Scofflaw Varnish: Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Trio


Lunchtime nap? Or write a blog? Nap? Blog? Nap? Blog?  This has been my brain for about the past 20 minutes all while simultaneously wasting valuable break time deciding how I’m going to spend my valuable break time. Clearly, I’m doing it wrong. AGAIN. Booooo.  

Sounds about right though.  Same deal with this speed blog thing I’m attempting to do; so far, it’s a disaster with a big fat fail on top.  Seriously, if defeating your own purpose is some kind of seemingly unattainable goal for normal people, I have officially gone overachievingly NOT NORMAL approximately 18,000 times.  Soooo … If you’re looking for the perfect time to send over some bonus points, right now would be it. 

While we wait, let’s talk polish! The Thanksgiving/Black Friday frenzy is upon us and already the hives are lurking. SO MUCH SWATCHING. SO MUCH BLOGGING. Y’all better be lapping this up, cuz I don’t carpal tunnel for no dadgum good reason, just so you know. 

Take a look at this:


Do you see all that GREEEEEN in there?  Gah! My brain wasn’t working all that well already (what with the nap-slash-blogging-slash-wasting time fandango) but now if anything gets done for the rest of the day, it’ll be some kinda Christmas miracle. Green = brain function, out the FREAKING window. 

These is the Scofflaw Varnish Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Trio. And you’re buying it. All other points are moot. 


DESCRIPTION:  A soft taupe with delicate blue shimmer and silver holo and opalescent flecks

OPACITY:  Two easy coats and a color just dark enough to make my sad, white sausages look less sad and sausage-y. Hooray!


DESCRIPTION:  A mint green crelly with white shimmer flecks and pale gold, greens, mint, white and red glitters

OPACITY:  Three thin, careful coats. The formula here is thicker than average due to the heavy glitter load, so I added several drops of thinner to aid application.  However, sometimes I just suck at nails so honestly, what do I know realllly?  Other than a blog full of ridiculousness, I’d say NOT MUCH. 


DESCRIPTION:  A green jelly swimming with red/gold shifting multichrome flakies and gold shards

OPACITY:  Three coats, primarily cuz CAN’T. STOP. POLISHING. Could’ve done a billion, but I gave up after three. I’m not very good at goals, let’s just say. 


This trio releases on Thanksgiving, November 23 at 7pm CST, so while you’re recovering from your 17th bowl of mashed potatoes (or maybe that’s just me), you can be useful and spend a little money at least. Otherwise you are just a log on a couch with her pants undone, and THAT causes divorce if I’m not mistaken.

Regrets from the Holiday Office Party will retail for $9; the other two will be $12.

POLISH EMERGENCY ALERT! These will only be available through the Thanksgiving weekend. Snag ‘em by Sunday, November 26 before they’re gone FOREVER. Are you properly panicked? Well, you should be.

Other Black Friday specials include the annual mystery prototype release ($10 each), the annual restock of David Bowie’s Bulge ($9 – or priceless cuz HOW CAN YOU NOT?!) and core color restock ($6.50 each). Check out the site and make your list!  Or just toss polish in the shopping cart all willy nilly like me. 

Where to buy:

Extra clicking for bonus points! Connect with Scofflaw Varnish:



Whew! One blog down, 7,387 left to go. Get ready y’all. A frenzy is coming.  

Later, loves!


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