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Glossybox | May 2015


I sense a failure coming on.  The end of the month is nearing and I have three reviews left to do.  I would say it’s 100% possible to achieve this small victory, but I know me.  Here’s a typical conversation at my house:

HUBBY:  Do you want to watch a show?

ME:  Yes, just let me finish scrolling Instagram.

(2 hours later…)

HUBBY:  I’m going to bed.

Well, is it my fault I have things to do?  YouTube won’t watch itself ya know.  However, I’m always making an effort, even when it looks like I’m not.  Trust me, if I had less of an OCD personality, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.  But until then, I’m reading every drop of my US Weekly magazine – even the story about the Real Housewives of Wherever although I never watch that show and have no idea who they are talking about.  I have mental issues, I’m quite aware.

Here’s my Glossybox:

Well let’s start with the thing I gave away.  It’s the Sebastian Stylbrid 9 hairspray – a product I’ll never use.  You don’t need much hairspray when you wear your hair straight every day.  It’s a scientific FACT.  So I passed it along to mom who told me it was okay.  Decent hold but nothing amazing.  I did some reading up on it for you (cuz who’s the professional?) and it says it’s a spray mousse that will add volume and texture as well as provide hold.  I don’t want any of those things.  Reviews on the Glossybox website, however, are very favorable so it’s worth a try if hairspray is your thing.  It’s not mine but I have plenty of other admirable qualities.

I’m a big fan of GlamGlow but I had yet to try their PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment which is their most recent mask.  And while not as powerful (i.e., ability to burn your face off) as the YouthMud, it still had a mild tingly effect.  I felt the application was more gentle – it didn’t have those crushed up weird bits in it like the YouthMud either.  Like I swear I squirted a leaf out of the last tube of YouthMud I used.  Anyway, this mask is supposed to detox your skin with its mud-to-oil formula.  Miraculously, I’ve been pimple free for about a month or so (ever since I stopped using my expired foundation – surprise surprise), so I couldn’t really test out how it would perform against zits.  But it did leave my skin feeling very clean and soft.  I’m saving the rest of the tube for a bad skin day and at that point I’ll decide if I need to splurge on it.

I was so excited the Doucce Cosmetics Mineral Matt lipstick I got wasn’t red that anything else about it didn’t matter.  It could have been a just-been-used by a 2-year-old who just ate Cheetos tube of lipstick, and I still would’ve chosen it over the pristine red one.  I have no use for red lipstick in my life; however, I do love me some Cheetos.  Having said all this, and despite the fact the color is a lovely natural rose, I couldn’t get past the waxy, dry texture.  This had about as much pleasure in it as trying to take a relaxing nap with underwear stuck up your butt crack (i.e., NOT VERY).  So while I enjoyed the color very much, I had to let it go.  I passed it along to my mother who loves free anything.  

My favorite product in the box was the Clearista Retexturizing Gel.  This was like an exfoliator, but better.  I’m not sure what’s in this stuff – and this may not be the most pleasing way to describe it – but instead of exfoliating beads there’s exfoliating chunks.  And they’re soft chunks, very gentle on the skin.  It feels super good on your face.  And after wiping this away (no bead residue, mind you), I swear I had a noticeably brighter, healthier complexion.  Could be psychological brain trickery for all I know, but I’m about 2.5 seconds from buying the full size anyway.

Last product in the box was the Teeeze Trendy Head Over Heels nail top coat.  I was happy to see this because I didn’t have a proper top coat in my meager nail polish stash.  I say proper cuz I have a sunscreen polish from Palladio that’s clear, but it’s not labeled as a top coat so therefore it’s not.  (I’m assuming.)  Regardless, I have an official one now.  And I’m no expert on top coats or even nail polish for that matter, but I suppose it’s a decent one.  I used it a couple weeks ago and I immediately deposited a nice big air bubble on my thumbnail.  Not saying this top coat is low quality – I’m saying someone needs to watch more nail tutorials on YouTube.

And that viscious cycle of having too much to do starts all over again.  You can see how quickly this happens.  I was literally seconds away from watching TV with my husband.  But now I have to watch nail tutorials.  Uggghhhhhhh.  It’s so hard being me, you guys.  Just SO. HARD.  Good night!

