Empties | Summer 2015


I’m not even gonna lie.  I’ve been polishing my nails for 90 some odd days straight and I haven’t functioned as a proper human being since.  In fact, I’ve unknowingly wore my underwear inside out for the past 13 hours.  If I can’t manage that, how do you expect me to blog?  Someone needs to come prioritize my life for me.  And also take away my internet cuz y’all know I’ve got almost 400 bottles of nail polish now because I AM AN EXTREMELY NORMAL PERSON.

But first, some empties.  This is a compilation of some stuff I used up over the summer.  I have another bag of empties to go through in a separate post, but wanted to go ahead and get this up for you now.  Because I may be a very lazy blogger as of late, but I still know what responsibilities look like.  You love me, oh yes you do.  Here’s serums:

I got this little jar of Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel in a kit over a year ago.  I took a long time to get to it cuz I’ll admit I’m attracted to little kits way before I’m ever ready to use them.  I had to throw away the eye gel because it solidified into a single gelatinous piece – like one of those toy boogers that little kids play with.  But the night gel was still safe, although that toy booger thing should’ve made me think twice.  I used it anyway and I must say it was the most boring serum in all the land.  It went on cool and wet, dried down slightly tacky, and left ZERO moisturization on my skin.   Spell check is telling me “moisturization” is not a word, but it should be.  It describes this serum perfectly.

(But seriously, that’s not a word?  I swear it is.)

One serum I did like was the Shiseido Glow Revival.  I don’t know what’s in this, but it’s pink, pearly and silky soft.  There’s something to be said about texture, because while this serum claims to give you a glowing complexion, none of that truly matters.  Cuz it literally melts into your skin and I. AM. DONE.  For real, here’s my paycheck for the next 10 years, gimme all the serum.

Then of course we will end the serums section with a bit of a bummer.  The Origins Plantscription serum has only one interesting thing going for it and that is:  it’s green.  Kind of rare in a skincare product.  Apparently it’s pretty powerful though.  It claims to reduce lines and wrinkles in a mere two weeks and that is because they traveled all around the world and found 20 of the best anti-aging plant extracts and put ’em in the tube.  I mean, that’s what they said anyway.  I used this less than two weeks, so what do I know?

Now, stuff for head and hands:

I love me some dry shampoo.  And the whiter the powder the better, cuz my greasy roots can get ridiculous.  I had a dry shampoo emergency not too long ago (yes, those exist) and picked up the TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret at Target because I was too lazy to drive across the street to Ulta for my Batiste.  The only way I could marginally be convinced to go out of my way would be if Leonardo DiCaprio was waiting at the door with a Starbucks in his hand.  I’d pretty much do anything for that.

So I used this entire can of Bed Head, and let me just say BEING LAZY DOES NOT PAY.  Nothing beats my Batiste, y’all.  Cuz if you are a fan of white powder like me, then Bed Head will disappoint.  I’m not saying everybody won’t like it – if you prefer less white or even clear powder, this would probably be okay.  You’d be WRONG, but that’s beside the point.

Finally used up this tube of Camille Beckman Imperial Repair hand therapy.  I got it about a year ago (ish) and you can read how excited I was by clicking here.  Now that I’ve finished it, my opinion has changed just slightly.  After the novelty of squeezing this out of the tube had waned, I was able to focus my attention on the product itself.  It’s very emollient.  If your hands aren’t particularly dry, it may take a hot minute for the lotion to absorb.  So throughout the summer, I had a bad case of lotion hands every time I’d use it.  I did put a big dollop on top of a crusty cuticle and it helped soften it up real good.  But I probably won’t repurchase unless someone leaves me out in the wind too long.  I don’t know how that would even happen unless it involved Leonardo DiCaprio somehow.  Because LEONARDO DICAPRIO.  We’ve been over this.

One of the best inventions ever created are the Cutex Advanced Revival nail polish remover pads.  Now, there are other remover pads by other brands, but I swear this one is the best.  The pad is super wet and I can do all ten fingernails quickly and with no problem.  I tried to go generic on this one cuz Walmart carries an Equate equivalent, but they are definitely not the same.  I couldn’t get all my fingers done with the Equate one as it dried out too quick.  Save the hassle and just pay the higher price.  JUST DO IT.  Cuz I am the boss of you.

Face stuff:

Another victim of the little kit situation.  I think I owned the Michael Todd True Organics anti-aging kit for about two years before finally delving in.  I’m assuming the Skin Defender AHA cleanser hadn’t turned to poison because I’m currently alive and writing a blog post.  However, I will say that this cleanser really wasn’t worth the risk of my face falling off.  There was nothing special about it.  It didn’t even smell particularly good.  Yes, there’s AHA in it that exfoliates your skin and brightens the complexion among other anti-aging things.  But it could’ve at least smelled like coconuts or something.  And because of that reason, I’m over it.

I did enjoy the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea foaming cleanser, though.  Smelled kind of fruity and the foam was nice.  Plus it won a Natural Health Beauty Award, and I don’t know what that is but they said award and so I can’t concentrate on anything else.  For those who aren’t as easily persuaded, it’s chock full of antioxidants and AFRICAN RED TEA, which makes it exotic and now you want it.  You do; don’t lie.

