Blush Mystery Beauty Box | August 2014


Just a little reminder that this is my month-long birthday extravaganza. I like gift cards.

Here’s my Blush box:


If I felt like doing a math problem, I’d calculate I like about 60% of this box. But I suck at math, so 60% might as well be half of a half divided by two times a billion. It’s a language I simply don’t speak. So I’ll just say ho hum pigs bum cuz that makes more sense.

First product that I immediately didn’t want is the Neuma style texturizer. What is this? Is it mousse? Gel? Is it one of those volumizing cream things that creates a stiff sticky-up hair fiasco upon your head? I dunno, and I’m scared to try. I’ve been down that round before and it’s var var unattractive. Think I’ll just stick to my regimen of wash, blow dry, flat iron and call it good.

Next item is the Nailtiques nail polish in the color Tahiti and it made my face go like this: -__-

I wish I loved nail polish. I really do. I would be less annoyed that’s for sure. So I’m not saying anything about this particular nail polish or even the Nailtiques brand itself. I just can’t ever get excited about any of it, any time, for any reason. Unless you’re the new Christian Louboutin nail polish – well perhaps I can make an exception for you. But that’s just me being shallow. Moving on.

Got this Nick Chavez Plump ‘N Thick shampoo, and I’m thinking alright I’ll use this, along with your luxuriously fine conditioner that you’ve no doubt sent me. Exxxxceeeept you didn’t. How am I supposed to get the full effect of the plumping and thickening benefits you so proudly tout if I ain’t got no conditioner to seal the deal? Rude.

So I used this the other day and paired it up with my Carol’s Daughter hair mask, which is the only solution I could come up with. The shampoo is fine. Isn’t overly perfumed, lathered well. Got my hair nice and clean. But who the hell knows if it’ll plump or thicken anything? I sure don’t. Pretty sure I’d have to use an entire industrial-sized bottle to find out anyway. Nothing is instant gratification anymore. If you want something you have to work at it. And who has time for that?

Finally things are taking a turn. I am not unhappy to receive the Pixi Beauty Lid Last shadow pen. I’m trying to cultivate a love for cream shadows. Even purchased a special cream shadow brush from Sigma for just this purpose. And then watched a tutorial on the Pixi Beauty website. I am nothing if not thorough. I mean if you can’t be obsessed properly, why bother?

The color I got was Graphite Glint which is a dark grey. And it looks really good as a smudgy liner. I’m gonna play with it this weekend to see if I can make a smokey eye with it. I’ll report back. Maybe take a pic if it turns out okay.

Best thing in the box was the Dr. Brandt matte BB cream. I wore this over the weekend, and I thought it was very nice. The finish was matte but not crazy matte, and the coverage was pretty decent for a BB cream. I’m not a huge hoarder of BB creams. I usually use them once and move on, but I think I’ll keep this one.

Last product in the box is the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream moisturizer. I have stored this away for another time cuz I’m currently working through a full-size never ending rose scented one that I’m forcing upon my husband to share with me otherwise I’ll be using it for the next 15 years or so.

I had never heard of the SkinMedica brand, but I saw online it was roughly $125 for the full size. And also they sell it at the same place where my daughter got her wisdom teeth removed. This was discovered today in fact while I was sequestered in a room by myself watching a video on post-op care. I had to watch the video twice. I was distracted, obviously.

That’s it. Blush box = done. More fun stuff tomorrow.

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