Ipsy | May 2015


The hem came out of a pair of work pants about a year ago, so I stapled them back together and carried on with my life.  I told my friend about it the other day, and she had a good laugh.  Said I wear Tom Ford foundation and Chanel sunglasses, but wear stapled up pants like a damn hobo.  How does this make sense?  Considering I have to make an effort to take my pants to the seamstress but I can shop for luxury makeup on my couch wearing no pants at all, it makes perfect sense to me.  As soon as someone comes to my house with their needle and thread ready to get to work, I’ll just probably keep replacing the staples for the rest of my life.

This may be a whole new level of lazy.  Regardless, here’s my Ipsy:

Got a Briogeo Rosarco Milk leave-in conditioner.  My face looks like this:   -__-

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the product, but eh.  Just boring.  I’ve used it a couple times and nothing bad happened, so that’s good news.  I think I sprayed pretty generously and I did not get a scummy feeling in my hair like I thought I might.  So that’s also good news.  But leave-in conditioners are like the sock Christmas gifts of the beauty world: something you’ll use but nothing you really want.  Or at least that’s what it’s like for me.  If I had an actual hair care routine, maybe I’d feel differently.  I dunno.  I’m an asshole.  Moving on.

Sometimes I wonder if Ipsy even gets me.  Got two packets of the Klorane eye patches and I immediately hit DELETE.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve purposefully used eye patches.  If I had zero hands, I could still count on one hand.  But in an effort to be fair and PROFESSIONAL, I tried these anyway.  They are super gelatinous-feeling, but stick to your under eyes really really well. According to the website, these patches will soften the skin, depuff and brighten.  Since I only used these one time, I didn’t notice any difference at all, but then again if the most obvious result would be the depuffing, my under eyes aren’t puffy to begin with.  What I’m trying to say is these eye patches are not for me.  But I tried, and that’s what counts.  Best blogger ever?  This girl.

Perhaps my favorite items of the bag is the Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in Ozone and the two Revolution lipgloss samples in Bittersweet and Failbait.  First of all, the lip liner.  It’s clear therefore universal and can be used with any color lipstick.  I decided to test it out alongside the lipstick that bleeds on me the most.  If this lip liner kept things under control, I’d declare it Holy Grail Status and buy the full size.  So I lined my lips and applied my lipstick and eight hours later, it looked brand new.  I was quite impressed.  Pretty sure this sample size will last for a long time, but I will absolutely pick up a new one once I’m out.

As for the lipglosses, I love them.  Well, the purple one (Bittersweet) is gorgeous.  Super pigmented color, very glossy.  Flattering and lovely.  I’ve already added this to my wishlist for when the sample runs out.  Now the pink one (Failbait) is nice as well, but it does not show up on my lips as well as the purple.  I would definitely wear it though, if I was going for a nude pink, natural look.  Which hardly ever happens, but I love having my options open.

Received the Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes eyeliner in Navy.  There really isn’t much to say about this one.  It’s pretty basic.  It’s mechanical which I prefer.  I don’t like messing with sharpeners cuz I never get the tip as sharp as I want it, and if I tried hard enough I’d end up sharpening away the entire pencil.  So mechanical is my BFF.  The tip of the eyeliner is pretty creamy.  Applies really well.  However, it doesn’t dry as quickly as it should for my hooded eyelid because it transferred to right underneath my eyebrow within seconds of application.  Well, that’s a bummer.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it.  I do have a lot of Navy eyeliners, and this one for me isn’t all that special.  If Ipsy had sent a different color – like a vivid green or a hot pink – there would be no question I’d keep it.

Last product is the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ cream.  I already own this, but I freaking love it.  In fact, I wrote an entire blog post on it a while back that you can read all about if you click here.  Everything in there is still true.  I’ve yet to find another BB or CC cream that I like better.  Instead of keeping this sample, however, I passed it along to my mother who I knew would appreciate it as much as me.  I’ll just go ahead and use the expired one I already own because if you read my last Empties post, you’ll know it can be done.  I mean, it shouldn’t be done but all my foundation expires at the same time so I have no choice.  I should plan that out better next time.

