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Glam Polish: Gobblefunk Shimmers (LE)


My husband suggested an idea for my own nail polish color. He said it shall be called No Pants Sunday, and that it would be a super pale nude or possibly a plain white. With freckles in it. I’m not sure if I should be offended, or pleased he’s speaking the language of my people.

Yes, I’m pale. Yes, I’m also super pale. All of that is true. And it’s not even the Irish Fair Maiden kind of pale. Unless you like the shade of chalk that’s been dipped in yogurt, then I’m not winning any hot bodies contests any time soon.

To be clear, though, it’s mostly my legs that are pale as they never ever see the sun. I am not a leg girl. Unless I’m headed out to the Fat Knee Convention, I keep my legs covered up. The rest of my exposed skin is more of a red, anxiety-flush version of pale. In other words, my husband loves me for my brains.

To protest No Pants Sunday (the polish, not actual no pants on Sunday, of which I am a super huge fan), I give you some gorgeous Glam Polish shades that are the exact opposites of nude.

This is one of their newest collections called the Gobblefunk Shimmers. Five spectacularly blingy shades celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the world’s best storytellers, author Roald Dahl. 

Let’s go! First up is Whoopsy-Splunkers:

Okay, stop. Did you just die? Cuz I sure did. What a glowy, gorgeous thing. They look like literal metallic foil on your nails. Glorious.

Here’s a shot taken under the lamps:

Squeeeee!  And we’re just getting started, so I’ll be a mushy pool of drool and goo by the end of this blog. 

The base on this shade is an indigo blueish purple that’s loaded with crimson color shifting glass fleck shimmer and holo flakes.  It’s such a cool mix!  Look at it up close:

Formula on this is to die for. Two easy and flawless coats. No effort required. If this polish was a person, it’d be my best friend.  We’d be so awesome at pajamas together. Throw in some Netflix and Doritos, and life = succeeded. Effortless, like I said.

Nail art alert!

These polishes make excellent bases for fun nail art. Here, I used some candy swirl vinyls I got from Lanika Vinyls and they are the best of this style I’ve ever used. See those clean lines? That’s not cuz I know what I’m doing, AT ALL, I can promise you that.

Next polish is Phiz-Whizzing:

The camera might’ve freaked out on this one cuz my fingers look so tan and lovely!  I mean, see the below picture for sad portrayal of actual life. Ugh. 

Ahhhh, there I am! Flushy and fleshy. Did I just break the internet? Probably so. 

Phiz-Whizzing is a teal jelly with gold and green color shifting glass fleck shimmer and holo flakes. First pic was taken in the light box and pulls more green, while the second one under the lamps pulls more teal. Either way, I’m in mad, passionate love. It’s the green of my dreams.

Again, two precious coats. 

I thought this was the perfect mermaid shade, so of course I did some cute mermaid nails:

Uber Chic Beauty just came out with a mermaid stamping plate, so what excellent timing!  However, don’t ask what I was attempting on my ring finger. Clearly, I don’t always know when to stop.  Stamp all the things!  That’s my motto. 

And now, Splitzwiggled:

Good gracious, I’m speechless.  How glowy and gorgeous is this? (Very.)

Under the lights, though:

I need at least 17 emojis to properly describe my love for this shade. It looks red in some lights, but it’s actually a magenta jelly full of gold glass fleck shimmer. What the hell is glass fleck shimmer? I dunno, but I want it all over my body.

Is that TMI? Not in this group!


Still dead. 

Then I did this wackadoodle nail art:

You see, I was trying to make strawberries laying in a field of green vines. In my head, this looked nothing short of an art piece. But in reality .. meh. Again, a prime example of how NOT to stamp all the things. Someone needs to take away my stamping plates. 

Just kidding. I will cut you. 

Ready for a jaw drop? Here’s Gloriumptious:

Okay, it’s getting serious now. You’re buying this entire collection. I’ve decided for you. 

Has there ever been a more splendid couple than fuchsia and blue? Besides Fritos and bean dip, the answer is NO.


Went a little simpler with my nail art on this one. I bought the entire stamping plate inventory from this new company, Lina Nail Art Supplies, which means two things:

1.  Not stamping all the things is proving to be var var hard right now, and

2.  Someone needs more responsibilities, like an electric bill or something. Cuz, again, I BOUGHT THEIR ENTIRE INVENTORY. What is wrong with me? In my defense, though, I wanted every last one of them.

