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Posh Paints: Holiday 2016 Collection 


Someone needs to come take my internet away.  Ugh.  Who else spent all their husband’s paycheck on nail polish?  In my defense, I wanted them all.  And I was wearing pajamas.  A dangerous, dangerous combo.

I mean, how easy is it to shop from home? (Very.)  Stores never close.  I can do it in the bathtub or with one eye watching a Full House marathon.  And there’s zero shopping carts, zero elbows, and zero karate chops in the throat.  In other words, no crazy people and an extremely successful Black Friday (depending on your definition of successful; hubby may disagree).

While we wait for the mailman to stuff my tiny mailbox with a hundred different packages, let’s look at some pretties!  I received the Posh Paints Holiday Collection to review for you today.  We’re about to get in a festive mood!

As much as I do not enjoy winter weather, I do love a pretty holiday nail polish.  All that red and green and BLING.  My heart can’t take it y’all.  I’m gonna need some smelling salts and a Victorian fainting couch.  And prolly a Starbucks, just to be safe.

First up is Win-Tree Weather:

Green, oh glorious green!  Has there ever been a lovelier color?  Of course a holiday collection wouldn’t be right without a green in it.  (Seriously.  I checked.)  And nobody wants to break rules this close to Christmas, now do they?  Stay on your best behavior – at least until after the gifts – is a wise rule to live by.

So we have a beautiful green jelly base filled with micro holographic flakies and gold shimmer.  Formula was super easy and effortless – two ridiculously smooth coats – and now you have time to go run your errands, drive your kids around, be Parent of the Year if you damn well please.  I, on the other hand, will just go sit over here and pick cat hair off my sofa for a minute.  In other words, var var busy.

Then I did this nail art thing:

Sometimes I do cute things.  I like this star mani!  Used some silver and gold stamping polish from Powder Perfect and a cute star charm from the Cosette Nail Shop.  Very quick design, which is hands-down my favorite kind.

Next up is All That Glitters is Snow:

My eyes, my eyes! Man, that’s sparkly.  This is definitely a party polish.  Perfect for people that have a life and go “do stuff.”  Or the opposite of me, if you’d rather.  I’m sorry.  I’m well aware that doing nothing doesn’t make you skinny, but it does give you an excellent manicure, which is a good trade in my opinion.

I mean, see?  Laying on couches has its advantages and now you have proof.  Pajamas for everyone!

Base on this one was clear but so full of holographic flakies and glitters, that the coverage was excellent.  No undies, no sponged coats.  Just apply like a regular polish and get your party on (or your Netflix marathon; whatever).

More nail art:

Just some simple stamping.  Used the Make Your Mark 02 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies and made a surprisingly un-Christmasy design. In my head, this looked much more festive.  Naturally that’s the case.  My daydreams are always better than my reality.  You should see how young and thin I am up there. Oh, and Leonardo!  Such a good husband.

Now here’s S is For Sledding:

What a sexy little thing!  Phwoar!  Or a fat santa suit.  Either way.

I’m telling you: these polishes are all so dang pretty.  If you like sparkle, these are your new best friends.  And normally, I don’t gravitate towards red.  But throw in a few holos and flakies, and I’m basically a puddle of goo.

Same formula here as the green one. Jelly base.  Ultra easy to use.  Effortless.  What more could you ask for?  Well, besides a warm blanket and a lap full of kitties.  Maybe some butterscotch schnapps in your coffee.  But after that, nothing.

Someone’s feeling festive:

This is the holiday mani I intended to do, but my brain got sidetracked.  Well, Leonardo was holding a Starbucks and a Visa gift card up there, and so obviously nothing else mattered at that point.  Gimme.

Next up is ‘Tis the Season:

How the momentum just keeps going and going is beyond me.  Another beauty.  Another heartbeat, skipped.  Lordt.

Again, perfect for parties or other social events.  It’s times like these that I wish I cared enough to put pants on.

So. Much. Bling.  There’s loads.  Gold base, gold holo glitters, holographic pigment AND gold shimmer.  If it was any more gold-er, you could use it to barter with. You know, in case you have a need for raccoon pelts or a goat or something.

