Anchor & Heart Lacquer: Polish Pickup November 2017


They’ve installed a TV in the office this week, soooo .. I’m not sure how any work is gonna get done now, but on the plus side: FULL HOUSE FOR EVERYONE!  Seriously, if anything’s gonna bring harmony amongst the co-workers, it’s a lenient pajamas at work policy. But then after that, some Uncle Jesse never hurt.  Cuz JOHN STAMOS, that’s why.

More Polish Pickup beauties to share! Take a look at what Taryn with Anchor & Heart Lacquer sent over:


Welp. There goes all semblance of a classy lady. Cuz one does not look so good whilst the tongue is lolling about outside the body. Drooling, Level EXPERT, let’s just say.

In case you haven’t been reading the blog – although, WHAT?! WHY?! – the theme for November is Fandoms. Taryn was inspired by the mystery shack from the Disney cartoon, Gravity Falls.  Here’s a pic:

Another show I’ve never heard of, and it is officially quite clear I don’t lounge as properly on the couch as expected. Cuz certainly I would’ve found this show by now. I mean, if I can stumble across a documentary about a snake that eats people, i.e., nightmare scenario #1, I’m pretty sure a Disney show would be a no-brainer.


DESCRIPTION: A blackened green with holographic pigment and multichrome shimmer that shifts purple/green/orange

OPACITY: Two easy peasy coats

Mannnn, I just love me some dark nail polish. Makes my sad, white sausages not so sad and sausage-y, and for that fact alone, I need a billion bottles of this one. Rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!

But then you add a whooooole lotta shifty business, and now NO ONE is upright. It’s a Noodle Leg Epidemic, each and every time.

More photos for ultra convincing scenarios:

Wallets are officially flying out of purses, everywhere. This one better be in the shopping cart or else we need to have a chat about your brain. 

If you need info on what the Polish Pickup is and how it works, click here for FAQs. The shop opens Friday, November 3 at 11am EST and will be available thru all day Monday, November 6. Make sure you don’t miss it! Otherwise who wants to be you on Tuesday, November 7? Damn near nobody, pretty sure.

Mystery Hack will retail for $12, in case y’all like to budget instead of toss polish in the cart all willy nilly like me.

Where to shop:  

Stay tuned, loves. This ride ain’t over yet!


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