So here’s a design using their Make Your Mark 02 plate:

I love the contrast of the blingy fuchsia and the glossy black creme. I made a success of this one! Toot toot!

And lastly, we have Time-Twiddler:

Perhaps the most subdued of the bunch, but definitely not boring. This one might be a manifestation of me in polish form:  wearing pajamas, looking all chill, but still awesome AF cuz look at mah nails! Hair might not be combed, but dammit my hands belong in a magazine.

Ooooh, she pretty all glossy like that!

Color here is a deep violet – more royal purple than Whoopsy-Splunkers, the first polish I showed you. And those glass fleck shimmers –  purple, this time – are just so perfect. This polish looks like black light. Check it:

See what I mean? This one sets one heckuva mood. Sexy little thing.

Busted out some chevron vinyls that I got from Polished Vino not too long ago, and made this easy design:

Sometimes simple is best. 

The round up:

Holy moly, what a fabulous bunch of pretties. Guys, you have to get this collection. Every single one of them. They’re pretty. They’re shiny. They’re smooth and easy.  Two coats and done. Why are you still thinking about this?! Get on it, girlfriends!

Well, not til October 28 at 2pm EST that is. On that day, you can buy them here. Shipping to the US is quick and cheap cuz they have a supplier in Michigan just for us! They do ship to some other international locales, which you can check here.

So, what to do between now and October 28 then? Besides watch season 5 AND 6 of The Walking Dead before some asshole ruins season 7 before you ever get there, that is? Scroll my Instagram.  Duh.

Later, loves!

Squishy Face Polish: Fall 2016 Indie Shop Exclusives


Things I Learned While on Vacation #127:

Waiters at fancy restaurants don’t like it when you tell them their octopus you just ate tasted exactly like a chicken mcnugget.  I thought it was a compliment, because it was less weird than I expected it to be.  I had prayed to the Baby Jesus there’d be no tentacles on my plate, and to my vast, immense, limitless relief, there wasn’t any.  So the only other thing to hope for was that it tasted good.

I’ve had octopus before.  About 15 years ago I went on a boat tour in Mexico where the tour guide took us to some out-0f-the-way oceanside restaurant for lunch. Menu was extremely limited, and my traveling partner decided the “seafood platter” was the way to go.  Listen, I knew it was octopus, but it looked like a tator tot, so naturally I wanted it real bad.

Do you know how long it takes to chew one tator tot-sized piece of octopus?  AGES.  It was rubbery and gross and never got any smaller.  I gave up after roughly 17 years and swallowed the thing whole.  And been traumatized ever since.

Flash forward to 2016 where the only two options on the tasting menu was either octopus or beef tongue. Well, this is a disaster. No meatloaf at least?  Ugh.

Thankfully, however, this version was actually pretty good.  Granted, I didn’t want a whole bucket of it (I mean, it’s not actual chicken mcnuggets), but I could chew it with roughly 97.95768% success.  But when I tried to share my joy with our server, you could tell no one had ever compared his fancy octopus to something you could get at a drive-thru window for a dollar.  His response was less excitement and more a polite heh heh before turning to my husband asking how HIS meal was.  Where phrases like “good balance,” “complex flavor,” and “cleanse the palette” were thrown out all willy nilly.

Show off.

Guys, I got nail polishes!  (And therefore, I WIN.)

Alice from Squishy Face Polish sent me these two beauties.  Look:

Best. Macros. Ever.  Amiright?!

Alice created these two lovelies exclusively for the Fall 2016 Indie Shop event that’s being held in Torrance, California on November 5.  If you are already going, then LUCKY YOU.  If you haven’t decided yet, well the fence is no place for a lady.  In other words, you’re buying tickets in about 2.5 seconds.

The first polish is called Mon Cheri Petit:

If you purchased a VIP swag bag, then this little lady is alllll yours.  And because VIP tickets are all sold out now, there’s only about a million people jealous of you.  How nice does that feel?  It’s your prize for having the foresight to purchase your tickets early.  I suppose there’s some kind of life lesson in there  somewhere, isn’t there?  Early bird gets the worm and all that.  But unless there’s a 5am plane taking me on a tropical vacation, I’m not doing early anything.

Top photo was taken under the lamps so you can see the pink and gold shimmer.  This is truly a very pretty polish. Super girly, delicate, elegant.  The type of polish you wear when you want to drink cappucino out of a tiny cup.

