Petit Vour | March 2014


One of my favorite box companies is Petit Vour.  Why, you ask?  I love the majority of what they send.  There is always something unique that other boxes don’t carry.  Plus, for those that enjoy this type of thing, they are vegan.  So you get good stuff that you can feel good about.  Points all around for Petit Vour!

My March box, people:


I said Petit Vour is one of my favorite boxes, not that they are immune to the one-time-use packet epidemic.  However, because one of them is a LAFACE body lotion, and body lotions are mostly boring, I’m okay with it.  I did use it, and it was fine.  I suppose if you have a full-size and can use this lotion on a daily basis, it is apt to firm and tighten your skin.  I don’t have patience for that business because I like firming and toning incidents to happen immediately.  But, if you enjoy waiting around for miracle, then maybe give this one a try.

Got another pack of NCLA nail wraps.  I kind of like these things.  They are super easy to put on, and the best part – I can do all my OCD/ADD activities immediately after applying without fear of messing up my nail polish.  Very handy for my lifestyle.  Most of the time I’m on the couch laying about.  Until I give myself a manicure.  Then like magic, I’m var var busy and need to touch all the things including my itching eye,  Dorito crumbs on the rug, and the underwear up my butt (suddenly; very strange).  In other words, nail wraps solve a heap of problems, and who doesn’t love that?  (Crazy people.)

The envelope in the picture is from California Naturel and it includes three one-time-use packets of their skin care line.  I sampled it.  I have no opinion.  I used it one time, that’s why.  We’ve been through this.

Moving on.

Received yet another kind of hair oil, this time in the form of I.C.O.N. India Oil.  I’m digging the small bottle this time because as I mentioned in my Birchbox review the other day, I have a lot of hair oils right now.  If I get sent a full-size or a super deluxe-size sample, it may take about 15 years to get through it.  And I don’t have time for that.  I barely have time to pick Dorito crumbs off my rug.  (Unless I just paint my nails – then there’s time!  Per usual.)  But this one smells very spicy, Indian-style.  Sort of calming.

Last product in the box is a mood serum from Lotus Wei.  I got the Quiet Mind version, which is supposed to be relaxing, calming (there’s that word again), peaceful, focusing – you know, all the things you strive to be but can’t because you are alive and human.  I apply one drop of this oil on my face right before bed and it smells very nice.  Kind of citrusy but a little more exotic than that.  Anyway, this is a rather unique product and one I probably would never have bought myself, so I’m thankful to Petit Vour for curating it for me.  If it balances my state of mind, I’m all for it.  Because it’s very tiring being me sometimes.  Checking door locks 15 times before bed ain’t no party, lemme just say.

The end.  If you haven’t subscribed to Petit Vour, then consider this your friendly nudge.  It’s one of the cheaper ones, if that helps nudge you even further.  I think you’ll like it, which is your final nudge.  So go now.  Subscribe.  I am the boss of you.

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