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Turtle Tootsie Polishes: Breast Cancer Awareness Trio


Get ready for a Speed Blog EXTRAVAGANZA!  I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, doing things outside the house, wearing pants and whatnot, but because I am a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE I shall be here carpal tunnelling like someone is paying me to do it.  Ohhhh, the efforts!  The overachieve-y!  Seriously guys, you won’t even recognize this blog by the time we’re done.

So bear with me this week while I attempt to not get behind by writing some quick blogs.  Someone decides it’s a good time to go out of town while I have a crap ton of nail polish all over the table and 7,397 still left to write.  Ugh.  Vacation.  LAME.

Okay.  Nail polish.  Lesss go!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so Chrissy with Turtle Tootsie Polishes sent me a whooooole lotta pink to show off for you today.  Take a look at these beauties:


I.  STINKIN’.  LOOOOOOOVE.  Let’s buy a billion, cuz now is not the time for rational behavior.

This is the Breast Cancer Awareness trio, a perfect set of pretties to show your support, donate to a cause AND hoard more polish cuz for some reason 2,927 bottles is still not enough.  I’m not saying I have a nail polish problem, but I probably have a nail polish problem.

Now, FOCUS.  Quick rundown of the colors below.  Go, go, go!


DESCRIPTION:  A fuchsia pink holographic with violet chameleon flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat; smooth and easy formula.  Edible flakies.  (Prolly.  I dunno.  Might be more poison-y than expected.)


DESCRIPTION:  A pastel neon pink creme polish with a touch of scattered holo

OPACITY:  Three coats because cremes make me nervous.  Other people did two coats cuz apparently I am crazy.

Shimmer is very subtle, but it’s there.  Second photo down was taken outside in an attempt to show the shimmer.  That’s two efforts for the day, in case you’re curious.  Are pajamas coming?  God, I hope so.


DESCRIPTION:  A rose pink holographic with rose gold shift and gold microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat.  And drool, lots of drool.  Plus tongue lolling and noodle legs and 27 levels of ladylike scenarios.  In other words, this one is my faaaaaaavorite!


The Breast Cancer Awareness trio releases Sunday, October 1 at 12pm EST – or basically RIGHT NOW by the time you read this.  Here’s your shopping deets:

Trio retails for $25/full size or $15/mini size.  You can also get single bottles for $10/full or $6/mini.  However, Chrissy will donate $1 of each polish sold to the American Cancer Society, so if you’re tossing like 18,000 bottles in the shopping cart, well that sounds about right.

Where to buy:

Let’s click some things!  Connect with Turtle Tootsie:



Fan Group

And now we are done.  Ready to spend some money?  (Yes.  The answer to that question is always YES.)

Later, loves!


Scofflaw Varnish: Fall 2017 Collection 


Went to bed at 2am last night versus the 3am I’ve been doing lately and about carpal tunneled myself via a high fiving frenzy for going to bed “early”, being responsible and normal and whatnot. Seriously, what has happened to my life?  If I wasn’t such a Trophy Wife, we’d all be worried.

Time for a Speed Blog!  Finch from Scofflaw Varnish sent me her new Fall 2017 Collection several weeks ago, and because I’m sooooo good at blogging, I’m just now getting around to writing a review.  Good things there’s a restock happening today or else all this’d be moot.  Cuz I don’t effort for no dadgum good reason, but then again, you’ve read this blog before.

I’m panicking a little and trying to hurry as I don’t want polishes to disappear before y’all get a chance to spend all your money.  Cuz it’s Friday, guys!  And you’re sitting around wearing sweatpants doing nothing anyway.  So let’s get this going.  Take a look at what you’re buying:


A crelly EXTRAVAGANZA!  I see glitter!  I see holo!  I see 18,000 bottles in your shopping cart!  (Well, prolly.)  Who’s in the mood for complete rational behavior?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

All of these polishes are just gorgeous with such fun glitter mixes.  Really nice formulas too, which can be tricky with glitter crellies.  No gloop!  And for that fact alone, we lub them lots.  Each one was two coats for me but some may need three depending on application.  Although, I don’t always do nails good cuz half the time one eye is sleeping, so what do I know, really?  A ridiculous blog, YES.  Useful information?  A crapshoot.

