Ipsy | May 2015


The hem came out of a pair of work pants about a year ago, so I stapled them back together and carried on with my life.  I told my friend about it the other day, and she had a good laugh.  Said I wear Tom Ford foundation and Chanel sunglasses, but wear stapled up pants like a damn hobo.  How does this make sense?  Considering I have to make an effort to take my pants to the seamstress but I can shop for luxury makeup on my couch wearing no pants at all, it makes perfect sense to me.  As soon as someone comes to my house with their needle and thread ready to get to work, I’ll just probably keep replacing the staples for the rest of my life.

This may be a whole new level of lazy.  Regardless, here’s my Ipsy:

Got a Briogeo Rosarco Milk leave-in conditioner.  My face looks like this:   -__-

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the product, but eh.  Just boring.  I’ve used it a couple times and nothing bad happened, so that’s good news.  I think I sprayed pretty generously and I did not get a scummy feeling in my hair like I thought I might.  So that’s also good news.  But leave-in conditioners are like the sock Christmas gifts of the beauty world: something you’ll use but nothing you really want.  Or at least that’s what it’s like for me.  If I had an actual hair care routine, maybe I’d feel differently.  I dunno.  I’m an asshole.  Moving on.

Sometimes I wonder if Ipsy even gets me.  Got two packets of the Klorane eye patches and I immediately hit DELETE.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve purposefully used eye patches.  If I had zero hands, I could still count on one hand.  But in an effort to be fair and PROFESSIONAL, I tried these anyway.  They are super gelatinous-feeling, but stick to your under eyes really really well. According to the website, these patches will soften the skin, depuff and brighten.  Since I only used these one time, I didn’t notice any difference at all, but then again if the most obvious result would be the depuffing, my under eyes aren’t puffy to begin with.  What I’m trying to say is these eye patches are not for me.  But I tried, and that’s what counts.  Best blogger ever?  This girl.

Perhaps my favorite items of the bag is the Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in Ozone and the two Revolution lipgloss samples in Bittersweet and Failbait.  First of all, the lip liner.  It’s clear therefore universal and can be used with any color lipstick.  I decided to test it out alongside the lipstick that bleeds on me the most.  If this lip liner kept things under control, I’d declare it Holy Grail Status and buy the full size.  So I lined my lips and applied my lipstick and eight hours later, it looked brand new.  I was quite impressed.  Pretty sure this sample size will last for a long time, but I will absolutely pick up a new one once I’m out.

As for the lipglosses, I love them.  Well, the purple one (Bittersweet) is gorgeous.  Super pigmented color, very glossy.  Flattering and lovely.  I’ve already added this to my wishlist for when the sample runs out.  Now the pink one (Failbait) is nice as well, but it does not show up on my lips as well as the purple.  I would definitely wear it though, if I was going for a nude pink, natural look.  Which hardly ever happens, but I love having my options open.

Received the Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes eyeliner in Navy.  There really isn’t much to say about this one.  It’s pretty basic.  It’s mechanical which I prefer.  I don’t like messing with sharpeners cuz I never get the tip as sharp as I want it, and if I tried hard enough I’d end up sharpening away the entire pencil.  So mechanical is my BFF.  The tip of the eyeliner is pretty creamy.  Applies really well.  However, it doesn’t dry as quickly as it should for my hooded eyelid because it transferred to right underneath my eyebrow within seconds of application.  Well, that’s a bummer.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it.  I do have a lot of Navy eyeliners, and this one for me isn’t all that special.  If Ipsy had sent a different color – like a vivid green or a hot pink – there would be no question I’d keep it.

Last product is the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ cream.  I already own this, but I freaking love it.  In fact, I wrote an entire blog post on it a while back that you can read all about if you click here.  Everything in there is still true.  I’ve yet to find another BB or CC cream that I like better.  Instead of keeping this sample, however, I passed it along to my mother who I knew would appreciate it as much as me.  I’ll just go ahead and use the expired one I already own because if you read my last Empties post, you’ll know it can be done.  I mean, it shouldn’t be done but all my foundation expires at the same time so I have no choice.  I should plan that out better next time.

All done!  Thanks for reading, subscribing, commenting or lurking.  Come back soon cuz there’s more fun forthcoming.  I have three more boxes to review before June creeps up on me.  And that makes me panic because that means it’s almost winter.  Erlack!  Time moves way too fast.  Someone needs to push the stop button.  Please and thank you.  Bye, y’all!

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  1. I got the same bag. That leave in conditioner made my curly hair droopy. Navy eye liner is an instant eye roll for me. All these box companies send that color. Ugh. It’s a dated look!
    PS, the Urban Decay Liner now comes in chubby form. Even more amazing.


    • I’ve even got my Ipsy profile set to “adventurous” and still got Navy. Maybe the other option was black so Navy was as flashy as I could get. I’ve decided not to keep it.


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