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Colors by Llarowe: Late Summer 2017 Collection 


Calorie counts on menus ruin everything. Since when was gravy on things not a very good diet decision?  Hubby ate only half his chicken fried steak while trying to conserve calories, and a part of me died a little. Then I ate what he didn’t cuz I have a gravy problem. Ugh.

Aside from all that, though, we were eating at IHOP after work on a Friday cuz if there’s two people you definitely want to party with, it’d be us.  In my defense though, I actually made effort and went INTO a restaurant instead of just going through a drive-thru like usual.  That’s worth a lifetime of bonus points, surely?  Cuz most of the time my eating-out scenarios involve whichever restaurant can hand me food in a sack from out of a window.  If I have to go in and walk with my legs and be all proper in public, chances are I’ll just starve instead.  Martyr much?  Bahahahahaha.

YES.  Times a billion.

Super fan girl alert!  Leah Ann (and her cohort, Bea) with Colors by Llarowe contacted me asking if I was interested in swatching a few polishes for them.  Seriously, what kind of trick question is this?  OF COURSE I WOULD.  Then I peed a little.  Not even ashamed.  And look what they sent me:


Gah!  Who’s acting completely normal now?  NOT THIS LADY.

This is the Late Summer 2017 Collection, a 6-piece set of dreamy, drool-y, noodle leg-y polishes that’ll have you an unattractive blubbering mess in no time.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.  But we’ve been through this before.

If you’ve never had a CbL polish, this is a very good starting point.  The colors are so rich, the formulas are perfection.  I reattached my jaw at least 18,000 times while swatching these.  They’re sooooo good!  You’re gonna need to spend some money today; at this point, there is no choice.


DESCRIPTION:  A light lilac base with scattered and linear holo, holo prism flake, iridescent shifting glitters and aqua shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Yep, I started with this one and then passed the hell out almost immediately.  Ooopsie.  But look at it.  It’s ridiculous.  The flakies got me, guys!  They got me good.


DESCRIPTION:  A reddened hot pink base with pink and red shimmer and ultra micro iridescent glitter

OPACITY:  Two medium coats (or three, if you go thin)

So bright and fun!  I had such a hard time trying to capture the shimmer, though.  There’s about 5,247 deleted photos of this one in my phone as proof.  In person, it’s much more evident.  And it’s such a striking contrast.  I lub it lots!


DESCRIPTION:  A bright medium deep turquoise glowing holographic with green, purple and blue flame

OPACITY:  One coat, practically; I did two for safety

Here’s where the smelling salts come in handy.  One freaking coat!  Doh!  For all the people who have better things to do in life instead of paint nails for 17 hours like a crazy person, this polish is your jam.  27 bottles, and in the cart she goes!


DESCRIPTION:  A charcoal grey glowing holographic with pink, plum and blue shift

OPACITY:  Basically one coat, but I did two again cuz CANT. STOP. POLISHING.

CbL NAILED the color on this one.  Looks exactly like street lights reflecting on wet pavement.  Leah Ann, you get a horn toot!


DESCRIPTION:  An army green glowing holographic with blue, purple and pink shift

OPACITY:  Again with the one coat; again I did two

Do I even need to say it?  There’s a GREEEEEEN one in here, and now my brain’s stop holding my mouth closed.  What is breathing?  What are words?  How the rest of this blog is getting written, we’ll never know.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright light blue crelly with intense pink to gold to red shimmer and a scattering of holo

OPACITY:  Two coats

The last one, and we’re going out on a big ole exclamation point.  This shimmer is CRAZY, and it looks so beautiful against the lovely blue.  Wallets are officially flying out of purses, just so you know.


This collection will be available for a 24 hour pre-order beginning August 1st at 12pm MDT, which means if there was ever a time to freak the FRACK out, now would be it.  Seriously, set approximately 17 alarms cuz waking up from your August 2nd lunchtime nap, sad and CbL-less, is a situation no one wants to be in.  Get on it, boo boos!  I MEAN IT.

Price for each bottle is $11 except for the hot pink one – she’s $9.  All utterly and completely worth it.  So click here and be happy.  And then send gift cards of gratitude, cuz who is the best dadgum enabler of all the enablers who’ve ever enabled?  I’m not even answering cuz you already know.