Here’s a shot with a matte top coat:

Looks like satin, doesn’t it?  Or the dreamiest cotton candy you’ve ever seen.  Either way, you VIP girls are gonna love it.

And lastly, a macro:

I die!  Heart eyes everywhere.

Next is the polish created for anyone going to the event, even the people who just randomly walk into the event by accident.  She’s called Ville de L’amour, a dark and mysterious little lady:

Aaaaaah!  Dark polishes are my thang.  This one looks so amazing on the nail, especially on mine because it tends to distract from my super pale, almost see-thru skin.  And don’t get me started on the sausage fingers.  Blech.

This one is a black holo filled with lavender, crimson, turquoise, blue and purple shimmers.  I got opacity in two super easy coats.  It’s an effortless polish, perfect for lazy people like me.  Wanna paint your nails while taking a nap?  You could probably make that happen with this one.

For funsies, I mattified it:

And then I made this macro:

Oh my goodness, all those shimmers just get to me!  Not a basic black holo – this one is special.  And you need it.  If you live anywhere near California, getting yourself to The Indie Shop is your new top priority.

The round up:

So about this Indie Shop.  Here’s the info:

WHEN – November 5 from 10am to 3pm PDT

WHERE – Doubletree Hotel in Torrence, California

HOW – Aside from the VIP tickets that are now sold out, you can get an early entrance ticket for $7 or a general admission ticket for free as long as you bring a donation of new or gently used clothes and toys for local shelters.  Click here to buy tickets.  Do it!  Also, take me with you.

More links!

Indie Shop Facebook page – click here

Indie Shop Fan Group Facebook page – click here

Instagram – click here; you can see pics of the polish exclusives from the other attending brands as well

Alright, that was super thorough.  Who’s the best blogger?  (ME.) 

If you’re headed to the show, let me know in the comments below.  If you’re reading this in the future and you already went to the show, tell me what you got.  Also, follow me on Instagram because I’ve been writing this blog post for over two days now, and it’s the right thing to do.  Okay, thanks.

Later, loves!

Night Owl Lacquer: Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection


Current status:  sitting in a hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky.  Hubby is napping and I’m wearing no pants.  Clearly, I’ve made myself at home.

So yes, we decided to take a short little vacation this weekend.  We truly tortured ourselves to get here.  I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to catch our flight.  Imagined what that looked like, trying to get dressed while still under the covers, brushing my teeth with my eyes closed.  How I managed to walk out the door wearing two of the same shoes is beyond me.  But it’s what happened on the actual plane that was the most horrific.

People all around me doing normal plane-riding stuff:  reading books, playing video games, chatting with their seat neighbors.  Me, I’m laying my head on the window falling asleep with my mouth hanging open.  I know this cuz I kept waking up about 90 different times to close it.  The last time I did it, I woke up to the watchful eyes of the flight attendant.  How long was she standing there?  I mean, clearly I do not want a drink.  Ugh.

Anyone else out there an ugly plane-sleeper?  I do it just about everytime.  I’m surprised I haven’t ended up on someone’s Facebook like a People of Walmart or something.  That I know of anyway.

But you came here for the polish.  I received this awesome Harry Potter-inspired collection by Night Owl Lacquer called Witchcraft & Wizardry.  Look how pretty they all are:

Right?!  Such gorgeous colors.  Let’s do some close ups!

First one is called Always, a black jelly base packed with violet and iridescent rainbow flakies:

This polish was inspired by Snape and the general spirit of how he uses the word “always” in the book.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll know exactly what this means.  I haven’t read a Harry Potter book for about 10 years, so I am not a good source of info.  I am on book 5 out of the 7, so at this point NO ONE HAS DIED and maybe I just want to keep it that way.

Here’s a shot under the lamps:

You can really see the purple show up here.  At first glance, I thought the entire polish was purple, so it’s amazing how transforming flakies can be.

Mandatory macros!

Glorious!  Purple polish lovers, pay attention.

Next up is A.P.W.B.D., a polish inspired by Albus (something, something, something) Dumbledore.  Oh my gosh, I’m terrible at this.

Anyway, it’s a medium gray polish with lots of blue shimmer and blue flakies.  I think its the perfect representation of Dumbledore, with his long gray beard and all.  Probably full of glitter.  And cute baby field mice wearing little britches.  Possibly also some Dorito crumbs.

