Petit Vour | May 2014


This morning was stupid. I spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to get my liquid eyeliner just perfect. You know how hard that is when aiming for symmetry? I did right eye which was fine. Then left eye had a wonky bit that I was trying to even out. So I had to go back to the right eye to match the thickness of the left eye. Then it went all to hell.

In short, I was late to work. Blah.

In better news, Petit Vour sent me this:


I love 3 out of 4 products. That’s good stats. Let’s start with the poo and end on a high note. The Harvey Prince Hello perfume. I don’t like perfume. Doesn’t even matter that this perfume captures the scent of summer perfectly. Lemon, grapefruit, floral notes, vanilla. Doesn’t matter that it invokes a feeling of sunshine and happiness. I just don’t care much for perfume. But you might care, so I’m letting you know this smells like blue skies, gentle breezes, and smiling faces. Are you fully informed now? Yes? My job is done.

I was watching a YouTube video no more than 2 minutes before opening this box. One of my gurus was talking about his top 10 must have products. And one of them was the Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster. I thought to myself, well I need THAT immediately. Cuz that’s how I purchase about 97.83749% of the things I own – by sheer influence.

Anyway, I finish the video then open the box, and would you believe the C15 Super Booster is in there?! Like magic or voodoo. Or conjuring. Whatever the case, I own it now and I’m very excited. Apparently it’s an anti-aging superhero that takes care of brown spots and wrinkles. Plus, reviews are glowing; 4.5 out of 5 stars. Can’t get better than that! Well, I suppose 5 stars would be better, but you know there’s always a ruiner in the bunch that gives it a 3 cuz it costs too much money or something equally as trivial. If it replaces my old face with a new one, the cost is a point rendered moot.

Got a pretty red lipgloss from Aromi. I love red lipgloss. It’s my favorite way to wear red without feeling prostitute-y. The color of this one is very lovely. It’s not sticky, and has a great sweet smell. Bad side is that it gathered in my flakey lip bits. Not sure if it’s Aromi’s formula or if any lipgloss would’ve done that. But regardless, I love the lipgloss and I’ll use it for sure.

Last product is a grapefruit and bergamot hand cream from Deep Steep. This tube is yellow. I love the color yellow. You could be selling slug trail but if you put it in a yellow tube I’d probably buy it. Aside from that the smell is glorious. You know how when you were a kid, and your mama would pour you a bowl of Trix cereal? The smell of that cereal is undeniable. Deep Steep has captured it in this hand cream. Probably not on purpose. But it smells good, so it all worked out.

Short and sweet for your Friday! Enjoy your weekend y’all. I’ll be back tomorrow for more fun stuff!

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      • Haha picking eyeliner for the day is like asking yourself “how much time do I have to fix this if things go bad?” I rarely pick it based on the look I want, just how much time I have to not screw it up.


      • I think it’ll just be pencil Monday thru Friday now. I can’t deal anymore. I’m becoming more OCD about my liner, and liquid is not forgiving at all. If it’s a millimeter on the wonky side, I notice it and obsess over it like I’m gonna get paid for it or something. If I could devote this much attention to other things in my life (ie getting to work on time, pretending I hate cheesecake, getting out of pajamas at least for a few hours every weekend) I’d be stellar.


      • lol I know exactly what you mean. I have a new pack of Maybelline gel liner… I think thats what it is? that I didn’t open yesterday because I didn’t have enough time to properly obsess over getting it even. What will really get you is to look on pinterest at these ‘super easy’ winged liner tutorials with like three steps and it looks FLAWLESS and im like, who are you, seriously? Who can do that crap in THREE steps and have it perfect?? I feel like I need to go into the remedial beauty blogger class.


      • Yes all the YouTube girls can go winged liner like NBD. I’m like, did you edit out all the cussing?


      • lmao indeed. Maybe they are swearing alot inside their heads. I’ve seen the scotch tape trick done alot, I need to try that. I even had trouble applying those eyerock stick on eyeliner things evenly. Although those suckers made me look like a superhero. Which I’m not saying is always a bad thing, just maybe not appropriate for 7am. Haha who am I kidding, I only see 7am as I wave goodbye to it on the way to bed.


      • First of all, stick on eyeliner?! And secondly, I used to not see 7am then I started doing a hardcore makeup routine which takes me from 6:30am to 8am. That’s not a typo.


      • I can’t even laugh at you because I don’t time mine, but I do know I need a good 2 hours minimum to get properly ready to go anywhere. Lately I’ve literally been skipping doing my hair to have more makeup time. I bought beach waves salt spray in an effort to look more “effortlessly summer” and less “why yes, i showed up with wet hair. Why do you ask?” I got the stick on eyeliner from Birchbox but wouldn’t recommend it. It’s entertaining but was a JERK to remove. (Unless you like picking glue off your eyelid)


      • Okay they look pretty good actually. Other than the nightmare you had being aware of them constantly and the removing fiasco. The actual look of them are kind of cool.


      • I think I would’ve liked the look better with some fake lashes maybe or a better mascara. They were cool though, if only they were a little more flexible and easier to remove.


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