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

And in case you’re curious, only 7,397 more blogs to go!  YOU. CAN’T. WAIT.

Later, loves!


Cruisin’ Into Polish Con: Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension 


If there was ever a time to get your life together, now would be it.  Cuz another POLISH EMERGENCY! is headed our way and we need to get prepared.  I mean, imagine a surprise Leonardo sighting is happening and you don’t have your wedding dress in the car. Do you see? DO YOU SEE?!?!  So you miss out on this nail polish, and that’s practically the same thing. 

Well, almost. Cuz LEONARDO, that’s why.  You’ve read this blog before.  (Right?  RIGHT.)

But back to the emergency, i.e., point of this dadgum blog. The next Polish Convention event will be taking place in Chicago on September 23, and every week leading up to the big day, new exclusive Road to Polish Con polishes are being released.  Week 5 starts tomorrow, guys, and now you need to FOCUS.  A legit, no joke BEST DAY EVER just landed in your lap like no big deal.


Gah!  Excuse me while I toss my ladylike composure out the window real quick.

This is the Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio from three of our most favorite brands:  Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, and Different Dimension.  It’s like a bonus Holo Hookup box, guys!  Who just peed a little?  I know, ME TOO!

Celebrating the 100th year of Chicago’s Navy Pier, these polishes are inspired by three dinner and sightseeing boats plus fireworks, dancing, music, culture, food, cocktails and beautiful sunsets.  Basically, all your holographic polish dreams come true, So get off your no-buys ladies; this is COMPLETE JUSTIFICATION to the trillionth degree.


DESCRIPTION:  An indigo purple holographic with violet and blue shimmers and silver microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

And all you purple lovers just died a little bit.  For real, you did.

Under the mood lights:

And a macro for funsies:

Some kinda fun nail art:

Although, don’t ask why I felt orange stamping was the way to go with this one.  Sometimes when I nail art, my brain just goes away somewhere.  However, AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE, and that’s worth half a horn toot at least.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate if you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  An azure blue super linear holographic with heavy green to blue shifting shimmers

OPACITY:  Two coats

More mood lighting to show off the color.  For extra drool-y-ness, clearly:

Now a close up of those goodies.  A bonafide ocean of lovely:

Some simple stamping:

This one looked way better in my head.  There was this cool cutout image on the Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate, and I instantly thought of a color block design.  But the curves in my nails made the stamping turn out a bit wonky, and I don’t know about you, but I could use 18,000 tubes of hives cream right about now.  Oh, OCD, my evil friend.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright magenta pink holographic with hints of copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Seriously, if y’all could just wheel me over one of those old fashioned fainting couches, that’d be great.

Do you hear angels?  I hear angels.

Not hideous, but …

… no award, either.  If anyone has some leftover mojo, I could use a billion of it.

Stamped with the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate again in case recreations are in order.  (They’re not.  Moving on!)

Then suddenly, a last minute mojo reprieve:

A good old fashioned dotticure!  I used all three polishes for this, and I really love how it turned out.  I made those dots by hand y’all, cuz a burst of energy just came out of nowhere.

So then I did this real quick:

Well, not real quick.  More like 18 years, but still. Gradients don’t just happen like magic, surprisingly.  Although, if this gets me a lifetime supply of bonus points, that sounds about right.  Cuz OVERACHIEVE-Y doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate one last time, and then kudos and accolades are coming next, I’m sure of it.


The Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio will be available starting tomorrow, July 30 at 8am EST and will run until Saturday, August 5 at 8pm EST.  In case you don’t math well, that’s seven short days to get your priorities in order.  Holo up top, people!  Then dishes and groceries, if there’s time.

Sold individually, each bottle will retail for $10.  Only available on the Polish Convention website, so click here for shopping!  Then keep a lookout every Sunday for new polishes to hoard.  Cuz no one does CRAZY NAIL LADY quite like you.

Come back tomorrow for more blog.  This train keeps moving!

Later, loves!