OMG, what am I even talking about? Shut up, brain. I almost deleted all that, but I’m keeping it in there as proof of my lunacy. Cuz in case I spend all my life savings on nail polish, I have evidence of my medical condition and therefore JUSTIFIED.

The only snow I’ll ever accept:

Okay, I love this one.  It’s super simple, but I love the gold and black contrast.  I used the B. Loves Plates Let it Snow plate, and I highly recommend it.  Lots of cute snowflake images.  Comes from Poland where I assume it snows year round, which probably isn’t a very sound assumption (cuz NAIL POLISH not geography, ugh), but regardless, I’m pretty sure they’re experts on snow.  Thus excellent snowflake stamping plates.

Sorry.  Lunacy.  We’ve discussed this already.

Last but not least, here’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe:

Told ya this collection was festive.  Absolute perfect holiday polishes.  And this one is a straight up glitter bomb.  Top photo shows the separate glitters, but it’s the one below under direct lighting that takes it to the next level.  Look:

Sparkly!  The base here is holographic glitter (obvs) and then loaded up with green, red and gold glitters of various sizes.  Very easy application once again.  I love that!  I want this all over my body like stat.

TMI?  Not in this blog!


WTF is this one?  Dunno.  Lithuanian flag probably.  Sorry, guys.  I ran out of steam.

The round up:

Ooooh, don’t those look so pretty lined up like that?  You guys gotta get this collection.  Each polish is $9 or you can get the collection for $40.  That’s a discount for those not mathematically inclined.  You can buy them by clicking here.  Available December 1 at 12pm EST.  Set an alarm!  (Cuz I’m the boss of you, that’s why.)

And then you have some Instagram obligations to take care of.  It’s the right thing to do.  And this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

Posh Paints – click here

Me – click here

Now that’s the holiday spirt.  Later, loves!

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Winter Collection and Holiday Duo


To all my U.S. friends, Happy Thanksgiving! The countdown to mashed potatoes has begun!  I’m not sure how much sense I’m going to make in this blog post because I literally have potato brain right now.  But let’s give it a go anyway.  I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible, although have you read this blog before?    Short and sweet isn’t my strong point.  However, if you’re into utter nonsense, well then today is your day.

I received six lovely polishes from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer to share with you.  There is a 4-piece winter collection available exclusively at Ella Ann Cosmetics, as well as a gorgeous holiday duo.  Are you ready?  Well then, let us go.

We’ll start with the 4-piece Ella Ann exclusive since it releases first.  This collection is full of beautiful bling. There’s holo and glitter everywhere in here.  Sounds like a party you wanna go to, doesn’t it?  I mean, for you, yes.  I, however, like to lay on couches.  And not in a sexy way.

First up is Edge of Velveteen:

What a darling color!  I was unexpectedly surprised by this one.  Yes, I could see it was pretty in the bottle, but on the nail it’s just wowza.  Elegant with a twist.  I’m sure you know exactly what I mean by that.  Best polish describer EVER.

Not sure what color you’d call it, but it reminds me of marsala, last year’s Pantone Color of the Year. A deep pink with a touch of purple and red. A nice smattering of holographic sparkle. And two spectacular coats. This one gets a gold star.

Next up is this lovely little glitter topper called On the Frocks:

Well, I’m no expert on glitter toppers, so I just went for it.  I sponged the heck out of my two middle fingers just to see what kind of coverage I could get on top of naked nails.  And while you see quite a bit of peek-a-boo, it still looks pretty good and I actually prefer to wear it this way.  However,  I did a couple nails with the topper over white so you could see your choices. Don’t worry; I got you boo.  

Outdoor shot just for funsies:

I put pants on for that photo, since an outside/no pants scenario is illegal and whatnot.  Again, I got you.

Next up is Amulet:

Guuurrrrrrllllllll.  This one is ridiculous.  You think it’s just a simple gold holo, but then BAM, you’re a puddle of goo on the floor.  It’s ultra sparkly and just as perfect as can be.  I have proof.

My eyes, my eyes!  I even threw in that extra macro because it’s quite an impressive photo if you ask me. So much gold in one place.  If you have party plans this holiday season, you’re gonna have to get this one for sure.  I can’t think of anything more anti-pajamas than this one right here.  

Outdoor shot.  Again with the pants.  My love for you knows no limits.

