Sample Society | January 2014


By this point you may be wondering if we’re done yet. The answer to that question is almost always NO.

Another beauty box, this time it’s Sample Society by Allure Magazine. I’ve been subscribing to this one for maybe three months now, and I like it pretty much. Plus, it got me to subscribe to my now favorite magazine (the previously mentioned Allure), so there’s that. And it’s also a dadgum beauty box (of which we love and/or are addicted to) so there’s that.

Here’s my bunch of goodies:


For whatever reason, I got two StriVectin products in my box. I don’t think I’m complaining, as I’ve always wanted to try the brand. It’s also very expensive, therefore I automatically love it. (I suck, I know this.) But I’ve just never had a box give me two of the same brand before.

In any case, they sent me the Instant Retexturizing Scrub and the Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles. First off, should I be offended about that wrinkles thing? Doesn’t that sound so awful? How about we just call it ‘Eye Concentrate’ and then move right along? But no, you gotta go adding ‘For Wrinkles’ onto the end of it as if we don’t know or something. Let me clear this up: we know. That’s why we’re buying the dang Eye Concentrate to begin with.


On the other hand, I got a new eye cream to fix my wrinkles! Weeee! (Well, I never said I wasn’t excited…)

The other thing, the Retexturizing Scrub sounds promising. It says it works after the first use. Hallelujah for instant gratification! Why wait, I always say. I did use this the other day, but did so in conjunction with a facial mask so I’m not sure who’s to blame for my beautifully soft skin afterwards. I am going to give it another go tomorrow for my Mid-week Fancy (or Wednesday night exfoliation, in layman’s terms).

Also in the box was this bottle of nail strengthener called Horse Power by Butter London. I will admit at first I was like ho hum pig’s bum, but now that I’ve used it three nights in a row (per the instructions), I’m kind of loving it. I have horribly weak nails. I’m sure wearing falsies for 3 years straight has absolutely nothing to do with that. But I swear to you, no sooner will I achieve ten lovely shaped, perfectly manicured nails, will I have some sort of typing injury, or my zipper pull will get stuck in the downward position, or I will have a leisurely walk down the hallway and my swinging arm will hit a doorframe or something ridiculous to that effect – and break a nail. And then like some horrific chain reaction, a domino effect of nail breakages transpire, and before I know it, I’m
Nubby McNubbersteen and I have to start growing all my nails all over again.

How tragic.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m happy with the Butter London thingie.

Another brand I’ve been excited to try is Malin + Goetz. Received a little bottle of Vitamin E Face Moisturizer. Never against a good moisturizer, and this one has fatty acid absorption technology. I’m sure that means something to someone out there. But for me, I got sidetracked by its $45 price tag and suddenly I can’t see straight. I so love getting small versions of pricey things. Makes my heart feel good.

Last item, and one I am never ever ever excited about, is a perfume sample. I am not a perfume person. In fact, I have the same bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea in my cabinet that my ex-husband bought me 8 years ago. Barely used. I could probably sell it on eBay as NEW for full-price as that is how unnoticeably used it is.

So despite the fact that you are Nicole Richie, you are famous, and you have your own perfume, I’m still unmoved. I just don’t care that much. Thank goodness the sample comes in a super tiny spritzer dealie and won’t last long. I can use it for a week or so, be done with it and set my conscience free.

And for the record, it doesn’t stink. That’s my review. It doesn’t stink. Yeahhhh. Pretty sure Nicole Richie is thanking me right about now.

That’s it. Til next time, my lovelies.

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