New Beauty Test Tube | January 2014


Every time I think I’m good to go on the beauty box front, something else comes along and catches my eye. It all started with a quick trip to San Antonio last month (which ended up the most debacle-y of all debacles, in an airport/ice storm/fire in the terminal sort of way – but that’s a whole nother story). I picked up a copy of New Beauty magazine for my Dallas airport layover pleasure (it wasn’t), which turned out to be an awesome and educational read. However, they had an advertisement in there for their Test Tube sampling program, and like the ears of a cat that hears a bowl of ice cream being eaten about 3 houses down, I perked up immediately.  Pretty sure I could hear the words “beauty box” if someone on Mars said it.  I’m that in tune.

I barely made it out of San Antonio alive, but dadgummit if I wasn’t a new subscriber to the Test Tube when I left. What?  I feared for my life and shopping made me feel safe.  Don’t judge.

Long story short, I got my first delivery a few days ago.  And man oh man, I’m in love.  It was seriously the most fun I’ve had opening a box in at least a week.


First thing inside was a Votivo candle in the scent Red Currant.  Can’t say the smell knocked me off my feet or anything, but it wasn’t bad.  And it looks oh so lovely sitting on the edge of my bathtub in its pretty silver tin.  Ambiance, created.  Just like that.

Next I pulled out a pouch of goodies called the Beauty To Go.  This is where the itty bitty samples live.  Received a lovely frosted glass jar of lip gloss from Dalton in the color Patty’s Pout, which was kind of a brown/spice color.  Goes on pretty sheer so it doesn’t show up all by itself in a major way.  But it’s not sticky, which I love.

There was also this amazing lipgloss from ybf in the shade Beachberry.  This smelled like watermelon and went on super smooth and shiny.  Again, not sticky.  I’m actually considering buying a full size tube.  Because 25 lipglosses in my purse just isn’t enough.

Then a cute little jar of Lumene Firming Day Cream filled my heart with gladness.  I just love tiny jars of things.  Well, tiny jars of makeup things.  And anything that says firming, lifting, wrinkle-erasing, pore-minimizing, face replacing, etc.  I haven’t used this yet, but it’s about 3rd in line.  Yes,  I use my products in the order I receive them.  I have OCD and nothing ever, ever, ever gets out of order.  I annoy myself sometimes.

Last thing in the Beauty To Go pouch was a one-time use packet of DDF Moisture Dew.  I used it immediately because it was in a packet (packets cut the line) and I could be done with it and move on with my life.  Can’t say this was amazing because it’s hard to gauge a product’s capabilities based on a single application.  But the texture was nice.  And full-size is $42.  That’s all I have to say about that.

And now for the tube!  Can you believe I’m still talking about what’s in this box?  It’s endless (or seems like it).  First two products where kind of boring, only because they’re common.  But who couldn’t use a Pantene shampoo and conditioner?  If you wash your hair, you can use it.  I believe that covers about 98.847576% of the population.  Or should at least.  This is from the Keratin Repair line so it’s a little bit fancier.  Still can purchase from Walmart, but fancier nonetheless.

Next up is a full-size tube of Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy.  I’ve been using this for the past three days on my forehead wrinkles and this bizarre vertical wrinkle right above my lip.  I think it does make the appearance better, but don’t expect a miracle or anything.  I still have visible wrinkles.  I have an extra contemplative forehead – I’m a thinker, what can I say – so I’ve been cultivating these beauties for at least 20 years.  Not sure where the lip wrinkle came from.  A duckface selfie injury, I’m sure.

I have never used a body butter before, but the Moroccanoil one that I got in the tube is really really good.  The texture is very thick.  To apply, create a claw with your fingers.  Then grab at the jar in a pinching/clawing motion in order to get the product out.  Or at least that’s how I do it.  Others with more finesse probably just do it normal.  The butter does melt right into your skin and leaves you feeling very soft and hydrated.  However, full-size is $52 so I will never buy this, unless it can replace my body with someone who is 25.  If not, then thank you for the one and only time I’ll ever use this. Moving along now.

Hair products are a hit and miss with me.  Sometimes I like (oil treatments) but sometimes I am bored (hairspray).  I got this texturizing powder from Biosilk.  This is not, I repeat NOT, a dry shampoo.  This is a root lifter, volumizer kind of thingy.  Do not get them confused.  Bad things happen.

Should be quite clear by the words texturizing powder right on the bottle.  And the fact that it sprinkles out, not sprays out.  And the powder is kind of sticky once applied to the roots of your hair.  And how your hair can stick straight up like magic.

Texturizing Powder is for real, guys.  Be careful out there.

Next up is a waterproof eyeliner from Mally.  Got the color Sailor, which is a navy blue.  It’s very pretty.  Does not need sharpening.  But it did not last all day.  I put it on my waterline and within a few hours my lovely navy blue was more like a watercolor navy blue – there, but barely.  So either I have extra liquidy eye rims that can break a waterproof barrier like a superhero, or this isn’t waterproof.  I’m gonna go with the first one.  I’ve always wanted to be a superhero.

Last item is probably my absolute favorite.  Got a nice deluxe sample of the June Jacobs papaya enzyme masque.  Actually saw this line advertised in the New Beauty magazine along with an A-to-Z guide on enzymes and what they do for your skin.  Papaya is in the anti-aging group, so receiving this product makes me very happy.  Pumpkin is also anti-aging, but papaya smells soooo much better.  (I have both kinds so I can promise you this is FACT.)  I used this masque on Sunday as part of my spa day and it went on really nice and it did not burn or irritate my skin.  I loved it.  Plus, you can buy a travel-sized version on the June Jacobs website for only $10 so that’s a plus. Although it’s probably only a 2 or 3 time use.  You decide if it’s worth it.  For me, it is, but like I’ve mentioned before, I need to own all the things so the more I can buy with the least amount of money, regardless of how much product is in the tube, the better.

Quite impressed with my first Test Tube.  I’m looking forward to my next delivery, which sadly is two months away as this is a bi-monthly subscription.  I hope I don’t revolt in a subscribing to another box in order to fill the void every other month kind of way.

But yeah, I’m probably going to do that.  Have you met me?

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