Glossybox | December 2014


Happy new year everyone!  We made it to 2015 and we did it TOGETHER.  So officially you’ve entered into a legally binding contract and you are not allowed to leave me.  Like ever.  Bwahahahahahahaha!  (Just kidding;  you love it here.)  Plus, if I didn’t have you guys there would be no reason for me to buy and try 27 different mascaras all at once.  Therefore, technically, I can’t leave you either.

Here’s my Glossybox:


When I saw that I was getting this Bellapierre lipstick, my first thought was ugh, RED.  I’m not sure how red became the signature color for December, but let me declare officially that not everyone in the universe wears red lipstick for the holidays.  Maybe if you are famous and go to a lot of Hollywood parties.  Or maybe you are Taylor Swift.  But a normal, average, every day girl like me can’t be bothered to A) wear red lipstick for 31 days straight and B) get out of pajamas long enough to go somewhere fancy.  But in an effort to write a proper review, I wore this lipstick (shade: Burlesque) for a total of 2 hours and here are my thoughts:  it is not red, but more of a pink-red.  The texture is creamy; the finish is glossy.  I didn’t hate it.

Hopefully that sums it up for most of you.  I’m going to go ahead and keep it for a minute to see if I end up using it again.  It may live in the Train Case of Forgotten Makeup for the next 7 years, but I suppose you never know.  I do leave my house occasionally.

Got a full-size Toni & Guy Prep leave-in conditioner, and surprisingly I’m okay about that.  I can handle hair products if they come in the form of a leave-in conditioner.  What I don’t prefer is weird hair oils, gel things or root-lifters.  I can never apply the appropriate amount of any of those things and so I end up with dirty, scummy hair.  Plus, when your entire hair routine consists of two steps (blow dry, straighten), using a lot of products makes zero sense.

I have not used this yet.  I am finishing up another leave-in conditioner that I’ve been working on for probably (almost) a year.  Nearing the end (I think – things seems to replicate themselves once I believe I’m about to be done with it), so I’ll get on this soon.  Reviews seem pretty positive; most people said it smelled nice and that it tamed frizz.  Both of those are pretty important to me, so I’m hoping for the best.

Always excited about a good mask, so I’m happy to try this Nuxe Crème Fraiche one.  First of all, they sent a full-size tube valued at $32 which is a great deal considering the box is only $21.  If you’re doing the math, it seems to me that I’ve inadvertently saved money.  Pretty sure that deserves a fancy reward.  Probably gonna buy a Gucci eyeshadow to celebrate.  Because saving $11 to spend $65 makes perfect sense.  I know y’all are nodding your heads in complete agreement, otherwise you may have stumbled across this blog by accident.

This mask is made for all skin types although I would say dry skin would get the most benefit.  My skin is not dry anymore, so not sure what that means for me in terms of effectiveness.  However, Nuxe is made in France so this renders that point MOOT.  Other reviews mention a nice honeysuckle smell (one of my favorites in the entire world) and it plays well with sensitive skin.  Instructions say to apply a nice layer and let it sit for 10 minutes, then rub in the rest of the product until absorbed.  It’s the Lazy Woman’s (i.e., me) perfect mask.  You don’t even need to get off the couch to wash it off.

I haven’t used a hand scrub in light years.  Last time was probably in 2008 and it was a BeautiControl one, back when I thought being one of their sales reps was a good idea (it wasn’t; jobs like that are not for the unmotivated).  So figured it might be kind of fun to get back into it every once in a while.  The Rituals Miracle Scrub is a nice, gentle scrub that will most definitely soften dry hands.  I’m only gonna assume it will also soften dry feet, which is how I think I’m going to actually use this product since my hands aren’t that dry.  I mean, they are princess hands.  They type and they click the check out button.  That’s about it.

Last item in the box is a Ciate nail polish in the color Humbug.  This is a Christmas edition color, so I’m not sure how long the link to the product will be valid. As of right now this very second, you can buy one.  After right now this very second, it’s a crapshoot.  Regardless, you all know how I feel about nail polish.  If you times that by a billion, that’s how I feel about glitter nail polish.  Yes, the glitter looks very pretty and comely in the bottle.  But unless you have a chisel and sand paper, I have no interest in spending my life away trying to remove glitter nail polish.  Not saying this particular Ciate one is like that (since I didn’t try it), but the description says it’s “chunky” – and when has “chunky” ever described anything you wanted?  Unless it is chunky chocolate chips,  I can’t think of any other valid thing.

Alright, gang.  I’m out for now.  Thanks for spending a few moments with me.  Stay tuned for December Empties coming up in the next day or two.  You’re exited.  (Yes, you are.)

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