Different Dimension: 90s Trio


You know you’ve got a shopping problem when the mailman doesn’t even look at the addresses on boxes anymore and just brings all of them to you.  I opened up a stuffed mailbox after work today, and OMG, the effort in there!  Seriously y’all, it’s Friday and about 2.5 seconds away from pajamas; digging through the Tetris game of packages and wandering around the neighborhood is not my idea of couch lounging.  Ugh.

But I do it anyway cuz karma is a real life thing.  I mean, a stock pile of bonus points will come in handy for me one day, surely.   Cuz the second I don’t get a package delivered to me AS SCHEDULED and promised and contracted by blood, there’s a meltdown plus a whole tube of hives creme that absolutely no one wants to watch.  Can I try to be even a little bit sexy?  NO. I. CAN. NOT.

Let’s look at pretty things!  I have an awesome set of neons for the summer that are just begging for some nail art!  Missi with Different Dimension sent me her new 90s Trio, and for real you guys:  flashbacks of Hammer pants and triangle-shaped hair is happening, but not necessarily in a good way.  After the Record in the Hair Incident of 1987, things went slightly downhill, let’s just say.

Oh, but the neons!  The neons are okay.


My eyes, my eyes!  There’s no way you’re walking away now.  Unless you don’t like happiness.  Or maybe you’re a robot.  I dunno.

These neons are based on the CMYK color scale, which is fancy talk for something office-y, and in which case, the grabby fingers are lurking.  DREAM SCENARIO, is what I mean.  Gimme. 


DESCRIPTION:  A neon blue creme

OPACITY:  Two coats

And then I did some super cute nail art:

I figured I’d go for a bit of geometric 80s/90s style arting, so I used the new Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate for this one.  Turns out, I had a brief moment of mojo, cuz I just loooooooove how it looks!  I mean, it’s nothing genius, but I’ll take my half a horn toot where I can get it.


DESCRIPTION:  A neon pink creme

OPACITY:  Two coats

And look:  they stamp!

You know, I don’t hate it and that’s good enough for me!  I stamped with Bomb and the Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate to make the blue triangles and stamped with OMG and the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate to make the pink splatter.  Who’s doing recreations?  Anyone? Anyone?  



DESCRIPTION:  A neon highlighter yellow cream

OPACITY:  Three coats, cuz I suck sometimes.  The formula on this one was a little thicker than the other two, so I had to finesse it a bit.  And because I have ZERO finesse (as evident in pretty much this entire blog), I forget how to do nails sometimes.  All the time.  Blah.  Whatever.

And then this hideous thing happened.  Please tell me what this is:

Cuz no one freaking knows.  Seriously, someone just needs to take my stamping plates away.

Except don’t, cuz I will cut you.

Used the Powder Perfect 1980s plate again if you’re curious!


I used all three colors in an attempt at a watermarble, and I swear if I don’t officially get a lifetime supply of bonus points for this one, something is var var wrong with this world.  


This trio releases Saturday, July 29 at 9am EST – which is probably right now by the time you read this as I prefer to blog in the middle of the dadgum night cuz going to bed like a normal person is something for other people.

Was that run-on sentence?  Prolly.

Only available as a trio, the cost is $25 and includes shipping within the US.  HOWEVER, they are limited edition and will not be restocked, so if you feel like having a quick little panic attack, now would be a good time.  Click here for shopping!

Annnnnd THEN!  The linky loos.  Connect with Different Dimension:



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Thanks to everyone who is continuing to read this speed train we’re riding on lately.  I can’t believe how badly I got behind, even though (for the most part), things are getting posted relatively on time.  I’ll be back to my storytelling nonsense soon.  Who’s excited?  (You, to be clear.)

Later, loves!


Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Holo of the Month (plus another custom!)


GUYS.  There’s a polish emergency in our midst!  Get your shopping hand and your hives cream ready, cuz a legit no joke panic situation is officially lurking.  Our pal, Dave, from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer is debuting the first in his new Holo of the Month series, and FOR SOME REASON we can only buy them for the next 48 hours.  Gah!  It’s about to get suuuuuper elbow jabby in here, I just know it.  First in line?  THAT’S YOU.

Short and sweet blog for you tonight because the situation is so dire.  FOCUS, boo boos!  And brace yourselves.


The Holo of the Month series draws inspiration from women in music and will only be available the last weekend of the month. The first polish is named for Grimes, the Canadian-born recording artist who writes, produces, mixes and engineers the vast majority of her own songs.

