  Seriously, I don’t even know.


Brandie has been working on a collection of birthstone-inspired polishes, and with the release of these three, the year is officially complete.  Who’s collecting these or planning to collect?  I love buying sets of things, but I’m not very good at finishing it out.  I once tried to collect TV Guides back in like 1985, but only ended up with about 4 of them in an empty dresser drawer.  Although perhaps it was the wrong kind of collecting, cuz I do have about 3,497 bottles of nail polish threatening to fall through the floor of my house at any moment. Soooo…

First up for April, this is Diamond:

This beauty has a linear holographic base with a delicate clear pink diamond look and filled with clear scattered holo for added dazzle.  It’s sparkly and blingy and basically your standard everyday driving hazard.  Distracting, but in the best way possible.

Macro time!

GAH!  I just love how those holos catch the light.  You see what I mean by distracting?  You forgot you were reading this blog, didn’t you?  Cuz I forgot I was even writing it.

Next up for May, this is Emerald:

This one is a stunning, rich green linear holographic, and honestly, do I have to even say it?  When is the last time a green was thrown in here where I didn’t trip all over myself trying to get to it first?  Like, anyone in the mood to get drool-y and suuuuuper unattractive?  Me! Me! Me!, almost 97.58676% of the time.  That is not a typo.  Where there is green, there is me reattaching my jaw to my face 18,000 times.

Under the lamps, for maximum holo effect:

Do I hear angels?  I’m pretty sure there’s angels.

Now grab the smelling salts!  In case of accidental pass-out-y, it’s good to be prepared.

Oh, don’t mind me.  Just smiling to myself with my eyes closed like an idiot.  Sigh.

Lastly for June, this is Pearl:

This one has a delicate white base filled with shimmer and small golden flakies, topped with a pearlescent sheen and pinch of clear scattered holo. I just love whites all dressed up and fancy like this.  Capturing all the goodies was hard, though, cuz my camera is lame and I give up easy.  Bah!  Goals are for other people, let’s just say. 

More macros cuz we haven’t drooled enough today:

Well, technically I have, but I’m not normal. If you see me and somehow I’m not in the midst of a thousand drool bucket extravaganza-type scenario, just assume I’ve been kidnapped cuz that seems more likely.

I reallllllllllly love nail polish, is what I’m saying.

The round up:

And now good news: these polishes are available now, so get to clickin’ y’all!  You were just hanging around in your sweatpants doing nothing anything.

Trio retails for $24.99, and if you make a purchase by midnight on Sunday, June 25 you get a free cuticle oil pen.  Whyyyyyyyy, we LOVE free things!  Oh yes we do.

You can, however, get these as single bottles.  Diamond and Emerald are $9.35 and Pearl is $7.49.  But no cuticle pen, so this point is moot.  RIGHT? Right.  All three, in the cart they go!

Click here for shopping!  Then stay tuned for more pretties cuz this blog train is NEVER stopping.  Assuming this fake bakery situation gets under control, that is.  In other words:  WE’LL SEE.

Later, loves!


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