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Lip Factory | February 2014


Another day, another beauty box.  The fun never ends.  I hope everybody loves these reviews because they keep coming.  And until I get tired of opening Christmas gifts each month (which will be NEVER), it will continue.

Okay, so here is what I got in my Lip Factory box:


Purty purty!  This is probably my favorite box I’ve gotten from them.  Aside from the eyelashes.  Let’s discuss eyelashes, shall we?

We shall.

Do not like.  Primarily because I don’t know how to use them.  I have applied fake lashes about 3 times in my life.  So although that is a perfectly reasonable explanation for my ineptness, it is also a perfectly reasonable explanation why I dislike.  If I can’t master something almost immediately, I lose interest like stat.  Just do.  Which is why I also hate the elliptical.  I mean, have you been on that thing?! Urgh.

However, the lashes are from Eyelashi.  They look scary.

Received two items from Teeez again this month.  However, that’s okay because I loved the two items I got from Teeez last month.  The packaging is soooo beautiful.  Anyway, they sent me a mascara and a lipstick.  Of course, I tried the mascara almost immediately.  Still searching for that holy grail.  And while it wasn’t the worst of the bunch, it didn’t give me the volume and length I really wanted.  Maybe I am too hard to please because that makes about 2,172 mascaras that have failed me.  At least that many.  If not more.

The lipstick – gah!  Just lovely.  It smells like a vanilla cupcake and the color is Awesome Orchid.  And according to their website it nourishes, hydrates and repairs lips.  Fancy that!  If I could do that many things all at once, as well as maintaining my poise and beauty, well I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now.  I’d be at a photoshoot somewhere, or fending off paparazzi.  Maybe eating finger sandwiches with the Queen.

Next item is a matte lip crayon by LASplash.  I got the color Cabernet, which is a gorgeous wine color.  And if you read my last post regarding my favorite lip duo, you’d know how I feel about wine.  And if you didn’t read that post, something is clearly wrong with you.

Anyway, I’ve tried some matte lipsticks before.  Most of them are very drying on my lips.  However, this one is fantastic.  Aside from the color, the texture is very lip balm-y, which is so nice.  Plus, the retail on these is only $9 which I don’t think is too bad at all.  More expensive than drugstore, but only slightly.  I kind of wanna go buy some more.  They have a coral color that has a 97.9476764% chance that I need it in my life.

Last item is this awesome burgundy coppery eyeshadow from Starlooks.  Sigh.  I just can’t take all this prettiest in one spot.  I wore this the other day and I loved.  I don’t have a color like this, so that may be why I’m having a thing for it.  To others who have a much bigger eyeshadow collection, you probably already own this in a MAC or Urban Decay version or something.  Just let me have my excitement anyway.  It’s a glorious shade, and it’s mine all mine.

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a loose pan. Now I feel like I need to buy a Z-palette so I can put all my loose pans in it.  At the moment, however, I only have one loose pan.  In other words, I need to buy more loose pans.  OH wellllll!  Husband is bound to agree with that kind of logic.

Okay, kids.  I’m done for now.  Thanks for reading as always.

Petit Vour | February 2014


I’m gonna try to make this review short and sweet. I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out cuz I tend to get very chatty when I’m posting. In fact, I could spend a few paragraphs discussing how I’m gonna make a review short and sweet, thereby defeating the purpose about 100%.

I’m really sleepy. My brain’s already tucked in bed. Obviously.

So this box is from Petit Vour:


That little packet business in the back is a skin care sample set from Amala. I actually got two sets, so technically it’s more than a one-time use. But it continues to be a packet, so good try. A sheep in lamb’s clothing is still a sheep.

I don’t think that’s a saying.

Anyway, haven’t used this yet cuz I’m been working on finishing another cleanser. Which just happened tonight actually. So maybe it would’ve made more sense to do the review tomorrow.

Huh. Moving right along.