From shoegaze bedroom pop to darkly textured club beats, her music is wholly representative of her personality and processes. A rarity in any genre, her independence and self-sufficiency has led to some of the most assured releases of the past decade.  Her work is a thrilling pastiche of genres rooted in impeccable knowledge, craft, and at times, startling authenticity.

— Dave, Octopus Party Nail Lacquer

Well, who wants all that then?  DAMN NEAR EVERYONE, that’s who.


DESCRIPTION:  A burgundy leaning purple linear holographic with purple/blue/orange/gold iridescent flakies and a smattering of purple multichrome flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

FORMULA:  To die for.  Duh.

Wallets are flying out of purses everywhere!  Told ya you’d want this.  It’s juicy and delicious and I’d totally lick it if it wasn’t so poison-y.

In addition to the Holo of the Month, Dave made a custom for one of his customers to honor the birth of her first child, Logan.  And yay for all of us, cuz we’re buying at least 18,000 bottles.  COMPLETELY RATIONAL BEHAVIOR, in case you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  A grey (nearly black) linear holographic with large royal blue flakies that seriously just pop out of this polish like magic.  LOOK AT THEM.  Dreamy!

OPACITY:  Two coats

FORMULA:  Smooth and easy, just like Dave.  I’m assuming.

OMG, what?!?!  Shut up, Brain.

Both of these polishes will be up for preorder on Friday, July 28 at 11am EST through Sunday, July 30 at 12pm EST.  SET YOUR DADGUM ALARM, cuz no one wants to wake up on July 31 sad and polish-less.

Cost for each bottle will be $12, but happiness is PRICELESS.  Just so you know.  Click here for shopping!

Some linky loos!  Connect with Octopus Party Nail Lacquer:



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DO IT.  I mean it.  Then come back tomorrow and DO IT AGAIN.

Later, loves!


Moo Moo’s Signatures: Shimmer Paradise Collection 


Wasn’t I just in here blogging?  I swear I was.  But the blog train keeps moving whether we want it to or not.  So we’re gonna jump right into it cuz OBVIOUSLY I’m still not going to bed like a normal person.  Ugh.

I have some polish goodies from Moo Moo Signatures to share with you today.  MeiMei sent me her Shimmer Paradise collection to review, a fantastical trio of glorious shimmers that you’re gonna need on your body like stat.  Plus, it’s MeiMei’s first time on the blog, so I feel like a fancy lady!

Who’s in the mood for a bad case of the noodle legs?  Well, by all means, then:  SCROLL.


Quick! Lick the screen while no one’s looking. Now act natural.

Good job.  Seriously, if you came here for the ladylike composure, you’ve picked the wrong day.  Ultra drool-y scenarios coming up in 3 … 2 … 1 …


DESCRIPTION: A light pink with rose to green/gold shimmer

OPACITY:  Three, but only cuz CAN’T. STOP. POLISHING.  Seriously, two was fine but then my brain literally went away somewhere.


DESCRIPTION:  A lavender base with turquoise shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, or three if you’re crazy.  Obviously I did three.


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty navy with copper to pink shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, finally.  Sometimes I do nails the right way.


This collection just blew my mind.  It was my first time using Moo Moo’s Signatures, and each polish was smooth and creamy and basically all your polish dreams come true.  Super saturated color and flawless application.  If you’re buying one bottle plus 27 back up bottles, no one’s surprised.  Cuz rational behavior is for other people.

Who’s ready to spend some money today?  (You, to be clear.)  Here’s the deets:

Restock date is Friday, July 28 at 10pm Singapore time.  And because I am a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL, I figured out the world clock on my iPhone just for you.  Turns out, that’ll be 10am EST, 9am CST, 8am MST, and 7am PST for all of us over here in North America.  If you don’t live in the U.S., please feel free to look up your own world clock.  Cuz clearly, I’ve efforted enough today.

Although I can be bribed with Starbucks.  Put that in your book in case there’s a quiz later.

Price per bottle is SGD16 which converts to roughly $11 USD, and OMG, someone’s being suuuuuuuper overachieve-y at the moment.  Seriously, if an award is coming, well that seems the most logical.