All done!  Thanks for reading, subscribing, commenting or lurking.  Come back soon cuz there’s more fun forthcoming.  I have three more boxes to review before June creeps up on me.  And that makes me panic because that means it’s almost winter.  Erlack!  Time moves way too fast.  Someone needs to push the stop button.  Please and thank you.  Bye, y’all!

Empties | April 2015


Ebates needs to SHUT UP with their 16% Cash Back coupons.  I mean, what am I supposed to do with this kind of information?  Ignore it?  When is the last time someone said they were going to give you money and then you forgot all about it?  If you have an actual answer to that, I question your priorities in life.  And also you may want to get your brain checked.  You know, just to be safe.

Needless to say, I bought stuff.  This should surprise no one.  But when you get a percentage back via rebate, it’s less buying stuff and more saving money.  And saving money means practically free.  And practically free is a valid lifestyle choice.  I’m keeping credit card companies in business, people.  I’m basically a hero.

Here’s some empties:

No, this Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation is not empty.  However, it was 14 months past it’s expiration  so I had to let it go.  I made an effort to use it, though.  For two weeks straight, I used nothing but this foundation, fruitlessly trying to make a dent in it.  But it was The Product That Would Not Die.  Then I got two pimples and felt a face-falling-off disaster was imminent.  Probably best not to use expired makeup.  Says me and most likely a scientist or two.

As for the foundation itself, it’s a very good one.  Coverage was about a medium and the finish was natural to almost matte on me.  Looked so pretty on the skin.  I would have no problem owning this again in the future.  You know, after I use up all my other foundations.  So in 2021, roughly.

I’m an oily mess come lunch time, so you’ll always find blotting papers in my purse.  These Boscia Green Tea ones were pretty decent.  I’ve had better (the Tatcha ones – could have 100% to do with the fact they are called Japanese Beauty Papers, but I’m not totally sure), but for the price of $10 for 100 sheets, they will do just fine.  They soak up oil and don’t disturb my makeup as far as I can tell.  I’m currently using another pack of Tatcha and as soon as they’re out I want to try the Shiseido ones.  But I will definitely go back to using the Boscia.  Good value, and they work.

I feel like my quest for tiny pores is going to last forever.  This Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer certainly helps.  It’s a really great silicone-based primer that goes on very smooth and blurs out all the ugly bits.  Of course, if you have massive caverns like I do, they never quite disappear but you take what you can get.  If you have tinier pores, number one, this may be your holy grail ride or die miracle worker, and number two, go sit back down.  Nobody likes a winner.  Hmmmphf.

One of the absolute best setting powders I’ve ever used is the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.  I freaking love this stuff!  I use it under my eye and it definitely lends a brightening effect.  It’s subtle but still obvious.  The powder is very fine and it keeps my concealer nice and smooth.  I used my little sample maybe three times tops before I ended up purchasing the full size.  It’s totally worth the $24 price tag because if you just keep it for eye use only, it will last you ages.  You can use it on your full face it you want, but I haven’t.  Mainly I’m concerned it will put a white cast all over since it works that way under the eye.  Perhaps if you have fair or light skin, it would be okay.  I have medium, which is the maximum you can go for this particular powder (according to Laura Mercier).  Darker skin tones may not appreciate this as much.  Unless you like that much of a contrast, and in that case, get it girl.  You do you.

And now for cleansers:

Talk about luxury.  The SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser is one of the best feeling products I’ve ever put on my face.  It’s creamy and luscious and using it makes you feel like one pampered princess.  I can’t say everyone would feel that way – it may depend on what you’re used to.  I mean, if you’re normally slathering your face in Creme de la Mer then you may not even blink an eye at this SK-II stuff.  But because I can only afford to buy someone’s free sample of Creme de la Mer, I love this SK-II stuff just fine.  Full size is around $75 and I put it on my Sephora wishlist in case someone wants to buy me a gift card.  You know, just in case.

The Laura Mercier Flawless Face Polish was a pretty nice exfoliator.  Had a very lovely smell to it.  It wasn’t harsh; didn’t feel like it was stripping your face skin off.  I don’t know about you, but I call that a bonus.  However, I’m not compelled at this point to buy the full size of it but I’ll use another free sample any time.  It was good.  It worked.  What more could you ask for?  Well, I suppose a Sephora gift card would be alright.  But after that, this face polish is fine the way it is.

