Adorn L’Age d’Or Nail Polish


I’ll admit: I’m not a huge nail polish fan.  I mean, I paint my nails weekly but I never get super excited about it.  I don’t buy it for myself, or rather it’s very rare that I do.  Yes, even this surprises me because once I get obsessed about something (i.e., makeup, reading, scrapbooking, crocheting, shoes), I tend to go all out in an overly expensive, neurotic sort of way.  But nail polish is just one thing I can walk away from.

In other words, I do have restraint (albeit from things I couldn’t give two flips about, but still).

Last week, I received my subscription box from Petit Vour, a vegan, cruelty-free beauty box.  Inside was a lovely rose gold lipgloss and some face stuff.  Pretty successful thus far.  These are the types of items that make my credit card rebel in a maxxed out, oopsie sort of way.  Love love love.

But then there was also a bottle of nail polish.  I’m like blah, blah, blah, okay it’s nail polish.  My brain almost took a nap.  I lift it out of the box and give it a look.  It’s gold, it’s sparkly, it’s sort of festive and fun.  Fine. I suppose I’ll paint my nails with it just in time for Christmas.  Then I’ll put it away and use it again in about 3.75 years.

Sunday rolls around.  It’s spa day in the Setterfield household.  A day where I can lounge in my bathtub for nigh on ages, shampooing and shaving and moisturizing and mud masking til my heart’s content.  Finally, I sit down to tend to my  nails.  I open the bottle, take one little pass across my thumbnail, and …

OMG.  Behold:


Is that not just the most beautiful gold color that ever lived?  Like, of all time?  (The answer is yes.)  I’m in lurve, people!  Like deep, meaningful, passionate love.  I’ve never felt this way about a nail polish before.  I’m shocked I’m even saying this, because normally a bottle of nail polish couldn’t turn my head even if I got paid for it.

Adorn Nails got it right.

As an added bonus, my left hand dried while I was painting my right hand.  Now that’s some crazy voodoo.  I don’t know what’s in the formula, but on that benefit alone, I’m a convert.  I tend to be super fidgety right after painting my nails.  Seriously, I can be the most comatose person when it comes to lounging about in my pajamas, couch-sitting and the like, but stick wet paint on my fingernails, and suddenly, I got things to do.

But back to my point.  I love this polish.  I love my nails wearing this polish.  I can’t wait to use it again and again.  Listen up, as I may never say this about another nail polish for the rest of my life:

I’ve found my holy grail.

I’m okay with that.

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