This was a true surprise for me.  I don’t normally prefer lighter polishes, but the blue shimmer just pulled me in.  

Now for something sexy.  We have What’s Fluffy Guarding?

Apparently, Fluffy is guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone because that’s what this polish is inspired by.  It’s a gorgeous deep red jelly with copper holo glitter and red micro flakies.  And I flippin love it.  There’s so much depth in here.  Jelly formulas are the best.  Heart eyes times a billion.

Ugh.  Can I just paint all the surfaces in my home with this?  Well, actually can someone just come do it for me? Cuz y’all know I aint getting off the couch unless there’s a Leonard DiCaprio holding a Starbucks in the other room or something.

So I thought this red was going to be my favorite, but then I picked up Goblins Love Gold.  It’s the best gold ever invented.  Look:

This one was inspired by Gringotts and is a bright shimmery gold with gold holo shreds and lots of gold holo glitters.  It’s gold overload.  A golden-palooza.  And it just glows no matter what lighting you’re in.  So magical and perfect.

Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn.  That’s the sound I make when my brain malfunctions.  This polish has got me loopy.

Check out these macros:

Eeeeep!  I told you.  So I’m thinking this one is my favorite now.  I think it’s pretty unique.  I mean, it’s a gold, but it’s a pretty special gold.  Let’s do all the surfaces in my house with this one now.  I may even consider helping you do it.

Just kidding.  I like pajamas.

Perhaps the most clever polish in the collection is this one, Snowy Owl:

It’s inspired by Hedwig and looks exactly like owl feathers. How did Lindsay do it? A little Harry Potter magic perhaps?

The polish itself is white but it’s loaded with a ton of gold shimmer. It’s really quite elegant. Throw in some gold and midnight flakies and you’re the belle of the ball. It’s so lovely!

Okay that bottle macro was ridiculous. If you somehow manage to walk away from this, your Harry Potter magic is going the wrong way. Also, something is wrong with your brain. 

Last one is Forbidden Forest:

A green! I’m so excited to see this one. Green always makes me happy. 

Inspired by the magic of the Forbidden Forest, it’s a deep shimmery green full of copper and gold holo glitter and gold holo shreds. I did this swatch in our airport hotel room so I’ve still got this polish on right now as we speak. And it’s held up really well. You know, with all the rock climbing and gold panning and trout fishing we’ve done since we got here.

Again, kidding. We took naps.

However, yes, I was the dork that carried in a light box and two LED lamps into a hotel lobby. See what I go through for you guys?  Now people think I’m some famous photographer working for Vogue or something, and ugh, so embarrassing. 

The round up:

Every single one of these polishes was a two coat dream. Application was simple, no fuss. My favorite kind!

And the best part? They’re available NOW. I tried to get this blog post written in time for the release two days ago, but vacation and all that (insert eye roll). However, I think it’s worked out well cuz now you don’t have to wait. You can click here and go shopping immediately.

Each polish sells for $9 but if you buy the whole set for $50 you save money and get free shipping (for US customers). And of course I recommend the entire set. I mean, you read this whole post right? You want all of them. (I checked; you do.)

Gonna go out and explore now (I guess). Can’t go on vacation and stay in your hotel the whole time, according to society who apparently doesn’t know me very well.

Later, loves!

Blush Lacquers: October BLUSH Box and What’s Your Fantasy Polish


I asked my husband when I could quit my job to stay home and paint my nails for a living and his answer was never.  So honestly, I’m not sure this relationship is going to work out.  I mean, come on, it’s the perfect situation!  He would never have to cook or clean again because I’d be home all day long making sure the housekeeper took care of everything.  And then I’d never embarrass him out in public because I would have the best hands, pointing at restaurant menus or picking out pastries in the Starbucks display case with a flashy fingertip.  It’s basically a win win.  He’d get a trophy wife and I’d get to stay in pajamas for 95% of my day.

Certainly there is a universe out there where this could happen.  Although I suppose by my working, I can continue to buy all the nail polish I want without getting the stink eye.  So there’s a trade off, I guess.

Fiiiiine.  I’ll go to work tomorrow.  FOR NOW.

Until all my dreams come true, though, I have nail stuff to show you!  Two products from Blush Lacquers that you will make you want to go ahead and work just one more day, too.  Let’s go!