My favorite – serums!

I wish I could tell you I remember using the StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment but I don’t.  I emptied it at the beginning of the month but forgot to write anything down.  I couldn’t tell you if it was creamy, milky, oily or watery.  I have no idea how long it took to sink in or whether it smelled like roses or herbs.  But what I can tell you is this:  it has retinol in it, but it did not irritate my skin at all even though I used it every day.  How’s that for a review?  We good?

Okay, that’s not how a professional blogger behaves.  I will copy and paste from another website a description of the science of this product.  Or, for fear of plagiarism, I will ad lib:

Reduces deep-set wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates and nourishes, plumps skins, evens tone, and refines and smooths skin’s texture.  Contains both NIA-114 (niacin) and Retinol, two of the best anti-aging actives, which help strengthen the moisture barrier of your skin, which apparently is a very good thing.  And it does all these things while you sleep, so you don’t even have to try very hard.  All you gotta do is wake up and BE BEAUTIFUL.

This NeoStrata Antioxidant Defense Serum sample was okay.  I didn’t get more than 5 days’ use out of it, so it’s hard to say if it was really doing anything.  Then again, that’s pretty much how all my serum samples work.  But if all you care about texture and cute packaging, honestly I’d say 5 days is all you need.  The texture was like an oil, but it was more slippery.  I used it just in the morning since it had antioxidants in it (which help protect against the environment), and I had no issues with layering foundation and makeup on top of it.  I probably won’t buy the full size because if I’m going to spend $78 on a serum, I’d rather have this next one.

I could tell after this one-time-use packet that I needed the Clarins Double Serum in my life.  I just loved the texture of it so much.  It’s similar to the NeoStrata in that it’s like an oil, but the Clarins is less slippery and more moisturizing.  There are two sides – two serums that are kept separate that mix together once you pump it out.  I’m not sure why they are kept separate.  Perhaps to retain the purity of each side?  There’s a high possibility that’s not right, but it sounds scientific enough to be right.  And also kind of romantic cuz that’s how my brain processes scientific information (i.e., not very scientifically; i.e., not very well AT ALL).  This serum felt so soft going on, almost like velvet.  It did take a bit to sink in, so I’d probably use less the next go-round, but once it absorbed my skin felt brand new.  I could have completely skipped moisturizer because it felt that good.  I mean, I didn’t because I love my 17-step routine, but I COULD IF I WANTED TO and that is the point.

And finally, some moisturizers:

Still trying to use up the little Ole Henriksen sample kit I purchased over a year ago.  This one is the Sheer Transformation moisturizer, and it was just alright.  It’s pretty lightweight so it absorbed rather quick and left my skin feeling smooth.  But there just wasn’t anything special about it for me.  It does a lot of nice things though – like fades dark spots, evens skin tone, soothes and balances the skin, as well as exfoliates with sugarcane and fruit AHAs.  So what’s not to like?  I dunno.  I’m being a brat, I guess.  Perhaps if it was packaged in an old-timey jar with a cute vintage-y logo, I’d like it more.  Does that make me shallow?  Probably.

Last product is the Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate.  I’ve been on a roll lately with some really nice eye creams.  This one is no exception.  It’s has a medium-thick consistency and goes on very smoothly.  Absorbs well and leaves the under eye area nice and silky feeling.  I approve wholeheartedly.  The only issue I have with it is its instructions of use.  It says to apply from temple-to-temple.  What does this mean exactly?  Apply from one temple to the other, as in across the nose and everything?  And would that include eyelids as well or just the under eye portion of the temple-to-temple frame?  What if I decipher this incorrectly and I end up with no eyes?  Well now I’m properly panicked.  Don’t these people know I need explicit directions, not just a vague temple-to-temple reference that means absolutely nothing?  Ugh.  Just apply it under the eyes and call it good.  No sense in breaking out in hives over eye cream.

You’ve reached the end of a surprisingly short Empties post this month.  But don’t worry – May is shaping up to be a big one.  I’m plowing through samples like someone paid me to do it.  Perhaps one day they will and then I will be a millionaire.  Hooray!  See you next time, Friends!