Super quick rundown of colors.  Lesss go!


DESCRIPTION:  A pale yellow shimmer crelly base with brown, red, white and neon coral glitters


DESCRIPTION:  A creamy tan crelly base with copper, ice blue and peach glitters and golden shimmer


DESCRIPTION:  A cornflower blue creme with bright blue shimmer and grey flecks


DESCRIPTION:  A rich purple creme with purple, silver and gunmetal shimmer and flakes


DESCRIPTION:  A robin’s egg blue crelly with brown, grey and lavender glitters and delicate blue shimmer


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty faded pink crelly with grey, black, white, gunmetal and rose glitters and delicate shimmer

Yep.  You want all that.  Unless you don’t like pretty things.  Or you have no eyes.  I dunno.

In addition to the collection, Finch also made us a duo.  It’s the Bill & Ted Duo, guys, i.e., another thing you’re buying.  Take a look:


DESCRIPTION:  A black jelly packed with rainbow shimmer, flakes, glitters and flecks

Two smooth coats of this one!  It’s an excellent staple black holo in case you’re looking for one.  (You are.)


DESCRIPTION:  A glitter topper with white, turquoise, blue, purple and violet glitters

Look at all that overachieve-y on display!  Toppers are hard to swatch, so I wanted to make sure you know there’s options.  Over black, over white, even on naked nails.  Who’s the best most thorough blogger in all the land?  I’m not even telling you cuz you already know.

(Okay, it’s me.  I got scared you weren’t sure.)


Okay now FOCUS.  Restock is LIVE.  Go, go, go!  Before the things are no longer the things and you leave this blog so sad and polish-less.  Here’s your shopping deets:

The 6-piece fall collection is available in single bottles for $9 each.

The Bill & Ted duo is $17 for both, or you can buy Be Excellent to Each Other by itself for $9.  If you want the glitter topper, you have to get the duo.  BUT YOU WERE DOING THAT ANYWAY so what is your question?

Where to buy:

Now, the linky loos!  Connect with Scofflaw:



Oh, and the Polish Con limited editions are also available.  You can see swatches on the website ORRRRR! you can read the review I did last week by clicking here.  You know, in case you don’t go tossing polish in the cart all willy nilly like me.

EDITED TO ADD: The Polish Con LEs are officially gone. When I say Polish Emergency, clearly I MEAN IT. 

Alright.  Go get your pretties!

Later, loves!


Different Dimension + Cupcake Polish + Crystal’s Charity Lacquers: Duos for the Houston SPCA


Someone done jacked with my tv and now there’s only one hour of Full House instead of two, so how all this swatching’s getting done then, we’ll never freaking know.  Cuz I have a routine, a tradition, and now what?  Just sit here in SILENCE painting nails like a crazy person?  Ugh.  Me and Nickelodeon’s about to have words, I guarantee.  Although I’m not much of a scrapper, so most likely it’ll just be a symbolic recap of me in the 6th grade slapping some girl in the ear.  

But aside from all that, FOR ONE, I’m an extremely cool person, and TWO, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers is back once again and it’s time to hoard some polish! BOOM.

Each month or so, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers chooses a charity and teams up with indie brands to create exclusive polishes to sell and help raise funds for the cause. This round, she has chosen Missi from Different Dimension, Sara from Cupcake Polish and Lindsey from Tonic Polish to release some pretties to benefit the Houston SPCA

So get off your no-buys, ladies! ANOTHER TOTAL LEGIT JUSTIFICATION-type scenario just fell into your lap like no big deal. Lesssss go!


We have chosen the Houston SPCA because of the tireless work they have put into protecting and rescuing the animals in Houston who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Houston SPCA is also a no kill shelter.  I will not support a shelter who puts time limits on an animal finding their perfect forever home.  Their mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals.  

Throughout the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, the Houston SPCA have been on the front lines, doing everything they can to help the animals and for that, we thank them.

— Crystal Weber, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers

Welp. We’re definitely doing this one.  I can’t think of any better reason to spend some money today.  And then go kiss your fur babies straight in the mouth cuz we lub them more than anything, oh yes we do. Cat butthole in the face notwithstanding. 

