Lip Factory | March 2014


I feel like I’ve been doing beauty box reviews almost nonstop.  That’s what happens when you subscribe to 11 boxes I guess.  Scratch that, 12 boxes.  Erlack!  I signed up for another one from Beauty DNA.  I.  Am. Ridiculous.

But anyway, Lip Factory came in last week.  Had a chance to use every product, which I try to do before reviewing, although sometimes it’s impossible.  Happy to report I’m in love with everything.  Rarely happens in the beauty box world, so this is a massive achievement.  Lookie:


Every 4 months, Lip Factory does an It’s All About the Lips box, so you get nothing but lip products in it.  Normally, I’d be … eh … alright … about it because I like a variety, and lip products tend to last me nigh on forever.  Which, if you’ve read this blog before, you’d know how much I love throwing away empty containers.  It’s a bit of a perverse pleasure, you’d say.  I also enjoy owning all the things so … I’m my own oxymoron.

Back to the box.  This lip gloss from Mirenesse.  It’s beeeeyootiful.  I have never had anything like it.  It is the most pigmented frosty nude that looks amazing on my lips.  Normally, I’m not a fan of nude colors because my lips disappear right into my face.  But not this one.  It’s glorious.

Mirenesse is an Australian company, so their website lists prices in AUD.  So good luck figuring all that out.  But I highly recommend this product.  It is definitely one I will miss when the tube runs dry.

Got another lip butter from Ellovi.  Previously, Petit Vour sent me this but my daughter claimed it for herself.  So I was perfectly fine for getting another one.  It feels very nice on the lips and is perfect for applying in the evening after you remove your makeup.  I leave mine on the coffee table (naturally, where else?), so I can put it on while watching The Goldbergs.  It’s like my cute little nighttime ritual.  Also on the coffee table is my Essie Apricot Oil cuticle stuff, some Jack Black lip balm and my current evening moisturizer.  Just strewn about haphazardly.  Not even in a little trinket box.

Huh.  This goes against everything I stand for, doesn’t it?  The more I talk about it, the less cute my ritual sounds.  I mean, I despise clutter.  I am steadfast about tossing useless things.  Husband barely pulls mail out of the mailbox before I’m asking, Do you need this?  How about this? Can I throw away this?  You know how junk mail can be.  Even the programs on the DVR aren’t safe.  Well, my programs are, but when Husband records a live concert by Harry Connick Jr, I’m immediately asking why.  What is this?  Was this recorded on accident?  I mean, certainly you don’t plan to save this on the DVR for the rest of your life.  How many times can you possibly watch it?  I mean, once, tops.  Here, let me just delete it.  I’m just gonna go ahead and delete it.  Look, I’m deleting.  Ooops. It’s gone.  And the DVR gets tidied up just like that.

In other words, I’m buying a trinket box this weekend.

Got two things by Jesse’s Girl – a lip liner and a vitamin E balm.  First of all, the lip liner is in a really nice brick color, and it goes on pretty smooth.  The cap has a built in sharpener, which I love.  I don’t use lip liner that much, but on darker colored lipstick, I should.  Unless I want to look like I apply lipstick in the dark while drunk.  It all depends.

The vitamin E balm is classified as a lipstick, but it’s completely clear.  I like applying this stuff in the mornings right before I start my makeup.  That way, I have nice, smooth, moisturized lips by the time I’m putting on my lipstick.  I’m finishing up a different tube right now, but I sampled this one out of curiosity.   Feels good, not minty or tingly, but just nice.

Last item is a lipgloss quad by Cargo.  I love the handiness of this product.  I’ve sampled all the shades (my quad is called Casablanca), and there is a nude, a light pink, a darker plum and a matte brown.  The plum is my favorite.  I could wear this lipgloss on its own because it shows up darker than the others.  One thing though is I cannot find this quad on the Cargo website, so I’m not sure if it’s a discontinued product or not.  Other vendors sell it, but not Cargo.  Which is weird.  But who am I to contemplate others’ weirdness when I can’t even go to bed without physically touching the obviously locked front door knob despite seeing from 6 feet away that it’s clearly locked.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Only 5 more boxes to review and then we’re done.  Until next month that is.  Have a great weekend lovelies!

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