Buying Stuff: Episode 25


I’m addicted to following manicured nail pictures on Instagram.  But not just any manicure – I only want to look at perfect ones with square cut nails and tidy cuticles.  They soothe my soul like nothing else.  Or like a Xanax maybe.  And because of this new found insanity, I have become inspired to paint my nails more often.  Like I want to be one of those girls with perfect square cut nails and tidy cuticles.    I want to soak my fingers in a bowl of warm olive oil too.  I want someone to suck all the fat out of my thighs.  That last one has nothing to do with a manicure, but if someone could get that arranged, that’d be great.

I bought stuff!  Let’s look:

Picked up this Besame Brightening Violet Powder because of its adorable 50s-era packaging.  It literally looks as if it walked right off the pages of an old Avon catalog.  Precious!  Back when I bought it, Sephora just started carrying the brand and this was the single solitary item it offered.  Now they have two other versions of the powder.  The idea behind the violet one is that it will brighten up sallow skin – and it may simply be psychological brain trickery for all I know – but I’d swear it does just that.  The violet tone is translucent but lends a skosh of something special.  It will never appear obviously powdered, but you’ll know it’s there.  Everyone else will assume you had a face lift.

One look and you’ll know why I got this:

It’s the Sigma Lip Switch in the shade Flip Flop and it’s pretty much the raddest thing you’ve ever seen.  Check out that magical iridescence!  It gives me heart eyes immediately.  But of course something this awesome can never live up to expectations because that is how my life works.  Cuz once it’s applied to the lips, it pretty much disappears.  It’s glossy, yes, but if you want that vibrant orange/gold/pinky shift, you will have to look elsewhere.  You get it faintly at best.

I have seen some Instagram pics where people would wear black or navy lipstick and then apply these holo lipglosses and the iridescence shows up much better.  But ask me how many times I’ve worn black lipstick.  I could count on one hand the number of times.  Actually if I had ZERO hands, I could still count the number of times.  Basically what I’m saying is for now I wear this as a sheer lipgloss over my coral or orange lipsticks.  It serves a purpose.  Not a very special one, but there ya go.

Not one to be left off the bandwagon, I bought this along with 97.95764% of the rest of the world:

It’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (in the light/medium version), a product I didn’t really need much less know how to use but I bought anyway because if it’s a bestseller, I WANT IT.  Same goes for pretty much anything else in life.  Your Oscar-nominated movie is spoken entirely in French and with no subtitles?  No problem!  Your Pulitzer Prize-winning book is a 700-page diatribe set in war-torn Prussia in the 17th century and most likely to cause eye spasms and involuntary napping?  GIMME.  I just refuse to not be in the know.  But also, I can obsess like it’s my damn job.  I couldn’t have walked away from this highly talked about product even if I had my feet on backwards.  You cannot deny this kind of magnetism.  The struggle is REAL.

So now that I have it, I’ve been making myself use it.  And I’m really trying, I swear.  I contour, I bronze, I highlight and set my under eye.  But I haven’t been that impressed.  I mean, it’s not a bad palette, but I don’t feel the need to hoard it or protect it with my life (cuz I will cut you over a couple of my foundations, so I know it’s possible).  The highlight (shimmery) shade is really pretty, but all the rest for me are take its or leave its.  However, I OWN THE DANG THING, and that’s what’s most important anyway.

How about something pretty:

I die!  It’s the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Coachella Coral and it is summer in a tube.  It’s has a delicious, creamy formula, stunning color, and decent longevity.  Even smells good.  What’s not to love?  Okay, maybe the $32 price tag.  But it’s just so pretty.  I was helpless, I admit.  Plus, if you never use it and just pull it out of your purse when people walk by, then it’ll last forever.  And really, isn’t that the point of designer makeup – to see and be seen?  Obviously yes.

Another hyped up product by YouTube:

I was able to resist buying the Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Cream until I watched this stupid/amazing makeup tutorial and decided I had to have it about 2.5 seconds later.  Well, you know how it is.  If I even think there’s one iota of a chance I can have flawless, beautiful skin just like in the video, then it could be dog poo in a jar but I’m all over it anyway.  Please and thank you.