As mentioned, there are three indie brands  involved in this fundraiser, but I only have swatches for two. However, as your PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE, I will give you deets on Tonic’s offering at the bottom of this post.  This is a good time to send bonus points, just so you know. 

This sale is kind of a quick one so I figure less chatty mo better. So here’s your brief rundown of colors. An insane display of pretty in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..


Good things we’re doing no chatty, cuz I am LITERALLY SPEECHLESS.  Moan-y throat noises are about to come out, I just know it.


DESCRIPTION:  A metallic rose gold holographic with added holographic microglitters

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

My eyes, my eyes!  Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn.  See?  Speechless.  The sparkle in this one is a complete driving hazard, just so you know.  Hello Mr. Pothole, we’s now best frans.

OMG, what?  Shut up, Brain.


DESCRIPTION:  A gunmetal holographic with red shimmer and holographic microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

Oooooh!  What about this one?!  SUPER HARDCORE IN LOVE.  The shimmer peeping through gives me a dire case of the Grabby Fingers.  And so we want 18,000 bottles.  Completely normal behavior, in case you’re curious.

Still upright?  Just checking.  Either way, hang tight. More noodle leg-type scenarios are coming!


We are officially pass-out-y. Bring on the smelling salts! And Leonardo, just in case.


DESCRIPTION:  An indigo base with heavy red shimmer, holographic microglitters and subtle holographic effect

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

OMG, the sparkle, the bling, the ladylike composure just OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW.  I swear, if I stay married after this, it’ll be a damn near miracle.


DESCRIPTION:  A teal base with heavy green to gold shimmer, holographic glitters and subtle holographic effect

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

Oooh, we got a GREEN one!  Excuse me while I attempt to reattach my jaw to my face about a billion times.  Cuz where there is green there is me being the most unattractive mess of all time, ever.  Drooling, Level EXPERT at minimum.   

And now, we SWOON. You guys. Get on this like stat.


Pre-sale for the polishes will run from October 1 at 10am CST thru October 7 at 11:59pm CST.  In case you don’t math well, that’s 7 days of panic, so be sure to set alarms so you don’t miss out. Cuz while the polish is bueno to like the trillionth degree, a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Houston SPCA which makes this hoarding problem well and truly worth it. Get on it, boo boos!

Polishes will be available in each respective maker’s site, so here are the linkies all typed and ready to go:


Cost is $14 each


Cost is $13 each 

As for the Tonic polishes, they have already been released so go snag em right meow. (Yes, I just did a thing. I am a SUPER NERD.)   Swatches are on their website – Fur-ple is new and Project Aloha is a re-release.  I reviewed the latter back in May if you wanna click here for funsies.  Then click below for REALSIES:

Tonic Polish

Cost is $12 each

And while you’re in a clicking mood, go ahead and join the Crystal’s Charity Lacquers Facebook group so you can get inside scoop on future donations, brand collaborations, and polish sneak peeks. DO IT. I mean it. Click here.

Okay, well I’m off to NOT go watch Full House, I guess.  I may never be normal again.

Later, loves!


Pretty Beautiful Unlimited: Zombies Can Be Princesses Too Collection (partial)


Real quick blog post for you today considering how fantastically I’m failing at the strict schedule I wrote out for myself.  Seriously, guys, someone needs to come take the couches, the pajamas and the Cheetos away.  Except don’t, or I will cut you.

So in case you haven’t drooled enough today, well here, lemme fix it.  Miss Virginia from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited sent me 4 out of 8 colors from her Zombies Can Be Princesses Too collection, and basically Y’ALL GONNA NEED.  Cuz there’s a whoooole lotta flakie business and at least 27 opportunities for suuuuper unattractive scenarios, that’s why.  Get ready for an Ugly Ecstasy Face EXTRAVAGANZA! cuz that be you in about 2.5 seconds.  

Okay.  Nail polish.  Lesss go!


Now, SWOON!  There’s no way you’re leaving this blog without spending some money, I can already tell.

Each swatch below shows two coats plus a glossy top coat.  No issues with formula either; things went pretty smooth and that’s saying something cuz I’m pretty sure I did these with one eye sleeping.   For real, these blogs.  Why you no write yourself?!

Here’s a quick rundown as colors.  Meet you at the bottom!