Got two products from Everyday Minerals – one a color correcting under eye powder and the other a tinted lip balm. I’ve used them both and like them both.

Can’t say much about the lip balm. It’s standard. Moisturizing, nice natural tint. Smells good. As for the color corrector, I got the yellow shade which is the opposite of blue on the color wheel. Blue is the color of under eye circles. Yellow cancels blue, therefore under eye circles disappear. Wellllll, not quite, but you did get a free science lesson just now so you’re welcome for that.

That blush from Ofra is fantastic. Wonderfully pigmented and lovely. I highly recommend spending $15 to get your own. If you insist on being just like me, get the color Charm.

Last item is one that I’ve never received in a box before. In fact, I’ve never received it in anything at all whatsoever. It’s beauty tea from R.L. Linden & Co. Not drinking tea, but steam facial tea. Isn’t that so cool? Just the simple uniqueness of this item makes me want to use it.

So I did. On Skincare Sunday, I boiled a pot of water, poured it in a glass bowl, added the tea, then practically laid my face in it for about 20 minutes. It was the ultimate in pampering, if you ask me. It smelled wonderful, like cinnamon and something else. Yes, that’s my technical description of the smell. WELL! I didn’t invent the thing.

Anyway. My steam ran out about 5 minutes in, so I was nose to nose to a bowl full of potpourri in order to feel the heat as much as possible. In other words, pretty sure I did a steam facial wrong. But it was fun nonetheless.

That’s it. My short and sweet post. Headed to bed. My brain is waiting for me.

OneRadiant | February 2014


Oh, Skin Care, how I love thee.

This statement is completely hilarious to me cuz prior to last September I hadn’t washed my face for about 39 years. That’s not much of an exaggeration either. There’d be small spurts of skin care interest, like that one time about 4 years ago when I became a BeautiControl consultant for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I’ve owned cleansers and masks and so forth, but they’d literally last me years as the only day I’d wash my face was Sunday in order to start the work week as clean as possible.

Ew. Did you just throw up a little bit? Isn’t that just so gross?

Well I’m making up for it, trust me. I am in the very midst, the absolute deepest center, the furthest reaches of the black hole abyss vortex thingie of an obsession. I now need to own, and use, every bit of skin care I can get my hands on.

I mean, if you’re gonna have an obsession, for heavens sake, do it right.

So it only made sense to sign up for OneRadiant. Customized skin care just for me. This right here is my second box:


Let’s get right to that packet thing. You know how I feel about packets. However, since it’s just eye cream I suppose I’ll let it slide. (Yes, I make exceptions for my own rules. I’m the boss of me.)

The eye cream is from Juara. I used it for two days before I tossed it. I could probably have eked out a couple more days but I lost interest. If it had only been in a tube…

I will say the consistency was nice. It was not watery but slightly thicker which is what I prefer. I wish I could say my wrinkles disappeared after my two-day trial but no.

So in other words, this little science experience was all for naught. Packets should be banned. That’s all I’m saying.

Ever wanted to wash your face with 24k gold? I never cared about it before, but now that I have this exfoliating cream cleanser from LaRocca, I get to feel oh so fancy every night of the week (well, until the sample runs out). I’ve been using this the past couple of nights, and it does have some pretty apparent exfoliating bits in it. It says it’s gentle, but the bits are a little rougher than some of my other cleansers. I suppose if you barely touch your face while cleansing you can call it gentle. And then hopefully your latent magic powers kick in, as I imagine barely touching your face would equal barely cleaning it either.

What am I going on about? I dunno.

I did see on the website it also says it’s made with wind power. WIND POWER! Pretty sure I should be rather excited about that part, but I have no idea what it means. Maybe it’s churned by milk maids sitting amidst the windmill fields in Holland. Not sure what kind of benefit that would garner either, but that’s the kind of psychological brain trickery that makes me buy about 97.736484% of everything I own.

