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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream


Oh, holy moly.

Serious, if you want me to buy your product, you can do a number of things.  Put an “award winner” sticker on it.  Brag about your scientific data.  Swear to beejebus it will fix all my problems.  Only have one of them left on the shelf (always incites a moment of panic and/or urgency).  Or, the most influential of all …

Put your product on YouTube and have a beauty guru sing its praises.

I watch a lot of YouTube.  I subscribe to about 20 channels, all beauty-related, and those girls on there can voodoo-slash-brainwash me like nobody else.  If they say something is amazing, about 2.5 seconds later, I’m writing a check for it.  I am easily persuaded, can I just say that?  I have bought so many things that I knew I didn’t need all because somebody trapped me in their sales wedge.  I mean, I have a Super Shammy, Lint Lizard, Old Brooklyn Lantern, two electric floor sweepers, and Time Life 80s compilation series to prove it.

Recently, I was watching a video and was told about the most amazing cc cream that ever lived.  I’ve never been a fan of bb or cc creams, as they don’t provide much coverage for me.  I have to have coverage.  Those freckles don’t hide themselves, ya know?  But anyway, they were talking about It CosmeticsYour Skin But Better CC+ Cream, a full-coverage cc cream, which instantly  made my ears perk up.  And then they proceeded to go on and on for about 10 minutes on how flawless it makes you look, and I was like … you had me at full-coverage; I go buy this now.


It comes in 5 shades, and I debated between Light and Medium, but finally decided on Medium as that is what my other bb/cc creams are.  Plus I swatched it on my face in the store and it seemed alright.  I also swatched it on my  hand, a makeup sponge, and then swatched a foundation that I already owned to see how closely it matched, etc.  I was doing a science experiment, apparently, but I didn’t want to have to return it back to the store so all that hoopla = var var necessar.

I decided to experiment with the cc cream on a weekend in case I got it disastrously wrong and had to go to work looking like I fell asleep in a tanning bed for 15 years.  I was allowed to skip the moisturizer, primer and SPF application as YSBB included all that, plus an anti-aging serum to boot.  How nice!  Went straight to the cc cream application. The formula is thicker than my normal bb/cc creams, and even my foundations, but I guess that’s expected in a full-coverage product.  However, it applies very smooth and light; does not feel icky whatsoever.

And the coverage?  While I could still see a few of my freckles peeking through, I absolutely loved the finish.  In fact, I did extra staring at myself that day because I couldn’t quite get over how pretty it was.  I’m sure I was on the verge of insane by doing so, but as they always say, insane and adorable cancel each other out. (They really do say that.  Pretty sure, anyway.  Or maybe I made it up.  Either way.)

For a cc cream, this was a pretty dang good product.  It wears like a foundation instead of the typical tinted moisturizer look.  Definitely look into it if you happen to be leisurely walking past the It Cosmetics display at Ulta.  I leisurely do that quite often, so I can’t be the only one, surely?  Do a swatchy-swatch and see for yourself.  And then buy it like stat because I’m the boss of you.