Blush Mystery Beauty Box | April 2014


First box of the month!  Get excited, people.  And then really get excited cuz I know you were faking it the first time.

I know, it’s hard to muster up emotion when all these fabulous things are happening to other people (me).  But seriously, you can subscribe to them too and then we can be excited together.  Plus, if there is one person in the world who can be your biggest cheerleader-slash-enabler, it’s me.  You may be broke, but you got 11 beauty box subscriptions.  I see nothing wrong with that picture.

It’s Blush Mystery Beauty Box time.  Here’s what they sent:


I will admit that last month was a better month.  But I’m not hugely disappointed.  Let me explain.  Poo-poo #1 is the fact that they sent me a duplicate freebie, and it wasn’t even a very good freebie.  The Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume was in my January or February box, and I had given it away almost immediately.  And now they’ve sent me another one.  I’m being stalked and I no likee.

Poo-poo #2 is a nail polish from Cult Cosmetics in a very unfortunate grey color.  I know I sound like I’m on repeat when I say I don’t prefer nail polish of any kind whatsoever, but the least they could’ve done was send a color fit for the season.  I’d at least use something in lilac or robin egg blue.  I mean, I’d use it like once and then stash it in my drawer for the next 15 years.  But still.

Poo-poo #3 is only a half poo.  Because it is Jonathan Product shampoo for fine/thin hair.  Sounds alright.  But there is no matching conditioner.  Excuse me, what?  How am I supposed to use the shampoo then?  Just apply it on my hair all willy-nilly and hope for the best?  Then I realized I can use it with my Carol’s Daughter hair mask and call it good.  Crisis averted.  Carry on.

They sent two other little freebies (aside from the perfume) that I was fine with, so we’re done with poo-poos.  I got this little leg hair inhibiting towelette by Whish.  First of all, what?  Definitely got my attention.  Apparently, after a shower, spa treatment or yoga session (very specific, mind you), you swipe this all over for a refreshed, cooling feeling that also slows future hair growth.  Huh.  How about that.  I’m almost certain there is no possibility whatsoever that that actually happens.  Someone needs to whip me up some scientific data like stat.

The other freebie is a little packet of toner by Jade Spa.  I was fine with this.  It was actually kind of nice.  Aside from the alarming brown color.  I thought for a split second I got a rotten one.  But it smelled herbally and nice.  Full size is $29.50.

In other words, I’m over it already.  Next.

So I truly love dry shampoo. The whiter the powder, the better. I’m sure it’s mostly psychological brain trickery, but the white powder is clear, concise evidence the dry shampoo is working. Now, I got sent this Oscar Blandi version that has invisible white powder. I’m not sure that’s even a thing, much less be able to handle it properly. Invisible white powder? I’m scared.

Then there is this dual lip liner/lip stick crayon from La Bella Donna. It’s kind of a nifty little thing since it’s an all-in-one and very convenient. And they sent me a nice color at least. Therefore, approved. Also, it costs $27, so even if I hated it I’d probably still love it.

Last item in the box is my favorite hands down. It’s this ridiculously expensive moisturizer from Darphin Paris. I’m not sure who can even afford this stuff other than celebrities or debutantes. It’s a mere $295 drop in the bucket my friends. Hopefully it’s the most horrible moisturizer I’ve ever used cuz I can’t afford to be tempted in this horrifying manner.

Well that is all for today. I have another box arriving tomorrow plus a big o batch of haul stuff to report. Look forward to that, and I’ll see you soon. Night!

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