Last polish in the 4-piece collection is this delicious little thing, Stag Party: 

Well, who needs a candy bar?  I do, I do!  I loooooove chocolate browns like this.  They’re just so rich and lovely.  This particular one was a one-coater, which I know means heaps to some of you.  I, however, prefer to polish my nails, coat after coat, for nigh on eternity, complete with glaze-y eyes and a touch of drool.

I’m quite aware that’s not normal.

Last outdoor shot for you cuz this pants thing is officially ridiculous:

I’ll have ordering info at the bottom of this post, so make sure you read to the very end.  Do not skip over this next part.  DON’T DO IT.  It took me 18 hours to write, and there’s a GREEN one, so … 

Here’s the Holiday Duo:

Aaaaaack!  So pretty.  You need and you need.

First one is called Ring My Belle:

This is straight up holographic madness.   Look at all the rainbows.  Heart eyes times a billion.

Another outside shot.  I thought we were done, but this holo was begging for it.  So enjoy guys.  Cuz after all this, future activities are INDOORS ONLY like the good Lord intended.

Dang.  I’ll admit that was worth it.  Looks good on it’s own, but I can see a ton of awesome holiday nail art manis just waiting to happen.

Now, for the grand finale, and my personal favorite, the Green Goddess herself, here is Fir Elise:

Soooo with the wait. That green shimmer’s got me. It’s got me good, guys. If I didn’t already own this polish, I’d be buying like 17 bottles of it. You know, a back-up to the back-up sort of thing, cuz IT CAN NEVER RUN OUT. I refuse. My life would be a facsimile of a sham without it. 

This outdoor shot – and the absolute last one, I swear – was taken as the sun was nearing its descent. Look how tan my fingers are! Then look back at the nail polish, cuz that is the point after all. 

I am done.  Dead.  Thank you, Dave, for bringing this beauty into the world.

The round up:

I don’t know why I do these “available now” collages, as they all aren’t technically available at all.  Please read this important release info:

The 4-piece winter collection is available exclusively at Ella Ann Cosmetics.  Pre-sale starts this evening, Thanksgiving night, November 24 (we’re all clear now?) at 10pm EST.  Price is discounted to $42 for all four polishes for the first hour only.  Then afterwards, regular price for the set is $52.  Basically what I’m saying is SET YOUR ALARMS.  You should all be over your turkey comas by then.

Pre-sale runs until Sunday, November 27 at 10pm EST.  This set is also available as singles if you choose to go that way.  Although, WHY? is the real question.

As for the Holiday Duo, this will be sold on the Octopus Party Nail Lacquer site.  Available for pre-sale (strictly as a duo) only on Cyber Monday, November 28, from 11am to 5pm EST.  Price for the duo is $20 for the first half hour only, so make sure you got your shopping face on.  Afterwards, price goes to $23.  In addition, you get 20% off everything in the store and no code is needed.  How easy is that?  (Very.) 

Okay, you are well-equipped with as much Black Friday knowledge as I could muster.  I’m setting you loose out into the world, my babies.  Do your mama proud.

Later, loves!

Glam Polish: Wizardly Ways


I’m about 17 hours away from mashed potatoes, and I. CAN’T. WAIT.  I don’t even care about the turkey, or even any of the desserts for that matter.  I want one big plate of mashed potatoes and a bunch of quiet time.  This is my Thanksgiving wish.

Well, that and some Black Friday nail polish.  I got my list of discount codes and my shopping hand ready.  Are you prepared?  Did you make a spreadsheet?  There is never a time like right now to let your dork flag fly.  Without that spreadsheet, you are adrift at sea.  And you do not want that, trust me.  Cuz I’ve been snorkeling in Mexico without a lifejacket, and THAT is no bueno.

Here, let me help you.  I received the gorgeous Glam Polish Wizardly Ways collection to share with you today, and I hope to Baby Jesus you have a chair to sit in and one hand on your britches – cuz these are about to blow you away.  Get ready:

Line #1 on your spreadsheet.  Write it down.

Can you believe these beauties actually exist?  They are mesmerizing and magical and jaw dropping, drool-inducing, speech-stealing dreamboats.  I don’t know how I can even attempt eloquence at this point, because half my brain is a bumbling idiot.  Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn.

