Glossybox | November 2014


I finally broke down and bought proper trouser socks to go with my dress shoes for work.  I am not a child and am quite aware you aren’t allowed to wear orange and green polka dot socks with a navy sweater.  I can’t say the trouser socks are breaking any fashion barriers or anything, but at least they are black and match everything.

Look, it’s my Glossybox:


This is one of the best boxes they’ve sent.  I will use every single thing in here – even the nail polish, although probably just once.  Hooray for Christmas miracles!  Let’s begin.

I will never turn my back on skin care.  So receiving the Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy moisturizer is a welcomed sight.  I’ve used one of the green apple products before – a mask – and it doesn’t particularly smell like green apples.  So I’m expecting the moisturizer to be the same.  I suppose the green apple isn’t necessarily a scent-thing but more an acid-thing because it’s loaded with alphas and betas that will help brighten your skin and get rid of discoloration.  This is perfect for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am plagued with hyperpigmentation (i.e., old pimple scars).  I have a cluster of it right on my cheek which makes looks me look like I’ve been sweeping chimneys for 8 hours.  If I was nine years old, I know my mama’d be coming after me with her magic cleaning thumb.  It’s not dirt, people; I don’t need a spit-polish.

Long story short, I’d be nice if this moisturizer works.  We shall see.

I’ve owned the 12 Benefits hair treatment in the past, and it’s my absolute favorite leave-in product ever.  I can spray this all over my hair and never worry about it feeling scummy or weighed down after it’s dried.  I have been meaning to buy the full-size, but I keep getting all these ho-hum samples from my boxes that I’m making an effort to use up.  Since I technically paid for all of them.  Being responsible isn’t always the most fun.

In case you’re curious, the 12 benefits of 12 Benefits are: seals hair color, smooths frizz, repairs damage, prevents split ends, moisturizes, strengthens, prevents flat iron/chlorine/wind/sun damage, adds shine/softness, protects from blow drying, improves detangling, and maintains youthfulness.  Doesn’t that all sound amazing?  It does, and now you want it.  Put it in your basket.

Received an OPI nail polish in custom shade called Pink Outside the Glossybox.  Isn’t that clever?  Even so, I don’t wanna keep it.  It matches the Glossybox boxes perfectly, though.  However, it’s just a basic pink in my eyes.  I think I will use it maybe this weekend, take a selfie for posterity, and then give it away to my daughter.  It’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

I was super excited to see the So Susan universal blush in my box.  I have never heard of this brand, which is the number one reason I subscribe to beauty boxes: trying new brands.  The packaging of the blush is pretty boring, but the color is really lovely.  And then I realized it’s one of those self-adjusting blushes that will change to suit your skin tone.  What kind of voodoo magical witchcraft is this?!  I don’t know about you, but I would buy it simply for this fact alone.

I have been wearing it for a couple days, and I feel like the color is very flattering.  A pretty mauve-y pink.  It’s very pigmented as well so be careful.  I over applied the first time, and it was less flattering more prostitute-y.  I was much more deliberate the next time and it fared much better.  This may very well be in the top tier of all my blushes.  And I have a lot, so that’s saying something.

Last thing in the box is a Kneipp Herbal Bath in Balancing Lavender.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this.  How extra special Princessy!  Who doesn’t want to lounge in a bath with the smell of lavender all around you?  Maybe people who don’t like the smell of lavender, but other than that, I can imagine everyone doing it.  This particular one helps combat fatigue and gives you peace of mind and other Zen-like things.  If that’s not your thing, though, there are other scents for muscle aches, sleep deprivation, energy, stress, even cold and flu.  So I think I’m gonna give this a try over the weekend and I’ll report back how it went.  If I manage to slither my way out of the bathtub, that is.  I can do Princess Time like it’s my damn job.  As well it should be.  I’m var var good at it.

All done and now I’m starving.  Time for snacks.  Possibly a nap.  Most definitely pajamas.  See ya tomorrow friends.


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