A couple other bestsellers – Fire Feather and Poison Ivy – plus their Facebook group custom, Moorora Borealis, will be available as well.  Swatches on the website look AHHHHHMAZING so 18,000 bottles, and in the cart they go!  Weeeee!

Click here for shopping!  Shipping is worldwide, so there’s no excuses for ANYBODY.

More clicking opportunities.  Connect with Moo Moo’s Signatures:



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Now sit back, relax, and revel in your good decisions.  Then come back tomorrow for more fun stuff.

Later, loves!


Blush Lacquers: Beach Hunny Collection 


We’re not gonna talk about what time it is right now and what I should be doing instead of what I’m actually doing, cuz a reminder of my failures is not something I’m in the mood for at the moment.  I mean, just because I intend (at some point) to stop going to bed at 2am on a work night doesn’t mean I’m not dying of exhaustion in the meantime.  Good thing I’m such a Trophy Wife, or we’d all be worried.

More goodies to share with you today!  Victoria with BLUSH Lacquers has another stunning collection coming your way, and if you’ve got a thing for some gorgeous-y shimmers, well then you’re about to have a VERY good day.  Take a look!


Look at you with your jaw all drop-y like that!  The Ugly Ecstasy Face is lurking, just so you know.

These five beauties are part of the Beach Hunny collection and are inspired by vintage swimwear and hot summer days at the beach with the radio on.  Each polish has a light touch of holo that is reminiscent of glistening beach waves and/or sweat bead mustache, if you’re me.  Cuz I don’t sweat like a lady, that’s why.

Welcome to Speed Blog #4, blah blah blah.  Yes, we’re still doing this thing.  Here’s the quick rundown of colors, sans the commentary I want to do so bad but can’t cuz APPARENTLY napping isn’t conducive to blog writing for some reason.  Ugh.  LAME.


DESCRIPTION:  A squishy Barbie doll pink jelly base with a red/purple/blue shifting shimmer and sparkling touch of holo pigment

OPACITY:  Three coats


DESCRIPTION:  A teal base with green shimmer and a sparkling touch of holo pigment

OPACITY:  Two coats


DESCRIPTION:  A soft butter yellow with glowing white-ish blue shimmer and a sparkling touch of holo pigment

OPACITY:  Three coats

And then I put pants on:

I went outside, just for you.  Best blogger ever?  I say YES.


DESCRIPTION:  A soft ballerina pink with a red to green shifting shimmer and a sparkling touch of holo pigment

OPACITY:  Three coats


DESCRIPTION:  A periwinkle base with a pinkish-purple shimmer and a sparkling touch of holo pigment

OPACITY:  Two coats


The formula on these is consistently amazing across the board.  Perfectly smooth, no gloop.  And I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again:  the applicator brush is WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.  Am I am 9-year-old who just walked into a room full of office supplies?  Might as well be.  Squeeee!

Surprisingly, my favorite of the bunch is the yellow one. It legit looks like butter, which is basically the elixir of life, so naturally I want it on all the surfaces.  COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR in case you’re curious.  

This collection releases Friday, July 28 at 7pm EST in the BLUSH Etsy store as well as the Girly Bits international stockist site.  I suggest setting at least 17 alarms, cuz if you miss out on these, it’s a sad state of affairs for everyone.  Get on it boo boos!  You can thank me in Starbucks later.

Connect with BLUSH Lacquers!  The linky loos:


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And while you’re in a clicking mood, click here for my Instagram.  Cuz we’s best friends whether you want it or not.

Later, loves!


Painted Polish: At Sea – Volume III Collection 


I am literally sitting here blogging with one eye sleeping.  I’m not even sure what’s happening.  Might be blogging, might be dreaming.  For real, guys, I don’t even know.  Whatever the case may be, it’s after midnight so HEY! Let’s start a blog! cuz that makes a wholllllllle lotta sense right about now.  Ugh.  Where is Leonardo when you need him?  (Seriously, though, WHERE IS HE?)

I told hubby I’d stop going to bed at 2am on a work night, so clearly that’s going well.  I’m not good at goals, let’s just say.  I’m always making an attempt, though, so I get half a horn toot at least.  And a Starbucks, you know, if y’all not busy.