See?  DUMB.  I will carry on the best I can, as I feel a dire responsibility to make sure you have the best Black Friday experience possible.  At home, in pajamas, where you belong.  No sense getting poked in the throat from a crazy person, if you ask me.  (And you did, otherwise, why are you here?)

This collection is inspired by wizards in film and literature.  First one up is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Well this is starting out well.  You already want them all, don’t you?  I could literally delete the rest of this blog post, and it wouldn’t even matter.  You’re sucked in, you’re done, you’re dead.  This was the very first one I pulled out of the mailer, and I had to take a second to catch my breath.  Purple lovers, pay attention!

Base on this one is a dusty violet, and I almost love it as much as I love those shifting iridescent glitters. Almost.  It’s hard to ignore anything that calls itself iridescent but when you are glitter, it’s nigh on impossible.  

Macros to love:

And then I did some nail art.  Here’s a pretty simple design using some marbled zig zags from What’s Up Nails:

I used a matte top coat so those glitters really stand out.  I love the look of this.  I love everything about it.  Is there a horn handy cuz I’m about to toot it.  Sometimes I make decent nail art, that’s why.

Next is The Dark Crystal:

I’m already fearing the possibility of sounding repetitive cuz what else can I say that hasn’t already been said?  Maybe ho hum pigs bum, but after that, nothing.  The glitters in this one look like they are on fire, just glowy and glorious.  Are you still upright?  Prolly not.  An old timey fainting couch would be appropriate right about now.  Preferably ones that come with cute boys holding big leaf fans and trays of grapes.  I don’t know about you, but why pass out if you can’t enjoy it?

Base on this one is a plum jelly, although I think it pulls more red-toned on me.  Regardless, it’s lovely and that’s really all you need to know.

Macro time!

An attempt at more nail art:

I don’t hate this, but my stamping skills could use some work.  However, I would like to point out how amazing this gold stamping polish is.  It’s from Powder Perfect and one of the best I’ve ever used. And I’ve used a lot, with varying degrees of failure.

Now here’s Oz the Great and Powerful:

Y’all know this one has a special place in my heart.  Cuz, GREEN.  I’ll never get tired of green.  That’s how you know it’s true love. Not the obsessive, stalking-like behavior that I assumed before.

The orange part of the iridescent glitters really shows up well against the green.  This fact makes me the happiest of all things happy, as orange is my second runner up favorite color.  Fall orange, specifically.  I could wear this combo forever.  I’m not even going to joke about it cuz that’s how serious my love is.  But let’s move on real quick before something stupid slips out (as it is wont to do).

You know what’s next:

Dreamy, right?  I want it all over my body, HR policies notwithstanding.

(And there’s that stupid thing you were waiting for.)

Let’s do nail art:

Who doesn’t love this? (Crazy people.)  Kind of reminds me of Formula One racing stripes. I used Night Owl Lacquer’s Jack-o-Lantern, which is a really gorgeous orange.  Squeeeee!

Okay. FOCUS.  Next up is Chamber of Secrets:

OMG, did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  What a gorgeous bright and fiery shade.  I have a feeling this is going to be the favorite of the bunch for a lot of people.  There’s just something about turquoise and orange, isn’t there?  A bit summery, which is what I need so much.  Cuz it’s 44-degrees outside right now, dreary and hideous.  Would it kill someone to make it June again?  Okay, thanks.

It’s sunlight on the Caribbean Sea.  Check out these macros:

Told ya.  Someone better be taking me on a vacation soon.  Hubby or Leonardo DiCaprio, it makes no difference.

Here’s the nail art I did on this one:

Went very simple using some chevrons I got from Polished Vino, and I think it turned out nice.  The black looks good against the turquoise.  Excellent contrast work on my part, in case you weren’t sure.  Gimme that horn again.  Toot toot!

Next up is this moody beauty, Dungeons & Dragons:

If you were waiting for something vampy for Christmas, this be it.  What a sexy little thing!  Dark and mysterious; a hot little potato.

Mmmmm, potatoes. (Okay, clearly I have a problem.)

Base on this one is a deep indigo blue/purple and full of the same color shifting iridescent glitters.  I think it looks like a midnight sun or some kind of brilliant galaxy.  It’s stunning just like all the rest of them, and if you don’t buy this collection, well then you are WRONG.