Every month (give or take), Blush Lacquers offers a BLUSH box.  This particular one is a collaboration between Blush and two other makers.  Here’s what you get:

How about that polish?! It’s called Blackberry Wine and it looks exactly like it.  Like, Victoria is such a genius in how she gets polishes just right.  This is literally squashed grapes in a barrell.  But with less feet.

Other items include blackberry and sage bath fizzies from Clean Line Soap Company, a variety of water decals and wine-themed vinyls from Ribbits Stickits, and a little container of wine shaped glitters that Victoria picked up from her glitter supplier.  It’s all so cute as a button.  If you somehow manage to not buy this box, you need to take that show on the road cuz that’s some superhuman strength right there.

Let’s do a closer look:

See those baby wine glitters?  Precious!  Ugh.  I will warn you though – they will stick all over your body whether you like it or not, so be careful.  I liked to never have gotten them off this white cloth.  They might be made of static cling .. glue .. magnets …  It’s almost funny where you’ll find these later, stuck to your ladybits and whatnot.  In other words, use your tweezers and some common sense.

The black sheet of decals is the same as the silver sheet, just so you know.  My photography skills are not the most keen.  I’m trying, though.  I did buy flowers and rubber grapes just for these pics.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to own 800+ bottles of nail polish AND a spare bedroom full of photo props.  What can I say – when I obsess, I do it professionally.

Let’s focus on just the polish for a bit.  Here she is … Blackberry Wine:

So gorgeous.  Such a deep, deep grape-y purple.  There is a very subtle blue shimmer that you almost can’t see unless you walk around holding an LED lamp at all times.  Maybe you DO do that; I’m not judging.  I bend my tongue back so it sticks to itself, so now who’s the weirdo?

Below are two shots showing what the polish looks like normally, and then under the lamps:

And then of course, a macro.  I had to take this outside just to get the best shimmer action.  But totally worth it, even though I was forced to put pants on.

One more for good measure, just in case you aren’t sure.  Although I’m sure you’re sure.  You’re smart people.

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.

The following photos are attempts at me trying something different.  Plus, I paid $3.49 for those rubber grapes and I wasn’t letting that go to waste.  Enjoy!

Okay, that last one.  That is actual red wine.  In a mason jar with a straw.  And despite all that, I’m a super cool person.

Below is some nail art I did using the Ribbits Stickits water decals and wine-themed vinyls:

The purple stamping on my middle nail looks exactly like spilled wine.  Could’ve been clever if it wasn’t such an accident.  I was just looking for something to put in the background behind my wine glass sticker.  Sometimes I am even amazed by my own geniosity…geniusness…genie-something.  Well, you get it.

The other new release is the September What’s Your Fantasy Polish winner.  I present, Hook’d on Darling:

This is no joke stunning.  One of the best blues I’ve ever seen. So much prettier than an ordinary holo.  I just love it!  The vision belongs to @fiddlednails on Instagram, who was inspired by her daughter, and the lovely Victoria brought the whole thing to life.  

It’s a royal blue holographic with an amazing mint shimmer.  Looks just like the sea!  And when you get it under the lights … wowza!

See?  There’s no way you’re not putting this in the cart.  I can’t imagine even one scenario.

Below, another attempt at something creative.  Thank goodness I bought this scarf four years ago.  Cuz then what?!

The round up:

Both of these items debuted today, so make sure to prioritze your schedule.  In case you’re not clear, it should look like this:

1.  Click here to buy some Blush stuff

2.  There is no number two.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day five)


I’ve written a blog post every single day for five days straight and I have no idea how I’ve done it. Cuz seriously, my life is not that interesting. Unless you like to read about couch-laying, pajama wearing, Starbucks drinking or nail polish, there isn’t that much in here for you.

Unless you like the fact I make your life feel more normal and/or glamorous, that is. Because my idea of lingerie is whatever t-shirt my office gave out for the employee picnic that year. And a social life? What’s that? Nail polish is a one-woman show, ya know.

That being said, I like my life. I like being lazy. I like deciding my hair doesn’t need washed more than twice a week although it probably does.  And I like staying at home. Nothing too haunted or spidery has happened there, so I’m good with it for a while. Plus, you can’t have a no-pants situation out in public.  Nope, it’s a  full-on pants scenario once you step outside your front door, and sometimes that’s just not worth it.

Last day for the Digit-al Dozen this week!  Hope you’ve liked all the vampy manis I’ve done so far. They were fun to create, even though it hurt my brain being so creative that many days in a row.

