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Batiste Dry Shampoo


I’ll go ahead and say it: I HATE washing my hair. No, I take that back, I hate DRYING my hair. It seriously takes light years. My hair is so long and bountiful (sounds nice; it’s not), that I practically need a little chaise lounge and snacks in order to endure it properly.  And because of the depth of this hatred, I can only manage to wash my hair about twice a week.

What? I know, my husband gives me that look too.  But honestly, I just can’t be bothered.  I have more important things to do than spend eons in the bathroom, standing on my feet, bent in half with my hair flipped upside down.  Makes all things tired.

And thankfully, there’s dry shampoo.  It was invented for this exact scenario.  Almost 97.94767% certain.

I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos.  Some cheapies, some salon kinds, some middle-of-the-roads.  All in search of the one brand that will stand the test of time, i.e., degreasing my 3-day hair.  I kind of gave up a little bit, relinquished to the fact that there just isn’t a dry shampoo that’s meant to tackle my boundary-pushing.  It’s made for girls who shampoo every other day, not for girls who spend the majority of the week with a dirty head.

Until I came across this pair of lovelies:


I’m not even kidding when I say Batiste Dry Shampoo has been a godsend in my life.  I’ve even done a 4-day hair stint one time and felt totally fine with it.  Oh yes, Batiste and I shared a dirty little secret.  Nobody ever knew a thing.

The formula is perfect.  It has plenty of that white powdered goodness that soaks up the oil off your scalp like a champ.  And it doesn’t lose any powder towards the end of the can either.  So many times, I’ve been mindlessly enjoying a dry shampoo only to have it blow plain air into my hair about 2/3 of the way through.  Booo.  No likey.

Batiste comes in a variety of scents.  I’ve only tried Paisley and Cherry; both are great.  Can’t speak for the other scents, but I imagine they wouldn’t be any different other than the smell.  At some point I will try them all, maybe report back to you (but probably not – we would’ve moved on by then).  What I’m trying to say is, I’m done shopping for dry shampoo.  I’ve finally found my greasy-headed savior, and this makes me the happiest of happy.

Now if only someone would invent a hair dryer that would go mach 30 and/or speed of light.  I’d be over that like stat.