Birchbox | March 2014


Time is running out people.  Four days left of the month, four boxes to review, and two boxes that haven’t even came yet.  I’m not stressed or anything.  No, not at all.

Breathing… Breathing …

Birchbox this month was great.  I loved pretty much everything in the box.  Take a looksie:


I believe everyone who subscribes got the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream.  This is a new product that you can get pretty much anywhere, probably even Walmart, because it’s Jergens.  And who hasn’t owned a Jergens product at least once in their life?  Nomads, cavewomen, probably, but other than that, just about the entire world has a little tube of Jergens in the bottom of their junk drawer.

Now, having said that, I did not use this product.  Mom was at my house the other day and told me I have too many samples and to give her some.  I gave her a little bit of stink eye, then grabbed what I wanted the least and gave it to her.  So she is now using the Jergens skin cream, and she told me she likes it.  Apparently it is supposed to hydrate, illuminate, even, firm and correct all within 5 days.  Sounds pretty intriguing, but I think it is fair to mention I wanted this the least because it is body lotion (i.e., boring), and I already have two big o lotions to get through before I would even crack the lid on this one.


Another sunscreen.  I have a feeling this is going to be a theme due to spring/summer approaching.  Got the Coola mineral spf 30 matte tint.  I freaking love this stuff!  I can’t vouch for it’s sunscreen properties but the texture of this is phenomenal.  It’s a dry formula, not lotiony, so as you smooth it in it practically disappears into your face.  It feels amazing.  I know I’ve already claimed Cotz as my holy grail, but Coola is right there along side it now.  Only drawback is the price.  It’s $36.  That’s not a typo.

Received a little bitty baby tube of Air Repair Rescue Balm.  This stuff reminds me of my Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream that I keep on my nightstand.  Both are clear gels, both do not smell very good, but they both feel very protecting on the lips.  At night, I sleep with a fan blowing directly into my face.  I have to have it.  If the fan ever stops in the middle of the night, I wake up immediately.  That’s not an exaggeration.  IMMEDIATELY.  With all capital letters.  Anyway, with this on, I do not feel the fan wind hitting my lips.  However, I do not wake up with the balm still on my lips, so it doesn’t last all night long. I mean, it’s not a miracle product or anything.  At some point the fan wind does hit my lips.  But that’s not the point of what I’m saying anyway.  My point is I have to have the fan on me at all times while sleeping no matter what, and no one, not even my husband’s moans and groans about it being too cold or making the inside of his nose dry, will stop me from the fan.  Never. NEVER. Ever never.

Oh, and my other point is that I like the Air Repair Rescue Balm.

I did receive a one-time-use packet, but I think I’m okay with it.  The Agave Healing Oil Treatment will help combat my frizzy hair and leave it smooth and luxurious.  Fine! I’ll take it!  But I already have two very large hair oil products that I will probably own for the next 15 years, so getting this little tiny sample of the Agave probably works best.  I usually have good luck with this kind of stuff, though.  I feel like hair oil does a pretty nice job protecting my ends from heat as well as smoothing it down and making me less poufy.  I own a sample from Mastey that Glossybox gave me in November (still using it) and a full-size of the Sexy Hair version.  I think I’m good for the rest of my life.

Last item from the box is my absolute favorite, a moisturizer from Caudalie.  This one is called a moisturizing sorbet, and the name alone makes me want to own all the sample tubes in all the land.  (Because I can’t afford all the full-size tubes; they’re $39 each).  I lub this stuff.  It feels so good going on my face, absorbs pretty quickly and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.  I am about thisclose to ordering some samples on eBay because sadly enough, my sample tube is about gone.  This morning I was banging it on the counter trying to get more out of it because I didn’t want to throw the tube away.  Isn’t that so unlike me, the girl who enjoys cleaning out the clutter and crossing things off the to-do list?  So if you ever see me doing this, you’ll know immediately what to do.  Order the product right dadgum now.

Heading to eBay.  Bye!

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  1. I subscribe and I didn’t get the Jergens. 😦 And I’m not trying to correct you, it’s more of a whine, cause that looks like a good sample. Maybe Birchbox doesn’t love me as much as I thought they did and everyone else got one. Those jerks! Just kidding I ❤ Birchbox. Except their snacks. They can keep their snacks.


    • Well that stinks you didn’t get any Jergens 😦 It’s one of them “Birchbox Finds” things. Kind of like how we all got Chapstick back in the fall. Did you get 5 products total?


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