Here’s the latest:

This one is cute. There, I tooted my own horn. But I love everything about it. Not too over-the-top, not too plain. Here’s what I used:

BLACK AND WHITE – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist and Soft Serve, respectively 

RED GLITTER – Sassy Pants Polish Ghost Stories ‘Round the Campfire

IMAGES – It Girl Nail Art IG 112 plate (red heels) and Moyra White Wedding 17 plate (lips) that I got from Cosette Nail Shop

Next month I’ll be back with more Digit-al Dozen manis. The theme will be Color Contrasts, so the wheels are already turning. In the meantime, don’t forget to click the link below to see everyone else’s manis. There’s some good ones in there!

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day four)


I just received my Erin Condren planner in the mail. 

Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love affair with paper. I would clean my room for a dollar just so I could buy a While You Were Out message pad. Instead of playing with dolls, I played with office supplies. And of course I had over 60 pen pals that received colored envelopes with matching stamps from me on a regular basis. 

In other words: NERD. I couldn’t help it; there was something about paper that soothed me. I’ve always been a writer (of various means, mostly ridiculous, i.e., this blog), and found great joy in writing a maximum of 11 pages in countless unfinished novels.

Basically what I’m saying is, I shopped for this planner with my eyes closed. Cuz I know they sell coordinated stickers and Post-Its and highlighters and giant paper clips with colorful little end-pieces. And I don’t need to get wrapped up in that. Otherwise I know I’ll go ham all over it, and then where would all the nail polish and Starbucks go?

I just gave myself the hives. Erlack!

Here’s the Digit-al Dozen: Vampy, Day Four:

First time ever doing a black and red gradient. It turned out okay although it was a big o B to clean up. Don’t look too close! My reputation for pristine cuticles is on the line.

RED – Superchic Lacquer Realm of Erotica (Seeeee?! Vampy.)

BLACK – R.E.M., also by SuperChic Lacquer

IMAGE – Black roses from the Moyra: White Wedding 17 stamping plate, purchased from the Cosette Nail Shop.

That’s it for today. Only one more vampy mani to go then it’s business as usual. Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense. You know, the reason you read this blog. 

Don’t forget to click the link below for more Digit-al Dozen madness!

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day three)


Things I Have Neglected Since I Started Painting My Nails #267:

Reading books.  Namely, just one book.  I started it back in March 2015 and I’ve had 150 pages left to go for about 19 months.  I want to get back to it so bad, though!  I love to read.  I have been an avid reader my entire life.  In fact, I was so crazy about reading, I kept a spreadsheet of every book completed including number of pages and a rating system.

Nerd alert!

But now my little spreadsheet has cobwebs all over it and that crushes me.  I struggle with balance in my life, you might say.  I get so one-track focused on a hobby that I have zero room for anything else.  For real, I stopped sweeping the floors and grocery shopping and leaving the house unless I was being paid to do it.  The last issue of US Weekly I read, Angelina and Brad were still together.  Imagine how sad I’ll be later!

So this might be a pre-cursor to a New Years Resolution or something.  To set time limits on things, and to maybe venture outside every once in a while – for more than just checking the mail box for nail polish. We’ll see though. I kinda like wearing pajamas for 72 hours straight.

Here’s Digit-al Dozen Vampy day three:

This one was a pretty simple design, although I’ve never done it and wanted to for a really long time.  It could be called a Ruffian mani, but it might just be an upside down French Tip for all I know.  Either way, it’s super easy and looks so cool.  Here’s what I used:

PURPLE – Glam Polish Magica de Spell, a color I just recently swatched and reviewed on this blog.  It’s an awesome vampy shade, I think!

BLACK – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist, a one coat perfect creme.

VINYLS – What’s Up Nails Circle Tape, which can be used to create this design as well as half moons or french tips or whatever else you can think of – no limit!

BLACK STUDS – These could’ve came from so many places.  I have a closet full of nail wheels of gems of every color.  Just search for black nail art gems on Amazon – you’ll be amazed at how many choices there are.  You’ll want them all.  Or at least I did because self-control.  As in, LACK THEREOF.

As always, be sure to click the button below to see the rest of the Digit-al Dozen’s day three vampy manis.  Get inspired!  And then follow me on Instagram, cuz it’s the right thing to do.

Later, loves!