I really enjoyed this packet of the Erborian Pate au Ginseng black mask.  It is syrupy like molasses and more of a sheer dark brown than black, but who’s paying attention to that other than me?  This stuff is made from ginseng root, and according to Erborian, it’s been used to fight signs of aging for centuries.  I don’t know about all that because the only way to tell if something is working is if it has the word “whipped”, “parfait”, or “velvet” on the bottle.  And now perhaps “syrup” cuz my face felt pretty smooth after and I liked using it.

Now for eyes and lips:

I’ve reviewed the Dr. Brandt Glow retinol eye cream already – I just included it in the photo because it took me 8 SOLID MONTHS to finish.  I was bored wayyyy before that.  It’s not a bad product though. If you’d like to read all about it, click here.

This Tarte Maracuja lip exfoliator was the first exfoliator I ever used.  I had it for two years and it kind of got lost in the shuffle surrounded by other lip exfoliators I just had to have.  So it’s technically not an empty, but it had dried out on me.  But before all that, I did like it very much.  It was pepperminty and very gentle, but there was plenty of little scrubbers in it.  Someone at Ulta told me I could eat the scrubbers off my lips when I was done and I looked at her like she misunderstood what a lip exfoliator was.  Yes, maybe it’s edible (maybe it’s not) but there’s also dead lip skin mixed in it and I don’t know about you, but that hurts my tummy just thinking about it.  Peppermint flavored dead lip skin or not – no thank you.  But despite all that, no matter if the idea bothers you or not, just please don’t eat it.  That Ulta lady may be really crazy.  She may also eat toilet paper and cat food for all we know.  And I don’t want any one to die because then who else is going to read my blog?

Okay, this Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye cream is one of my favorite eye creams.  It feels so good under the eyes.  Kind of silky, and it absorbs right in.  I could swear it’s made a difference, but I do know how that psychological brain trickery works.  I’d definitely be the one that’s cured of all my anxiety by taking a placebo.  I put that much faith in things.  But regardless, I will repurchase this eye cream.  I thought it was lovely.  And no matter if it fixes my eye wrinkles or not, it makes me feel like it does and sometimes that’s what counts.

Clearly, I’ve been brainwashed.

Let’s do makeup:

I don’t remember a thing about the Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum BB.  How’s that for honesty?  I used it and nothing bad happened.  Does that help at all?  No?  Moving on.

Ugh. Fiiiiine.  It’s a BB cream that will brighten your skin and protect it from both light and heat.  It promotes a clear and bright complexion; it has SPF 50+.  And in comes in two beige-y shades.  I stole all that from the internet, except for the term beige-y which is a word I might possibly have made up.

One of my most coveted products of all time is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I don’t even know what it is exactly that makes it my favorite – it just is.  One end has a really nice spoolie brush and the other has the pencil.  It twists up, and the tip is very small so it’s super easy to use.  The only bad part is there is zero warning when the pencil runs out, it just literally won’t click up anymore.  That means, there’s a 97.0576% chance you’re going to have a future eyebrow emergency.  So I’m letting you know now: plan ahead and buy two.

I owned this Teeez Trendy Desert Metals mascara wayyyy longer than I should have.  Like maybe two years.  And I used it right up to the point where I threw it in my empties bin.  Pretty sure that might be verging on gross.  In my defense, because I own 27 other mascaras, I didn’t open this tube all that often.  I probably technically only used it 15-20 times.  So certainly that’s less gross?  While you decide, let me tell you about this mascara.  It has a thick cone shaped brush.  The tip of it could really get into the corner of your eye and get those baby lashes.  I thought it gave nice volume and decent length – but mostly volume.  I’d buy this tube again.  Except not for awhile because I still have all those other aforementioned mascaras.  Expired, but still.

Last item in the bag is this Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer.  This is my second tube.  I really like it, although I think I liked it better during the first tube.  This is a tinted primer, so it puts a little peach color on your lids.  It covers up veins and makes everything look smooth, which is my favorite part.  The second tube I purchased, my left eyelid had some creasing every now and then.  Not sure if it was from the primer or because I am getting old and more droopy.  I don’t think I’m going to buy another tube, though.  I’m going to go back to my Urban Decay Primer Potion because I like that one the best.

Oh my gawd, that entire post took two months to write.  You can only imagine how busy I’ve been, working so hard during the day and watching YouTube videos at night.  No wonder I can’t get any blogging done.  If you wanna catch a glimmer of what I’ve been up to though, take a little peek at my Instagram.  Go on, I’ll wait …

NONE of that stuff happens while sitting on a couch typing on an iPad.  You have to be sitting at a kitchen table at the very least.  Still in pajamas though, after all, we are still referring to ME.  If you’d like, you can give my little Instagram a follow to keep up with all the excitement.  And I will be back on the blog, I promise.  Maybe a little re-vamped version of the blog, but on the blog nonetheless.

Bye lovelies!  Thank you for still being here.

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  1. You crack me up! :’D What do people find so fantastic about dry shampoo? It makes my hair look ashy and dirty! What could I be doing wrong? And I didn’t know you are a hardcore Leo Dicaprio’s fan!


    • Dry shampoo is amazing for me. I have greasy roots and I refuse to wash my hair more than 2x/wk so dry shampoo is a must. I’d rather have ashy roots than oily ones. And yes, Leo! He’s my fave.


  2. Exotic red tea cleanser that won an AWARD? Of course I want it. Even if the award turns out to be for something like, best pump dispenser of the year. Or best accurate display of ingredients. NEED. Anyway, I checked out your instagram and you are slaying the nail art, sheesh! Wish you could do my nails. Your mermaid ones are fantastic (as are all the rest)!


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