So about this stuff.  It’s pure liquid gold.  Seriously.  You put it all over your face and holy moly, you shine like brand new money.  Apply your foundation on top and then sit back to enjoy the view.   It has such a stunning effect.  Foundation looks more flawless.  There is a radiance that is subtle but noticeable.  No shimmer, just glow.  Ugh, I love it.  You can also use it alone if you want to dab some on your cheekbones or shoulders.  Or you can do a drop mixed with your moisturizer or foundation for something lighter.  Whichever way you go with it, you’re bound to love it.

Pointless Makeup Product #272:

It’s the YSL Tint in Oil, and if you just went Tint in Oil?! then we are best friends and you can continue reading this blog.  It sounds really fascinating except that it’s not.  It’s just a lip oil so we can all just go sit back down.  There is nothing to see here.

But if you must know.  I got mine in the shade Drive Me Copper.  As you can see from the swatch, it’s not very coppery.  Nor is it very any other color.  It’s a tint – I get that – but you can literally swatch it next to the other colors in the line and wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between any of them.  However, I can say a couple of good things about the product because I like to make an effort sometimes.  It’s slick and shiny, so it would make a nice glossy topper for any lip color.  It has a sticky factor of zero.  And when worn alone it feels nice and comforting.  But if you’re expecting something special in terms of a product with actual copper color (or any color), this one gets a big o raspberry.

And then there was this:

I hit pan on my teeny tiny Bare Minerals Touch-Up Veil setting powder, and it sent me into a panic.  International Powder Crisis and whatnot.  You know how it goes.  So I immediately went in search of another setting powder that I could store in my purse and apply at work after I do my mid-afternoon blotting.  The Bare Minerals one is matte, which is all well and good, but I wanted to try something different.  A glow powder.  And what better way to do it than with the Too Faced Candlelight Powder.

I’m not very good at glow powder.  Either that or I expected more than I should.  Cuz I didn’t get that “lit from within” candlelight glow I was thinking I’d get.  Instead, I got glitter and sparkle.  I’m too old for glitter and sparkle.  I had read reviews prior to purchasing, and let’s just say SHUT UP with your soft-focus, your illuminates complexion, and your inspired by actual candlelight cuz none of those things happened and my heart is broken.  It claims to be absolutely invisible, and while it is translucent, there is definite shimmer on your face.  Okay, okay, it’s not out at the club shimmer, but still.  I’m gonna keep playing around with it.  Maybe it’ll grow on me.  I mean, most people like this powder.  They’re probably all 14-year-olds, but yes, most reviews are favorable.

Last product in the haul:

Sometimes I buy things for the sake of buying something.  Take the It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette for instance.  I hadn’t heard much about it.  But I walked into Ulta without an agenda, had nothing in my shopping bag for five minutes too long, and I started to get anxiety.  What if I didn’t find anything?  I couldn’t leave Ulta emptyhanded.  That’s blasphemy as far as I’m concerned.  So picking this palette up was an act of desperation at the very least.  However, I would find it useful especially when traveling since it’s basically three products in one.

My favorite is the blush.  It’s a very pretty pink with a touch of coral and looks very flattering with my skintone.  The powder is just okay.  It pulls slightly pink on me so I don’t love it, although if it came down to packing an extra powder compact or saving space with this 3-in-1, I’d do the 3-in-1.  That’s not lazy, that’s practical – and we all know how practical I can be.  Finally, the bronzer.  Looks very dark in the pan, but it does not apply that dark.  It’s matte and has a bit of a reddish undertone – in my opinion; deciphering undertones is not my strong suit.  However, it’s not my favorite bronzer.  It’s not bad, mind you, but I never want to use this palette primarily because of the bronzer.

Well, that’s what I get for not doing my research before stepping foot inside an Ulta.  It could’ve been worse though – I distinctly remember having an ice blue eyeshadow rollerball in my bag as well.  I kindly put that back on the shelf.  Anxiety is a REAL DISEASE – as you can clearly see.

Time for night night.  Thanks for continually reading my blog.  I love all my people.  Internet hugs for everyone.  Well, just the cute ones.  Bye!