DESCRIPTION:  A lightly blackened multichrome that shifts blue/purple/copper/magenta packed with silver shreds and micro galaxy glitters, a dash of holo and some crystal flakies that shift pink/gold/green


DESCRIPTION:  A lightly blackened multichrome that shifts violet/red/orange/gold, packed with silver shreds and micro galaxy glitters, a dash of holo and some crystal flakies that shift red/pink/gold/green


DESCRIPTION:  A lightly blackened multichrome that shifts green/silver/fuchsia, packed with silver shreds and micro galaxy glitters, a dash of holo and some crystal flakies that shift fuchsia/copper/lime and violet/green/pink/gold


DESCRIPTION:  A lightly blackened multichrome that shifts green/blue/violet/red, packed with silver micro galaxy glitters, a dash of holo and some crystal flakies that shift fuchsia/copper/lime and cyan/blue/violet


As previously mentioned, this collection consists of a total of 8 colorss, all multichromes, all delicious.  Sneak peeks are up on the website now, although you’re buying them all so I’m sitting here carpal tunneling for no dadgum good reason.  However, in case y’all don’t like tossing polish in the cart all willy nilly like me, click here to see.

Professional Blogger Extraordinaire?  CLEARLY.

Cost: $11.50 each

Full collection:  $80

Releases Saturday, September 30 at 11am CST, so be sure to set those alarms.  DO IT.  I mean it.

Where to buy:

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with Pretty Beautiful:


Fan Group

Off to do some quick swatching, which will no doubt turn into some kind of frenzy for the next 37 years.  Polish polish everywhere, and no sleepy time for me.  Weeee!

Later, loves!


GlitterDaze: Hella Holo Customs


Time for yet another Polish Emergency cuz apparently I stink at blogging.  Weeee!  In my defense, I sat down for roughly one second after work today and suddenly a nap just happened straight out of nowhere.  There was head lolling, mouth gaping and 27 levels of sexy at minimum. Naturally, hubby took a photo for proof and/or future blackmailing-type scenarios, and then woke me up by opening a bag of Cheetos next to my face.  Well played, I must say.

AND SO NOW WE HERE.  One hand in a chip bag and blogging like a dadgum professional.  If an award is coming, no one is surprised.

Let’s talk polish!  I have another glorious trio of yummy deliciousness to share with you today.  Sana with GlitterDaze sent me her contribution to this month’s Hella Holo Customs, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much you’re buying these.  Seriously, take a look:


THIS. Lordt. We’re already drool-y.  If you came here for the ladylike composure, well I can only imagine how WRONG you must be.  All semblance of classy = OUT THE STINKIN’ WINDOW about 97.8465% of the time.  If I wasn’t such a Trophy Wife, we’d all be worried.

Quick rundown of colors below.  Let’s spend some money today!


DESCRIBED as a shimmery deep cherry red with orange/purple shifting shimmer, holographic glitter and flakies and orange/fuchsia/magenta iridescent flakies

Now FOCUS. Cuz FLAKIES are happening. Glorious, beautiful, mind altering flakies. There’s probably a formula thing and a coats thing and maybe even other things, but at this point it’s all moot. As soon as I get control of my brain, then we’ll see.


DESCRIBED as a cobalt blue jelly with pink/orange shifting shimmer and holographic microflakies

Excuse me. I’m gonna need some smelling salts and someone to come hold my mouth shut, stat.  Cuz then the tongue falls out and that causes divorce if I’m not mistaken.  Seriously, can we ever be sexy, even just for a little bit?  NOT TODAY!


DESCRIBED as a holographic forest green multichrome with pink to bronze shift 

OMG, we’ve got a green one!  Seriously, guys, how am I still upright? The sheer amount of perseverence on display right now is downright superhuman. Fainting couches for everyone! And cute boys holding leaf fans. I mean, as long as we’re making a list.


First things first, you’re buying all these. Don’t even think otherwise. I mean it.

Secondly, all three polishes are available now, so who’s about to have the best day ever?  (You, to be clear.)  Engage: Shopping Hand in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

How to buy:

You must be a member of the Hella Holo Customs group on Facebook in order to gain access to these polishes.  Click here to join, then once you’re approved, look for Aubrey’s sales post with all the deets you need. Cost is $38.31 for the trio or $12.77 for a single bottle, but happiness is free so what is your question?  Also, there’s a coupon listed in the sales post, so now your best day ever just got best-i-er.

