Cupcake Polish: Special Effects Toppers + Delishious Nails Collaboration Polish


Wasn’t I just in here blogging?  I swear I was.

GUYS.  It’s still Polish Con week and I’m desperately trying to be a proper nail blogger and do things on time and whatnot.  And because this time crunch is legit no joke, I can’t even ramble on like I tend to do.  How sad are you right now?  (Very.)

Hope you’ll enjoy the blog despite all that.  I mean, there’s still polish and that’s the whole reason I’m in here talking to myself on a daily basis anyway.  After the chaos of this week,  I’ll be back to making not a lick of sense like normal.  But admit it:  you’re gonna miss me.

Let’s dive in!  First time on the blog y’all and I feel like a fancy lady!  Sara with Cupcake Polish sent me a bunch of goodies to review for you today.  A whoooooole lot of pretty is 2.5 seconds away.


This is their Special Effect Toppers collection, a set of six toppers designed to be layered over other polishes to completely transform your mani.  There’s so many fun things you can do with these, so naturally I went basic and applied over black.  I’m not good at nails, let’s just say.  Cuz last time I tried to make something cool, I ended up with a meth owl and scared all the babies.  Oopsie.

First up is Lemon Icing:

This one is a yellow tinted holographic topper.  Only one coat over black.  Things are starting out well.

Under the lamps, it gets insane:

Someone bring me the smelling salts.  It’s getting super pass-out-y in here.

Some nail art I did:

Meh.  It’s okay.  I was trying to be clever by doing yellow stamping on the yellow one.  And while I’ve certainly done worse (you’ve read this blog before, right?), no one is handing me an award or anything.

Used the new Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate, which is full of mix n match geometric designs.  All good for a person who has an eye for such things.  But throw a bit of OCD in there, and too much mix n matchy means a whole tube of hives cream, at the minimum.  In other words, an incident is coming on, I just know it.

Next up is Sprinkles:

This is a scattered silver holographic glitter topper.  Look how much bling you get with one layer!  Party nails just like that.  Or napping nails, if you’re me.

Don’t look at this one:

I don’t even know what happened.  I used the Uber Chic Beauty Texture-licious 2 plate and accidentally made carpet from a roller rink in 1985.  Blah.

Now here’s Strawberry Icing:

This one is a pink tinted holographic topper, once again layered over black.  I also did two coats on my naked thumb and it covered really well and made a lovely pastel pink holographic.

Then I didn’t take a picture for you cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER.

Under the lamps:

Do you hear angels? I hear angels. 

Mojo = DEAD:

Here it is: the INCIDENT.  This is what happens when you don’t think things through first.  Someone needs to come take my stamping plates away.

Just kidding!  I will cut you.

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate again in case you’re curious.  (You’re not.)  Moving on!

Next up is Icing:

This one is a silver holographic topper, a nice dense version for good coverage. One layer. Over black. You know the drill by now. 

Under the lamps:

Dreamy! You’re buying one bottle of this one plus 27 back-up bottles cuz you do CRAZY NAIL LADY like a dadgum champion. 

Not-hideous nail art, for once:

I mean, it’ll do. I’ll take this brief moment of mojo and revel in it. 

Used the new Lina Mad for Mandalas in case recreations are in order.  And kudos and accolades, you know, if y’all not busy. 

Here’s Bubblegum Icing:

This one is a cyan blue tinted holographic topper. It’s soooo pretty! I’d lick it if it wasn’t so poison-y. 

Under the lamps:

An ocean of lovely. I see a billion mermaid manis just waiting to happen. 

So, of course I did chevrons:

Okay, not gonna lie. This one’s pretty awesome.  Quick! Someone get me my horn so I can toot it. 

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate for the shapes and the Make Your Mark 04 plate for the splatter background. Added matte top coat, dropped the mic and straight up left the room. 

Lastly, this is Frosting:

This one is an iridescent opal glitter topper, and seriously guys. If you haven’t drooled in a thousand buckets by this point, you’re about to get suuuuuuper unattractive right about now. Ugly Ecstasy Face is a dire thing. 

Nail art, no jazz hands:

Well, that didn’t last long now did it?  Bye bye mojo. 

Used the Uber Chic Beauty Op Art Magic plate and made a most unfortunate decision. Plate is great until I get my grabby hands on it. I’m like that person who continually does things they shouldn’t. Like putting food in my mouth without looking at it first, then spending the next 197 hours waiting for death.

Someone needs to come save me from me. 

The round up:

These all release early at Polish Con in New York City this Saturday, April 29, but for all us sad souls who live in the middle of nowhere exciting, we can snag these beauties online on May 6 at 2pm CST.

Toppers are $9 each and can be purchased at – or by clicking here, cuz who’s game for some unnecessary typing?  NOT ME.

The other new release is a collaboration shade with blogger Alicia with Delishious Nails called Delishiously Jaded. May is Alicia’s birthday month and emerald green is her birthstone, and I swear I’ve never been so happy.  Take a look at this ridiculousness:


This one is a green linear holographic with scattered holo microglitters and a green to blue shifting shimmer.  Opaque in two of the most delicious coats of your life. That is not a typo. 

Under the lamps:

Sara, what are you doing to me?  Cuz I do not look good with my tongue lolling about outside my body. It causes divorce if I’m not mistaken. 

I swear, what is wrong with me:

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate one last time, and naturally I’m just sticking things on all willy nilly. Cuz my brain done went somewhere, that’s why.

I mean, I guess I don’t hate it, but WHAT IS IT?! is the actual question. 

This polish also releases early at Polish Con on 4/29 but will return online for a limited time on May 6 at 2pm thru May 31 at 11:59pm CST.  Which means POLISH EMERGENCY! so make sure you arrange your life accordingly.

Price is $13 and available in the same place by clicking here.

That’s it, gang!  We survived another blogging day.  Only a slight carpal tunnel-type situation over here, no big deal.  Getting in pajamas now cuz staying sexy is var var hard work.

OMG, what?!  Shut up, brain.

Later, loves!


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