Ipsy | February 2015


Did everyone survive Valentine’s Day?  I did, but barely.  I mean, after the business of receiving two vases of flowers, eating three chocolate covered strawberries, having a gourmet steak dinner prepared specially for me, AND spending an entire $100 Sephora gift card in one go, I’m downright exhausted.  It’s so hard to be me, you guys.  SO. HARD.

Here’s my Ipsy:


It’s a so-so box.  Presently I am using two of the five items.  May use a third item, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.  Let’s review!

I don’t have much use for hair products since my daily routine consists of a brush and that’s it.  Unless you count the trash can where I put all the hair that sheds off me, that is.  So getting this Eva NYC Up All Night volumizing spray was 100% a non-event.  But for the sake of this review, and the fact I am a PROFESSIONAL, I decided to give it a try on hair washing day.  This is a major thing – and proof of my love for you – because there was a very strong chance I’d have to wash my hair twice.  Volumizing products and my fine hair don’t play well together.  I haven’t met one yet that didn’t produce a sticky-up hair scenario, and not in the good way.

I applied this very carefully to my damp roots and then scrubbed my scalp with my fingers to distribute evenly.  And then blow dried my hair and prayed to Jesus.  Surprisingly, this did not make my hair feel scummy and gross.  It still felt clean with maybe a hint of product residue.  I can handle a hint.  I didn’t get bouncy big Texas hair from it, though.  I’d say the volumizing was kept to a minimum.  It was there but not there there.  Probably because I baby-stepped my way with it and sprayed less than I should have.  Cuz if there’s one hair item that scares me the most, it’s volumizers.  I just don’t have time to fiddle with two hair washings in one day.  I can barely do one washing, but I force myself because society (and the HR Department) tells me I have to.

Long story short: I’m giving this away to a friend.

Next up is the Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance face oil.  I’m not a die hard face oil user, but I’m also not opposed to it.  Last time (and only time) I fell in love with a face oil, it was a dilo oil from Kate Somerville, and nothing has came close to it since.  This Mitchell and Peach one is alright.  It comes from England in case that makes it sound more interesting (it does).  The texture is a little odd.  It’s an oil, but as you’re rubbing it in it starts to turn dry, almost powdery.  Not a nice powdery, but an on-the-verge-of-flaking-off kind of powdery.  Doesn’t last long as it sinks in pretty quick, but for those brief powdery moments, I feel as if all the water has been sucked out of my body.  That’s probably an exaggeration.  But only slight.

On the plus side, it has a mild scent.  Not one of those organic, earthy, braggy scents that act like grass, dirt and ylang-ylang is something to be proud of.  It has a skosh of herby-ness, but it’s mostly undetectable.  I think there’s some florals in there, so that’s nice.  I’m going to continue to use it.  Maybe not all the way to empty, but I’m okay with it for a bit.

I’ve decided I’m just not one for lip stains.  I’ve tried many of them, and they just don’t do it for me.  Not that this City Color one is a bad product or anything; I’m simply not excited.  Like, I wouldn’t karate chop you in the throat over it, that’s how I know our love isn’t real.  This stain, while the Flirtini color is an alright rose pink shade, is super slick on the lips and dries while retaining a bit of moisture.  Enough moisture where your lips don’t get stuck together – trust me, I’ve been through that before and 100% DO. NOT. RECOMMEND – but I honestly don’t know where the term “creamy” comes from.  I didn’t really feel like it stained much either.  But everyone else on Ipsy loves it, so what do I know?  I don’t like stains so I’ll probably never be impressed with any of them.  Unless it’s made in France, then we’ll see.

Got a nice little blush from ModelCo in the shade Cosmopolitan, which is a ballerina pink.  I like it.  Gives you a natural looking flush.  Decently pigmented, not too much sparkle.  Cute little travel sized compact.  What’s not to love?  I had one of these before that I got in a Boxycharm box ages ago.  I had it for about 2.5 seconds before it rolled off my couch to it’s crumbled, shattered death.  So I’m happy to welcome it back with open arms.

Last product in the box is the Emite Make Up eyelash curler.  I’ve not ever been big on curling my eyelashes.  Primarily because my lashes are short little babies and getting them inside an eyelash curler is practically an Olympic sport. So this one doesn’t offer any type of miracle for me. I get it as close as I can to my eyeball and in turn pinch my eyelid instead of curl any lashes. But when I move it further out, I end up crimping my eyelashes right in the middle. It’s a lose-lose situation. However, what this tool does offer is a super cushy red pad that feels reallllly good as you clamp the curler closed. If I had longer lashes, I think I’d love this thing. And if YOU have longer lashes, you can go ahead and sit back down. Nobody likes a winner.

Okay, time for night night. I’m headed to Los Angeles for a work thing tomorrow morning. If I get some free time, I’ll do a post for you while I’m out there. If not, well LOS ANGELES. I don’t understand your question.


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