Take a look at these:

I could get lost in there, it’s just too pretty.  Dark polish lovers, this one’s for you.

Here’s the nail art I came up with:

I don’t remember where these circle swirl vinyls came from, but I thought this was the perfect thing to do on top of this polish.  I used Indigo Bananas Synonym Bun, one of my most favorite copper holographic polishes – and look how well it matched those glitters.  I made a masterpiece, guys!  Go me!

Last polish in the collection is perhaps the most beautiful, An Unexpected Journey:

Like fairy wings!  Or a winter sunrise.  I really am going to need that fainting couch now (and the cute boy with the grapes, to be clear).

This one is set in a clear base, so you can absolutely swipe this on top of a colored polish.  The darker the polish, the more shifty the glitters are.  However, I wanted to see what it would do over naked nails.  Turns out, MAGIC.  Two coats of this and it’s pretty opaque.  No sponging required; just swipe on like normal. It’s effortless, and that’s all we really want in life, isn’t it?  Well, pajamas too, but that’s a given.

Last of the macros:

Ugh.  So perfect.  Here’s more nail art:

I stamped on a lovely lace image using the Moyra Lacelove plate I got from Cosette Nail Shop.  If you don’t own any Moyra plates, fix that stat.  They are some of my favorites.  

The round up:

I’m posting this blog early so the collection isn’t available yet. But you only have to wait until 3pm EST tomorrow to snag your pretties.  You’ll need to set your alarm so you won’t forget.  Here’s a list of why:

1)  Each polish is a smooooooth two coater and a true pleasure to apply

2)  If you’re one of the first 75 people to place an order of $50 or more, you get a free full sized Limited Edition polish

3)  I’m the boss of you

Now who’s gonna argue with any of that?

Other promotions in effect:

Glitter For Breakfast & L-O-V-E  Save $3 total when purchasing both of these Glam Group Exclusives together (ends 11/28 1159pm EST; must be a member of the fan group to get the coupon code – link below)

Wizardly Ways Collection  Save 10% when purchasing the full collection (no code required; ends 11/28 1159pm EST) – and in case, you’ve already forgotten, this entire blog post was about Wizardly Ways.  I know, it’s okay.  Iridescent glitter does it to me too.  Brain = goodbye.

Black Friday Sale  Save 10-55% off selected shades (already marked down; no code required; while supplies last)

For full terms and conditions of the black friday sale and promotions, please join/visit the Glam Polish Fans Facebook group (click here).

Well that’s it guys.  You are officially the most informed person in the world, all because you read to the very bottom of this blog post.  Kudos and high fives for you, then.  And a Starbucks for me.  Okay, thanks.

Later, loves!

Lucky 13 Lacquer: November Releases 


I’ve stared at this empty blog for approximately 18 years cuz it is physically impossible to write stories with the TV on.  I don’t even care what show it is.  My husband could be watching a documentary about snakes who eat people – and as terrifying and nightmarish as that is, I will end up watching it.  With my eyes closed, but still.

Current status:  the Thanksgiving episode of Full House circa 1987 and Uncle Joey’s got his tongue stuck in a Coke bottle.  Well, what more excitement do you need on a Tuesday night?

Okay, nail polish.  The answer is always nail polish.

I have two new beauties from Lucky 13 Lacquer to share with you today.  Take a look:

Looooooooove.  Dark and mysterious on the left, and one of the most unique polishes ever made on the right.  You’re excited! (Oh, yes you are.)

Let’s start with the right.  Here’s Clockwork Heart:

This is one of those polishes that make me feel bad about my own lack of creativity.  Isn’t it one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?  As soon as I unwrapped it, I immediately shoved it under my husband’s nose:

ME:  Look how gorgeous this is!  OMG, just LOOK.

HIM (while not looking at the polish AT ALL) :  Mmmm, hmmm.  Yep.  Nice.

He is zero fun.  At least when I’m forced to watch one of his football shows, I give him high fives when something good happens.  What I’m high-fiving for is lost on me, but that is beside the point.

Clockwork Heart is inspired by steampunk culture, which makes this polish even more cool.  It has a delicious shimmering cocoa brown base and loaded with gold and caramel hex glitters and (my most favorite part!) red hearts.  I won’t lie:  I could eat this.  I mean, I won’t, but don’t say the words cocoa and caramel and expect me not to think about for a couple seconds at least.

