Blush Mystery Beauty Box | October 2014


I don’t know about you, but I could use another weekend.  It’s hard coming back to work after 9 days off.  I keep asking my husband what time I can stop working altogether and live the life of a princess like I was born to do.  He looks at me as if I’m speaking Jibberish, so I’m not too sure he understands what I’m asking.  I’ll keep bringing it up to him about 15 times per day to be sure.

Until that day arrives, here’s my Blush Mystery Beauty Box:


This is one of their better boxes.  I’ll admit the last couple of months illicited big fat yawns, and I even contemplated canceling.  Mind you, it was a fleeting thought, but a thought nonetheless.

Normally I don’t appreciate receiving a shampoo or conditioner without its counterpart.  However, because I make exceptions to my own rules and also cuz I looooove the smell of this Klorane Desert Date shampoo, I am perfectly fine with receiving it.  I already own the leave-in cream, and the scent is warm and exotic.  Do you know what I’m saying when I say that?  Like, it’s not fruity or smells like clean laundry or an ocean breeze (whatever THAT is supposed to smell like).  It isn’t woody or spicy.  It isn’t perfumey.  You minus all those smells, and whatever you have left is what Desert Date smells like.  I’m certain you understand me 100% now.

Reading the description online (because I haven’t gotten a chance to use this yet), it says it is for dry, damaged or brittle hair.  I also just now discovered there is no matching conditioner for this shampoo, only the leave-in cream and a mask.  I feel better, don’t you?  You can’t receive the matching conditioner if there isn’t one.  It’s basic mathematics.

Got another can of the Batiste dry shampoo.  Otherwise known as my all time favorite dry shampoo in all the land.  Serious, I even wrote a review on it that you can read here if you’d like.  (You’d like.)  In fact, I’m almost always in possession of a can of Batiste.  I’ve never had any other brand “clean” my hair so well.  Approved!  Put it in your basket.

I have heard fabulous things about the StriVectin-AR retinol stuff, so I’m very excited about the Advanced Retinol Night Treatment.  It also won a beauty award, and y’all know what that does to me.  It could be slug trail for all I know, but I MUST. HAVE. IT. anyway.

We all know the best thing for anti aging is retinol.  I’ll admit, though, I have zero products in my stash that has retinol in it.  That’s because I buy products based on cute packaging, which I suppose is the wrong way to go about it.  But if I can get an adorable Instagram picture out of it, my brain tells me it’s worth it.  Am I ridiculous?  Probably.  But the good news is now I DO have a product with retinol in it, and I suspect by the time I finish this teeny tiny tube, I will have the face of a 14-year-old.  I have an email into the company right now asking if this is a serum or a moisturizer, cuz my anxiety won’t let me not follow the rules.  I don’t want my face falling off, which is bound to happen the very instant I branch out on my own science experiment.  I’ll give you all the scoop in a future Empties post.

I have previously owned the Glytone Hydrate eye cream, which was the eye cream that wouldn’t die.  Thankfully, however, it was a pretty nice eye cream; otherwise, getting a repeat would be hideously frowned upon.  I like thicker consistency creams instead of those watery, thin ones, and I also prefer the kinds that sink into the skin quickly.  Lucky for Glytone, it fits the bill on both fronts.  So whenever I’m ready to use the same eye cream for the next 15 years, I’ll crack open the lid on this one.  A little goes a long way, which means good value for your money.  But it can also be very boring for those people that like to try different things.  Cuz seriously, the product will replicate itself as soon as you think you’re just about done with it.

Last product in the box is a very pretty Cargo BeachBlush in the shade Cable Beach.  First of all, the packaging is to die for.  I love little tins.  I’ve been known to buy really stupid stuff cuz in came in a tin.  Like a candle that smells like a Desert Oasis, which isn’t an actual smell (or thing – have you seen a desert oasis? No you have not).  Or a lip balm that doesn’t smell like anything at all.  So my natural inclination is to love this blush.  And while it didn’t stop me mid-swipe, or make my eyes fall out of my head in wonder, it is still pretty.  I can bet I would’ve bought this on my own if I had seen it in a store.

Alrighty, friends.  You’ve reached the end of another post.  How amazing are you?  (Very.)  I’ll be back tomorrow with something new and exciting and extra extra ramble-y.  Guaranteed.  Bye!

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