OneRadiant | January 2014


I’ll be honest. The subscription to this box came about during a particular lull in the mail. All my December boxes had arrived and I was lonely. So what better way to cheer myself up than to subscribe to yet another box?!

Well it made sense at the time.

Now that OneRadiant is here, can’t say I’m disappointed. First of all, it’s strictly skin care, and I luuurve my skin care so it’s perfect for me. Plus, it’s completely custom, which is what makes this box justified beyond all justification.

I use a lot of justification. It’s the only way to clear my conscience.

Anyway, took a skin care survey online and now not only does OneRadiant know I have dry skin, but that my focus area is anti-aging. And that’s just a little secret between me and them.

First shipment came in and I was so super excited.


Aside from those hideous packet thingies, I’m pleased. I know that what I’ll be using is made special just for me. Let’s review.

First item is two packets of Karin Herzog eye cream. Let me preface by saying Blush had sent me a tube of Karin Herzog Vitamin H face cream previously and it was flippin’ unbelievably good. So despite the horridness of the packet situation, I was slightly less peeved because it was Karin Herzog.

I used it all last week, and while I didn’t hate it, it was extremely hard to love when your squeezing it out of a little paper packet. Ruined everything! Would it kill anyone to make a tube? Just ban packets all together? Anyway. I’m sure I could’ve gotten several uses out of the packets cuz a little goes a long way, but I was just so annoyed by the whole scenario that it was in my trash by day 2.

Moving right along.

Next packet fiasco comes in the form if four single-use EltaMD sunscreens. I will say this fared better simply because they were a one and done. Squeezed it all out, used it, and then went about my merry way. And the sunscreen was actually very nice. I would actually buy this if I hadn’t already decided on my favorite sunscreen. CoTZ Face, if you are so inclined.

Then I got an actual jar of something. So by that fact alone, I love it. It was rhe Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream. It’s for the face and body, but I’ll probably just do the face. I dunno. Maybe I’ll go all over. I haven’t used this yet as it’s in line behind 14 other moisturizers, but you will be the first to know when it happens. (You’re excited.)

Last product I got was the M2 High Potency Skin Refinish. Apparently this is so potent you are not allowed to use it everyday, only every other day. Should be a little frightened, but my splotchy, uneven-toned, freckly, scarred face skin says Bring it on. If you’re about to give me the face of a 25 year old, I say welcome to my skin. And do as you please.

Looking forward to future boxes from OneRadiant. This is a prepaid three month subscription, so I’m not sure if they cut you off after the three month term is up or if you get the option of renewing. Guess I’ll find out in March. And of course, I’ll let you know.

Have a great day!

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