Obligatory Welcome


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post. I am hoping this blog will not turn out like my last blog which was pretty active for a while, then I promptly disappeared for roughly 3 years. I will admit that life got in the way (as in, I got one). But now that things are settled (read: old married lady), maybe I can focus better and actually produce something more consistent.

We’ll see.

In any case, thanks for stopping by. Seeking my unsolicited beauty advice-slash-opinion. I figured since I subscribe to nigh on 8374628 beauty boxes and receive a crap ton of samples, and my OCD personality will simply not allow me not to try every single one of them, I might be able to impart a little wisdom to all my friends about what’s good, what’s bad, and what you can mediocrely tolerate.

Was that a run-on sentence? Well, you didn’t come in here for a lesson on perfect grammar, now did you?

So, with all that being said … Let’s get started!


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