Macros to swoon over:

You’re getting this, by the way.  I’ve decided.

Next release is this one called Bulletproof:

Well, now who’s a bad ass?  (Rarely me, but let’s pretend.)

Inspired by Marvel Comics’ (and now Netflix show) Luke Cage, Bulletproof is a charcoal grey base with lots of sparkling golden shimmer.  I’m totally loving this!  I’ve always been a fan of dark polish, but adding in an unexpected, contrasting shimmer is definitely preferred.  I mean, why have a donut with no sprinkles?  Or a hand with no Starbucks?  There is no logical reason for any of it, so we put gold shimmer in grey polish because that’s the natural law of the universe.  And you just can’t argue with that.  Cuz, SCIENCE.

Macro time!

Annnnnnnnnd scene.

The round up:

Both polishes release on November 23 – which is probably today by the time you read this.  Not sure of the exact time, so keep checking the site.  Click here, my friends!

In addition, Lucky 13 Lacquer is having their annual 25% off Almost Everything sale.  Starting tomorrow (today) (November 23) (ugh, whatever) and running through Monday night (the 28th, so you can put your calendars away), plug in code: TOFURKEY at check out and save some money!  Works on everything except the new stuff.

Lastly, I don’t have pics of anything because it’s currently en route to me, but there is a collab box available tomorrow too.  It’s inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and includes an exclusive Lucky 13 Lacquer polish, a bottle of their matte top coat, perfume from Hepatonics, two lip balms from Geek Fire Labs, and nail vinyls from Nail Jewelry Bling. Be sure to check it out.  I’ll have photos on my Instagram soon.

Okay, I’m trying to find a less awkward way to end this post, but Friends just came on and now I can’t concentrate.  Someone needs to come turn this TV off.  I’d do it myself, but that’s okay.  Pajamas.  You know.

Later, loves!

Pretty & Polished: Black Friday Specials


Who’s ready to go get punched in the face by an old lady trying to snag the last RCA television that’s on sale for a dollar?  Not me! Although I’m sure some of you are completely fine with that cuz Black Friday is your rite of passage and you have no problem crawling out of bed at 3am to go stand at the door to Toys R Us for nigh on eternity.

This is why online shopping was invented, people. Stay home and shop from the comfort of your pajamas. If you wanna get up at 3am, get up at 3am. But why get in your car and go stand amongst the crazies if you don’t have to?

Clearly, Black Friday gives me anxiety. Too many people, all up in my business. Trapped in a sea of a thousand shopping carts all trying to go down the same aisle. Arms everywhere. No thank you. Gimme an iPad, a credit card (preferably my husband’s) and a Starbucks, and I’m the happiest of all things happy.

Let’s prepare this thing properly, shall we?Pretty & Polished has an ENTIRE week full of shopping opportunities. Starts today, right now, so here’s what you need to know:

🍁Monday 11/21 (that’s now, to be clear) – Free domestic shipping with orders over $10 using code: FreeShip

🍁Tuesday 11/22 – 20% off plus free mani melt using code: Tuesday20

🍁Wednesday 11/23 – Beauty Boxes 15% off using code: Box15

🍁Thursday 11/24 (Thanksgiving) – Free polish with orders over $10; no code needed; swatches of the polish is below

🍁Friday 11/25 (Black Friday) – 35% off sitewide (doesn’t include Boxes) using code: BlackFriday2016

🍁In addition, if you’re international (where you shop like the civilized people God intended), your code is Int20 and you get 20% off Monday thru Thursday and 35% off Friday with code: BlackFriday2016

Basically, there is absolutely no reason why you’re not shopping every single day this week. Everything is practically free and you deserve it because I said so.

As for the free polish you get for shopping on Thanksgiving, she is called Exclusively Yours, and here’s 17 billion photos:

Give or take a few billion. But I wanted you to see all the loveliness in all the scenarios you could imagine.  Indoors, outdoors, and while walking around holding your LED lamp – as us nail ladies are prone to do.

Two coats of a beautiful raspberry pink, and chock full of a ridiculous amount of glitter and sparkle.  It’s super pretty!

