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Cotz Face SPF 40


A post about sunscreen? Yes. Get ready.

Prior to September of last year, I could count the times I purposefully wore sunscreen on five fingers. It just wasn’t something I thought about. I also didn’t wear moisturizer, wash my face or spend light years getting ready in the morning either. I was much less high maintenance back then.

I’m not proud of it. It’s a little icky. But I’m trying to make up for lost time by overdoing it in an obsessive, compulsive manner. Which is how I handle all of my hobbies. If you’re gonna love something, squeeze the ever-lovin’ life out of it.

I received a sample of Cotz Face SPF 40 in one of my beauty boxes. I think it was Birchbox. I about took a nap right in front of it because, hello? Sunscreen? Snore.

It sat on my bathroom counter for at least a month before I decided to use it. And by using it, it was simply an attempt to clean up my clutter, not because of any product interest whatsoever.

Well, this. This is no ordinary sunscreen.



Where was the white lotion consistency and suntan smell we’ve all been accustomed to? It wasn’t here. This Cotz stuff was better. It came out in a tinted beige-y color. And it was thick like a paste, but airy not heavy. I was very intrigued. As much as a packet of SPF can intrigue me, that is. I rubbed a little dot on my check. And oh. Oh! It blended out so beautifully. The color disappeared instantly and melted right into my skin like a silky powder. My skin felt so soft and delicate, almost as if I had applied moisturizer and not sunscreen. And it wasn’t greasy, or shiny, or anything. It was there, but it wasn’t there. It was amazing.

It took me a month or so before I finally broke down and bought a full size tube. I had never in my life bought sunscreen unless I was about to get my pasty white skin out on the lake or something. Which didn’t happen that often anyway. I’m very much an indoor girl.

The full size is a little pricey at $18-20 depending where you buy it. But it was worth it to me because I decided I had to have it. And once that decision is made, it never gets undecided. Never. That’s how the inner workings of my brain functions and it’s beautiful.

I’ve been working on this tube since November and it’s maybe only half empty. So my $18 has stretched pretty far. I use it every single day without fail. I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment or saving whales or some other such admiral thing by using sunscreen. That might be a little bit pretentious and toot your own horn-y but I’m proud to use sunscreen, and I wanna brag to everyone I know as if I invented the dang thing. Probably doesn’t illicit the response I would expect since they’ve most likely been using sunscreen since the dawn of time, but still. Can’t I just have my moment in the sun please?

Anyway, my point is if you don’t wear sunscreen, try this one. If you’ve been using a lotion sunscreen, try this one. In other words, try this one. I think you’ll likey.