Let’s talk polish!  I have the gorgeous Painted Polish At Sea: Volume III Collection to share with you today, a 6-piece set of glitters and holos and one coat cremes.  And in case you haven’t drooled enough today, well, Lexi’s got you covered.  Welcome to Speed Blog #3, plus caffeine, plus jazz hands.  Here we go!


I die, I die!  You’re buying all these, I’ve already decided.  I mean, you were just sitting around in sweatpants doing nothing, anyway.

Okay, no more chatty or else I’ll be writing this thing for nigh on eternity.  Here’s the rundown of colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!

Stamped in Seafoam

DESCRIPTION:  A seafoam blue/green creme; doubles as a stamping polish

OPACITY:  A one coater!

Some nail art:

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I mean, no one is giving me a trophy for this one, pretty sure. Even a participation ribbon might need committee approval first.

Used the Lina Born to Sail 02 plate in case you’re curious.  (You’re not.  NEXXXXXT!)


DESCRIPTION:  A teal ultra holo with added silver holographic glitters for extra sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats 

Break for holo!  An EXTRAVAGANZA! is underway:

And now wallets are officially flying out of purses everywhere.

Something cute:

I mean, if I didn’t do a mermaid mani in here at some point, does the Blogger Licence get revoked, or … ?

Used the Lina Born to Sail 02 plate again in case recreations are in order.  (Maybe this time?)

Kissin’ Kelp

DESCRIPTION:  A deep teal scattered holo with gold shimmer and gold holographic glitters

OPACITY:  Two coats

And now we have GREEEEEEEEN.  Excuse me while my tongue lolls about outside my body.

More not-hideous nail art:

What’s with this sudden burst of mojo?  I’m not even sure this is the right blog we’re in.

Used the Uber Chic Beauty Vacation Mode plate for this one, and I lub it lots.

Stamped in Salmon

DESCRIPTION:  A bright salmon creme; doubles as a stamping polish

OPACITY:  One to two coater; I did two for safety

Seriously, who am I:

Certainly, the mojo has one foot out the door by now?  Cuz I stinkin’ adore this one.

Back to the Lina Born to Sail 02 again, cuz when I love something, I do it in the most smother-y, stalker-y way possible.  

Jolly My Roger

DESCRIPTION:  A nude/light bronze ultra holo with added silver holo for extra sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats

Legit no joke insane display of holo:

My eyes, my eyes!  How you’re still upright at this point defies all the logic.

More good nail art:

Please tell me Leonardo is on his way.  Cuz after four good nail arts, I’m pretty sure I win a prize.

Used the Uber Chic Beauty Vacation Mode on this one.  Love the contrast between the black and the holo.  You too?  (YES.)

Nauti Nudist

DESCRIPTION:  A sandy nude holographic microglitter

OPACITY:  Two coats; pretty dang smooth for an ultra packed glitter; no gloop!

Final nail art:

The stamping was a bit more subtle than expected, but I think it turned out pretty cute anyway.  It’s a coral image in case you can’t tell.  It’s also my 5th good nail art in a row, so I’m feeling a bit overachieve-y at the moment.  Toot toot!

Used the Lina Born to Sail 02 plate one more time, cuz I’m properly obsessed.

The round up:

This collection is sooooo good, guys!  Especially those two holos.  I’m not even gonna pretend anything ladylike is happening over here, cuz I assure you, THERE IS NOT.  You need these in your life.  Plus 27 backup bottles, you know, in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.  As happens from time to time.

The deets:

Full set retails for $58

If you have to do single bottles, the two cremes/stamping polishes and Nauti Nudist are $10; the rest are $12

Click here for shopping!  And then sit back and revel in your good decisioning.

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Thank you all so much for stopping by as always.  I have about 10 days left of blogging chaos, then hopefully I can get back to annoying the shit out of everyone.  YOU CAN’   T WA . ..JIT

Gotta go!  The cat just laid next to me and is taking a bath so now I have to kiss him on the mouth real quick.  I’m sure I had a point earlier, but my brain has officially gone away somewhere.  First mojo, now this.  Seriously, we still in the right blog?

Later, loves!