This trio is only available until October 2 at 11:59pm Hawaii time, which essentially means most of us can still purchase in the wee hours of October 3. HOWEVER, you’re going now because procrastination is a thing for other people.

Now sit back, relax and revel in all your good decisioning. Hooray!

Finally, the linky loos! Connect with GlitterDaze:



Fan Group

Bonus clicking opportunity! Check out Hella Holo Customs on Instagram here.

And now we are done.  Go get your pretties, guys!  Then send Starbucks of Gratitude.  Cuz who’s the best damn enabler who’s ever enabled? I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know.

Later, loves!


Fair Maiden Polish: Twisted Fairytales Collection 


Speed blog alert!  It’s well after midnight, and I can’t think of a more perfect time to sit down and not be sleeping like a normal person.  In my defense, I’ve written a pretty strict schedule for myself this week, and DAY ONE I’ve already failed.  So in an effort to make amends, here I am – blogging like a dadgum professional.  With one eye napping and the other watching Full House, but still.  Worth half a horn toot?  I say YES.

Ugh.  Stupid things are gonna come out, I just know it.

Let’s jump into some nail polish!  Sarah and Adrienne, the two lovelies behind Fair Maiden Polish, sent me their new Twisted Fairytales collection to share with you today.  And trust me, guys: YOU. WILL. LOVE. Grab some smelling salts and go lock yourself in a room alone – you’re about to get suuuuuuuuper unattractive in about 2.5 seconds. Take a look:


Told ya.  A noodle leg epidemic is lurking, just so you know.

For fall, Fair Maiden decided to go dark and sexy, and although I was expecting something a little more Leonardo-y, these are  okay too.  Cuz anything that makes my sad, white sausages looks less sad and sausage-y, I want at least a billion.  Who’s in the mood for a whoooooole lotta rational behavior?  NOT THIS LADY!  Here’s your (quick) rundown of colors:


DESCRIPTION:  An ultra deep wine red with ruby shimmer and subtle scattered holo

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat.  Smooth application.  Drooling extra.


DESCRIPTION:  A magenta multichrome that shifts from fiery copper/red/blue/green/violet with holographic sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat.  Formula is a bit thicker than the others, but it was easily managed.  And the shift?  LEGIT.


DESCRIPTION:  A lavender-grey multichrome that shifts gold/red/violet with holographic sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat.  Another effortless beauty!  And, well, you had me at effortless.


DESCRIPTION:  A deepened brown-toned multichrome that shifts olive/gold/orange/magenta with holographic sparkle 

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat, with happiness and Starbucks on top.  Probably.


DESCRIPTION:  An intense teal blue with green chroma shift, hints of purple and subtle scattered holo

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat and a billion percent beautiful

And not surprising, this one is my faaaavorite.  Cuz where there is green there is me loving it in a smother-y stalker-y kinda way.


DESCRIPTION:  A delicate warm peach made entirely of microflake and gold holographic pigment

OPACITY:  Three coats plus top coat

This one I loved even though it isn’t a dark polish by any means.  But the gold shimmer looks suuuuper fancy on the nail and causes involuntary HAND MODEL! scenarios if I’m not mistaken.


Still upright?  Just checking.

This collection was going to debut at Polish Con, but unfortunately Fair Maiden was unable to attend.  So now it’s up for pre-order this week instead.  Here’s the deets:

Full set retails for $63/full or $38/mini

Single bottle pricing:  Poison Apple, Fallen Kingdom, and Upon Your Throne is $11; the rest are $12

Annnnnd THEN!  There’s coupons:

All US and Canada orders over $50 will get free shipping – no code needed!

If you’re international, use code INT5SHIP for $5 off

Finally, if you attended Polish Con, Fair Maiden wants to send you their Polish Con exclusive shade, Room 13, for FREE with any purchase.  Just email a picture of yourself at the Con or a copy of your ticket to and reference your order number.  Only good for orders placed 9/23 – 9/30.

Pre-order ends September 30 at 11:59pm CST, which means a bonafide POLISH EMERGENCY is among us and you have 5 days to respond accordingly.  Get on it boo boos!

