Petit Vour | August 2014


Oh my gawd, it’s hot outside. This is the kind of weather that tricks me into wishing for winter. But I hate winter, so good one there. If only we could be in the 70s year round that’d be perfect. I may never complain about anything ever again.

Just kidding! Here’s my Petit Vour:


Sadly this is my last box from them. I had to let a couple go cuz I needed to be “responsible” and help my daughter out with her finances. Not that $15 a month was a big kick in the pants or anything, but I’m trying. Baby steps, people! Do you want me to drop ALL my boxes? I still have 9 and I think that’s a nice round number. Sort of.

So back to the aforementioned complaining issue. This box was just okay for me. I suppose it was a good one to end on cuz if it had knocked my socks off, I may have had to save money elsewhere. Like less Little Debbie snacks and Starbucks only four times a week.

First product is another Harvey Prince perfume sample. This time it’s Journey scented, and I couldn’t care less. Wish I loved perfume cuz this would all be more fun, but if it’s not in you it’s not in you. Why pretend otherwise?

As usual I gave it to mom. She’s inherited every perfume sample I’ve gotten. She may even be getting tired of perfume samples at this point, and she even likes the stuff. Just proves the saying – there can always be too much perfume. No one wants a billion of it.

For those curious, however, the notes are clove bud, sandalwood, rose and cedar. It doesn’t stink. And that’s all I have to say about THAT. Next.

Got another black eyeliner, this time from Beauty Without Cruelty. Annnnnnd, I didn’t like it. It was a very weak black color. I felt like I was lining, re-lining, and lining again just to get something that resembles a black, but in reality it was a facsimile of a sham. If you aren’t gonna be black, don’t call yourself black. Say you are Grey or even Almost Black – that way we all know what we’re getting into. In other words: regifted.

I did get something kind of cool though. It’s the Earthbody Brighten cleanser and mask, except it’s not your traditional cleanser and mask. It’s a clay powder that you mix with water (for the cleanser) or agave and coconut oil (for the mask). I didn’t even know something like this existed so I’m diggin’ it.

However, there’s a downside. I’m almost 97.837494% certain I’m not buying agave and coconut oil so I can make a mask. I’m sorry. I’m just not a do-it-yourself-er, especially if I have to do it each and every time I wanna do a mask. But don’t worry, I’ve contacted the company for further clarification. If there’s a shortcut, I want it.

Got a very small jar of Rosemira body butter in Sweet Coconut. It was melted to an almost liquified state upon arrival – due to 100-degree temps and 5 hours of sauna time inside my mailbox. I let it solidify for a day before using it. The smell was very nice and coconutty. The texture was slightly gritty but I don’t know if that had anything to do with the melting then un-melting scenario. Nonetheless, it felt fine going on. Left my skin slightly sticky, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever had. After it absorbed in my skin, which took awhile, I felt pretty moisturized. I don’t think I’d buy a full size though. Just cuz if I’m gonna do a body butter, I prefer the Josie Maran.

Last thing is the Mi-Me lip butter in Tangerine. Again, this was slightly melted upon arrival so I let it sit for a bit before I tried it. My favorite aspect of this particular lip butter is the tangerine scent. Unfortunately you can’t smell it much so the excitement is extremely short lived. And then after that, it’s just a standard lip balm. I’m gonna use it though. It’ll be my morning lip balm after my current morning lip balm is finished. So see! Happy ending for everyone.

Even though this was by far not my favorite Petit Vour box, I’m still gonna miss getting this every month. I may re-subscribe at some point. Or I might just apply that $15 towards a $60 foundation and call it good. We’ll see. Later, babies!

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