And that’s it. Your guide to Black Friday begins and ends here. Now how easy (and elbow jab-free) was that?!  Ahhhh, pajamas never felt so good. 

To order, click here

Later, loves!

Frenzy Polish: Fall 2016 Collection 


What happened to the weather?  It was like 80-degrees yesterday, and then poof! just like that it’s freezing.  Couldn’t we have eased into it at least?  Like, maybe have a month or two more of nice, balmy days before gradually slipping into ONE solitary snow day, then we can bound back like lions into spring.  Who’s got the power to make that happen?  Let’s call him.

I might’ve mentioned it before, but I am not a fan of winter.  And fall isn’t much better due to it’s unfortunate proximity to winter.  I realize we’ve had an unusually warm fall this year, which has been great, but since I’ve had roughly 12 hours to get used to this 40-degree temperature difference, I’m feeling winter weather is rearing its ugly head and the end of the world has begun.  Am I being a skosh dramatic?  NO.  It will never be warm again, I just know it.

At least I have these six pretty polishes, though.  Won’t keep the snow away or bring back summer, which WHY NOT is the real question, but I still love them and will wear them and force them upon everyone I know.  Get ready:  here’s the fall collection from Frenzy Polish:

Is everyone okay?  Anyone need a chair, a cold rag?  Cuz these polishes are downright knee-buckling beautiful.  I swoon, I swoon!  The colors here are the only reason why fall is bearable.  This is not a typo:  the ONLY reason.  And since I don’t go and pumpkin everything like 97.8676% of the rest of the world, you know what I’m saying is true.

Speaking of, here is Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice:

Who wants a candy bar?  I do, I do!  What a lovely brown holo.  Makes me sigh out loud just looking at it.  But get her under the lamps, and she transforms into something so much more special:

See those deep orange undertones?  Squeeeee!  It’s a good thing I’m by myself right now, otherwise people would be very very concerned by how much my mouth is hanging open right now.

As always, a macro:

And then I did some nail art:

It’s pretty basic, but I think it’s cute.  I call it Leaf French Tips cuz somehow that makes it sound fancier and more complicated.  But I just stamped on a simple leaf image from the Lina Nail Art Supplies 4 Seasons-Autumn 01 plate.  And added some really terrible freehand leaf veins.  Cuz it wouldn’t be MY nail art if I didn’t muck it up in some way. 

Next is Sapphire Skies:

Don’t you just love blues like this?  What a rich, intense shade.  Looks exactly like a winter night sky or the deepest part of the ocean.  And those flakies!  Look:

Just floating in there right under the surface.  I die!  They practically glow and I can’t get enough of it.  I’m struggling here to express myself more eloquently, but this collection has got me stupid.  I’m like a little kid in a room full of office supplies, which is my DREAM SCENARIO cuz I’ve never been normal, not even back then.

Macro time:

And more nail art:

Decided to do a snowflake mani since I got this little charm from Cosette Nail Shop and kinda felt it went perfect.  Again, a pretty simple design.  Just some stamping using the Let it Snow plate from B. Loves Plates.  I managed to not go overboard and stamp all the things like usual.  Go me!  I deserve a gift card.

Now here is Shadow Dahlia:

The name of this polish alone makes me want it.  What is a shadow dahlia?  Dunno.  But it sounds mysterious and lovely.

(It’s a burgundy flower.  I googled it as you knew I would.  I am nothing if not thorough.)

Under the lamps: 

Oooooooh.  Even better!  This one has a beautiful burgundy base and loaded with red, pink and gold flecks and holo glitter.  It’s stunning.  If I didn’t already own this collection, I’d be all over it at this point.  Also, you’re buying this.  I’ve decided for you.  I don’t know if you were on the fence about it, but honestly, the fence is no place for a lady.

I love this macro:  

Goodness, that’s pretty.

Here’s some mediocre nail art:

I am quite aware I went too far.  I like the bronze strip, but after that, I should’ve just walked away.  Damn me and my experimental moods.  Not that I did anything too drastic.  Once, in 7th grade, I wore a record in my hair, so I’ve most definitely done weirder things.  I was a strange child.

Now for my favorite, Sage Advice:

Oh, green.  You never fail me.  My favorite color at all times, but fall green is my favorite.  Such a bold, deep, warm little soul-soother.  It’s all the happy words poured in a bottle.