Where to buy:

And now, the linky loos!  Connect with Fair Maiden Polish:



Fan Group

Thanks for hanging in here with me while I try to write a blog without writing a blog all because I couldn’t manage to get off the couch long enough today to do it proper.  It’s hard to just give you a description and show you pictures and then move on to the next one like I ain’t a big drool-y mess and this is all NO BIG DEAL. Cuz it IS a big deal to the trillionth degree, and if we’re buying 18,000 bottles, well that makes the most sense.

Later, loves!


Colors by Llarowe: Multichrome Madness Custom Quad


Current status: vacuuming the polish peelies out of my car door handle hole before I go get an oil change cuz I reallllllly don’t feel like getting caught being a weirdo today.  Seriously, can I ever be normal, like even just for a little bit?  I mean, at least put them in a baggie instead of out in public for all the judgy eyes to see.  Cuz even though when I look at my tiny peelie collection and my heart swells a little like I just witnessed my children being superstars (which obviously, KINDA DID; duh), I’m well aware most people wouldn’t understand.  Although as a child I had a friend whose father hung all his trucker caps along the ceiling on little hooks in just about every room in his house, so BASICALLY who is the weird collector now, then?

Still me.  Oh well.

Who’s in the mood for a Polish Emergency today?  Cuz multichromes are happening, but only for about seven more days CUZ I AM THE BEST BLOGGER THAT EVER LIVED.   In my defense, though, I’m pretty sure Polish Con lasted approximately 18 years, and surprisingly blogs don’t write themselves.  Ugh.  Let’s get to the polish then, before the things are no longer the things.  Take a look at these beauties:


Yes to all of it, just so you know.

FOCUS, y’all! Miss Leah Ann from Colors by Llarowe is in the spotlight for September, and she has created a most awesome custom quad exclusively for the members of the Multichrome Madness group on Facebook. Time to check your jaw at the door, cuz picking it off the floor about 18,000 times is just too much effort on the weekend.

Here’s your colors:


DESCRIPTION: A blackened vampy purple based multichrome which shifts from deep purple to blue to magneta with blue to green shimmer

My swatch shows two coats plus top coat. Not pictured is the drooling maniac it belongs to. 


DESCRIPTION: A bright aqua blue based multichrome which shifts from blue to green to lavender with shifting flakies, scattered holographic and prismatic holo flake

Another perfect two coater, but I could’ve gone hardcore Polish Mountain with this one. Do you see all that flakie business? DO YOU SEE?!  I swear, I’m trying to stay a lady but there’s a sweat bead mustache ruining damn near everything.

Quad favorite, by the way. Might as well be a little flakie Leonardo considering how much I love it. 


DESCRIPTION: A magenta purple based multichrome which shifts from magenta to purple to red with hot pink to red to gold shimmer

My swatch shows a luscious two coats and four fingers of Jolly Rancher goodness. Cuz I swear I’d lick this one if the judgy eyes weren’t so lurk-y. SOCIETY. Boooooo. 


DESCRIPTION : A royal blue based multichrome which shifts from blue to green to purple with bright blue shimmer, scattered holographic and prismatic holo flake

An ocean of lovely. I want to swim in a big tub full of this one. COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR, in case you’re curious. It’s so dang dreamy!  Plus flakies, which make everything better. Skinnier and prettier too, prolly, and lord knows I need a skosh of that. GIMME.

Oh, and two coats once again. Basically effortless. 


To order, you gotta be a member of the Multichrome Madness group on Facebook. Click here to join, then head over to the CbL store by clicking here. This quad is only available until September 30, so if you can’t go now – although WHY NOT?! is the actual question – be sure to set some alarms so you don’t miss out. Cuz who wants to wake up October 1st so very sad and quad-less? CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

Single bottles retail for $11 each, which is a pretty good deal considering how much we’d pay for magical happiness in a bottle.  Plus, it’s the Multichrome Madness group’s one-year anniversary, and what better way to say THANK YOU than buying a crap top of multichrome?  Approximately no better way, so go get your pretties, then.  Cuz you’re a smart, decisioning kinda lady that’s why.

And now, more linkies for clicking.  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

Short and sweet tonight, although it still took eons to write. Ugh. One day I’ll get really good at this, I swear it.

Later, loves!