Petit Vour | June 2014


Man it’s humid outside. But I will let you know I’m sitting on my shaded back patio as we speak drinking a Bartles & James and writing this post cuz I take care of my people.

And what that has to do with anything other than getting tipsy on a Sunday night, I have no idea.

And by tipsy, I just mean having ONE wine cooler because I am a professional drinker and I get things done.

Just kidding. But I am sitting outside trying to enjoy the cool breeze and last few moments of the weekend. And I am having a Bartles & James. And I am verrrry tipsy.

In other words, not kidding about any of it. Lawd, what am I going on about? Dunno. Moving on.

Petit Vour came in!


This is one of my favorite subscriptions boxes. I’m usually in love or super duper in like with the majority of the items in the boxes. This month is another great one.

First product is the Brightening Youth Serum from Mun. I love my serums, as you may already know. This one, however, stumped me a little. It says ‘serum’ but it’s made from a blend of oils. Usually oils are the last step after moisturizer since water-based moisturizers can’t penetrate oil barriers. (Science!) And serums are applied prior to moisturizers. Oh my gawd, my brain hurts.

As a Virgo and a hypochondriac, I need clear, concise instruction and can’t find any anywhere. What is wrong with people? Would it kill someone to put some specifics on a website somewhere? Otherwise, I may apply my products all out of order and my face might fall off. So I’ve emailed the company for further explanation. As you knew I would.

Got another cleanser for the stash. This makes my 6th in line for use I think. Luckily, they’re pretty small samples so hopefully it won’t take long to get to it. And if you’re curious (you are), it’s the TAY Rosehip Balancing Cleanser. And it’s in the most adorable little bamboo type container. I wish I could give a further review on it now, but unfortunately I only have one face and can’t get through cleansers any faster than a normal person. It’ll be in my July empties post, so hang tight.

Got a shampoo and conditioner set by Evolvh. And this time they are equally-sized bottles so I can use them both at the same time until they’re empty. This makes me undeniably happy. There’s no sense in giving me a shampoo and no conditioner, or a shampoo with a little one-time-use conditioner packet. Because what am I supposed to do with the leftover shampoo then? I mean, why do you stress me out so unnecessarily?

I used both products on my hair this evening, and I liked them. The smell was very nice, which is a plus. The shampoo is clear which works best for my very fine hair. Colored, pearly shampoos tend to be to weighing on me. Does that happen to anyone else? My hair stylist told me it’s a thing. Apparently clear shampoos clarify hair better than the other kinds. At least on me anyway. As for the conditioner, it’s not super thick so it didn’t cling to my hair and I was kind of worried. But when I rinsed it out, I could feel he softness of my hair under the water.

On a side note, upon reading the directions online, I realized I washed my hair wrong. It says to let the shampoo sit for 1-2 minutes for shine and volume boost. Well, in my defense, when is the last time you needed to read directions on a shampoo bottle? Drat.

Last product is not even worth mentioning cuz I’m so bored by it, I may fall asleep. But because I love you all, and I am a professional, I will tell you I got a baby blue nail polish from NCLA. It’s part of their Jetsetter collections, and I could care less. But I’ll keep it cuz I don’t have a baby blue polish.

Yes, I confuse even myself sometimes. I’m sure it’s a lovely product for those who are way into nail polish. And I will use it since I do polish my own nails. And I may even love it since sometimes I do. I promise I’ll let you know.

Okay that’s it for now. See y’all tomorrow with more fun stuffs and even more awkward endings. Bye!

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