Blush Mystery Beauty Box | January 2014


Have I mentioned before that I subscribe to a bunch of monthly beauty boxes? Yeahhh, I get a few. And by few, I mean 9. Told you I can obsess on a hobby like it’s my damn job.

It’s like Christmas every time one comes in the mail. I have no idea what’s in it, and the surprise is the most exciting of all. I also love to hold up all my samples and make my husband ooh and aah along with me. He refuses because he is the least amount of fun whatsoever. If it’s not sports, it’s unimportant. I say boo.

And yawn.

But back to my point. It’s January and therefore a new batch of boxes are headed my way. First up is the Blush Mystery Beauty Box.


This box is normally my favorite, but this one is just so so. Once I start using it I’ll know if it truly sucks, but honestly … if you look close you can see they included a bottle of bowel health drops. I’m sorry, wha…? That is so super weird. Plus, it arrived partially frozen so I’m pretty sure I can’t use it anyway. Fail.

Other offerings are a Klorane leave-in hair cream. I’m not opposed to this. I kinda like it. Smells good, and if it can make my spidery hair ends look like silken royal baby swaddling, then I’m hooked.

Next up is the tiniest Jane Iredale lipstick sample I’ve ever seen. Isn’t it precious? It’s in a color called Tokyo, and it looks decent. It’s also a lip plumper. We shall see about that. I haven’t found one claim of that come true with anything. Unless you are talking about cupcakes. And my hips. That works about 100.8473829% of the time.

I love getting skincare in boxes. I’m addicted to skincare stuff in a bad and expensive way. This Wake Up Call facial treatment by Goldfaden MD says it is an overnight miracle and that I will wake up with a gorgeous complexion.

Well, they’ve got my attention, I’ll tell you that much.

Also got a nice full-size tube of Glytone eye cream. Swears to beejebus it will soften fine lines and wrinkles. Again, we shall see. I’m obsessive about staring at my fine lines and wrinkles. If one gets softened, I’ll be the first to know. And then take a bath in that stuff like stat.

Last thing in the box is an As Seen on TV! product called the Le Edge. It is a bladeless exfoliator that gets rid of dead skin off your body. I used it on my feet in the bathtub this evening, and it did work on my pinky toe calluses (wearing heels has a price y’all), so I’m gonna use it on my legs next time. I’ll report back if I notice anything spectacular as a result.

As always, Blush includes some free samples in the box. Sometimes they are nice, deluxe samples and other times (like this time) you get a one time use packet. I do not like packets. They are so obnoxious and virtually not worth the time it took to almost break a nail trying to open. However, I hate to make waste so I will use the Cetaphil body cleanser and lotion like a good girl.

And of you’re interested, that digestive health thingy is from Harmonized H2O and apparently it fixes your skin as well as your digestion. So it may be worth a try. As long as it didn’t turn to poison in its frozen state. I’m emailing them to be sure. Because I’m a dork. With hypochondria. But also adorable. Let’s not forget.

Hey, this was an extremely long post. If you’re still here at the bottom, here’s a virtual hug just for you. I appreciate your support in my rambling. Nighty night.

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