Under the lights, it just gets more ridiculous:

Gah!  I’m done.  Dead.  A puddle of goo on the floor.  The blue iridescent flakies have ruined me.

But then I went and failed all over it.  Utterly and completely.  Just scroll right past this nail art, thanks.

Ugh, you stopped.  In my defense, I was doing nails at 2am, and although the eyes may be open, sometimes the brain has already gone to sleep.  Let’s unsee this, shall we?

These last two polishes are revamps from last year’s fall collection.  Rachel redid them, replacing the large glitters with flakies instead, making the formulas on these so much smoother and more delicious.  First, here is Falling Leaves II: 

I get it; white crellies can be scary.  A lot of times they are too milky, uneven, streaky and dumb.  However, give this one a try.  It is flawless.  Three thin coats here, and effortless.  And those autumn colored flakes and glitters:  divine.

Here’s two lovely macros so you’ll know I’m serious:

The other revamp, and the last polish in the collection is Fireside Therapy II:

Want.  NEED.  This is your mantra.

Those flakies look exactly like a crackling fire or crushed leaves.  This is the ultimate autumn polish.  I can’t think of anything more appropriate for this collection.  This and a pumpkin spice latte (well, and prolly some Uggs), and you win at fall.  Congratulations, you may get back in pajamas now.

A parting macro:

And some nail art I’m actually proud of:

I used both Fireside Therapy II and Falling Leaves II plus some stamping using the Uber Chic Beauty Lovely Leaves plate and B. Loves Plates Leaves of Happiness.  I went all out on this one, and luckily it didn’t turn into a scary hot mess.  Every once in a while, things work out.  The Fall Gods are watching.

The round up:

Here they are, guys!  Look how lovely they are all lined up like that.  How are you able to walk away?  (Spoiler Alert:  you can’t.)

Each polish retails for $9 or you can get the entire collection for $50.  If you’re any good at math, you know that’s a pretty good deal.  Every one of these was a two coat dreamboat except for the white crelly but that’s expected of a crelly – and the formula was fabulous anyway so we’re all good here.  The colors are so lovely and you need them in your life.  Go ahead and click here to order, and make yourself happy.  Then go buy me a Starbucks cuz we are best friends whether you like it or not.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day five)


Well, we’ve made it to the end of another Digit-al Dozen week and once again, I’m amazed I’ve thought of something to talk about in this blog for five days straight.  Because watching Netflix and wearing pajamas doesn’t contribute much to a riveting story.  In fact, if I leave the house at all, you might as well assume I’ve been kidnapped cuz I don’t go anywhere unless someone is paying me.  In money or Starbucks, it makes no difference to me.

I really should be more social, I know this.  It’s just hard, you guys.  After sitting at a desk all day, getting up like once or twice to go to the copy machine, walking down the hall to get popcorn and a soda – I’m just dang tired.  I mean, I just checked my fitness app on my phone and there are 823 steps on there.  823 STEPS, PEOPLE!  Ugh, now do you see?  Someone just needs to come put the pajamas on me at this point.  Body = broken.

My last color contrast mani takes a page from the modern color wheel where they say red and cyan are the new red and green.  And I’m not sure if this polish could actually be considered cyan cuz I’m almost certain cyan is a just a color Xerox made up so we’d buy more toner.  But here it is anyway:

It’s cute, right?  I kinda like it!  When my hubby and I were in Louisville, we ate breakfast at this really neat restaurant that was done up in this exact color scheme.  I want wallpaper just like this all over my house.  It’s super chic, and y’all know that’s just me in a nutshell.

CYAN (or, close enough):  Glisten & Glow Bunjee Jumping in the Bahamas 

RED:  All Mixed Up Lacquers A Good Book

STAMPING:  Bundle Monster BM-XL07 plate

Next month, the prompt is December and I’m already thinking of things to do.  I’m not a fan of winter AT ALL, but I can appreciate a pretty snowflake manicure.  But that’s as far as my love goes.  I’m pretty much a shell of a person until April rolls around.

As always, click the button below to see the rest of the manis.  And thank you thank you thank you for hanging around.  Y’all make my ridiculous life infinitely better.

Later, loves!