Next thing is this day serum from CellCeuticals called Extreme Defense. It contains antioxidants that helps prevent skin damage. I’ve used it for the past week, and at first I was pairing it with this horrific moisturizer and the serum was peeling off my face in an eraser shaving-like incident. Thought maybe I was using the product wrong so I contacted the company for further instruction. They were so appalled by my description of what had happened, apologized profusely, and are now sending me another sample as a replacement.

In other words, if their product doesn’t work that well, at least their customer service does.

Decided to toss the moisturizer and use something else with the serum. And guess what? Serums works flawlessly. This relieves me greatly as the price for the full size is $70. My faith in expensive skin care has been restored. Amen.

Speaking of moisturizers, got this tube of skin strengthening complex from Nia24, which according to their website is niacin-powered skin therapy. There is a whole Q&A on their site about niacin and what it does for your skin. I will attempt to condense this for you:

Increases the skin barrier which means better skin texture and tone. Niacin can cause flushing and/or itching of the skin, which should subside in a few hours. Alright then, I’m excited!

There is a detailed chart showing how to use this product for the first week and how to gradually increase on the second week. I’m already tired and I haven’t even used this yet. If I need specified instructions in order to apply something as simple as moisturizer, I’m scared a little bit. On the other hand, full size is $93.

Sucked right in. Let’s start immediately.

Last product in the box is an evening serum from pH Advantage called PM Vitamin Triple Complex.  I freaking love this stuff. It goes on like silk and disappears into your skin almost instantly.  I’m a huge texture lover, and this one is texture at its finest. I will actually be sad when the little samples are gone because that means undoubtedly I am going to have to shell out $48.50 to get more.

The only issue I have with this product is the instructions on how to use it.  It says to apply sparingly. How much is sparingly, I ask you?  Dime size? Pea size? Smaller? Again, I need clear, concise information here people. Also, what happens if I go over their definition of sparingly? Will there be some kind of chemical reaction situation upon my face, like a lab experiment gone horribly awry?

Do I need to take control of the United States Product Instructions Department? Mandate a few things, enact some laws or something? I think yes.  Otherwise, this rampant vague instructioning habit will never end.

Well, off to write a letter to my congressman. Later, loves.

Favorite Lip Duo Revealed


Your prayers have been answered.  I am now releasing my favorite lip duo out to the world for all to see (and copy).  Who said this blog was just pure, frivolous fun?

Seriously, who said that?  (Thank you.)

Anyway, last fall I received my very first Lip Factory box, and inside there were these two products:


A very gorgeous wine colored lipstick from Palladio (in the shade Wine Shine, aptly) and a beautifully pigmented lipgloss from Medusa’s Makeup called Smooch.  Ermagawd.  Lovely on their own, but layered together it performs a magic-like situation upon the lips that’s just heaven.

First of all, the lipstick is a perfect fall color.  And personally, I think my skin tone looks best with wine or plum lips.  Red is too prostitutey, pink is too shazam! I’ve got pink lips!, and nudes just disappear into the abyss of nothingness.  But wine.  Wine is divine.

Now that I’ve explained all that, I know you’re saying to yourself that it’s not fall.  I know this.  Trust me, I keep track of how quickly fall and winter can just go to Hell and get me right back to spring where I belong.  So I am well aware that the season for dark, sultry lips is behind us right now.  However!  I love what I love and that’s the end of that.  Can’t argue with that kind of logic, now can you?

Here is a selfie:


I know, my photo skills are seriously on point.  If this blogging thing doesn’t pan out, I can take selfies for a living.  Or just continue doing what I already do on an everyday basis … which is take selfies.  Have you seen my Instagram?  No?  Well, clearly something is wrong with you.

Back to my point.

The Medusa’s Makeup lipgloss is fabulous.  It also smells like grapes.  And it’s not sticky in the slightest.  When this tube runs out, it will be the only lipgloss I own that I will actually miss.  That’s not even an exaggeration cuz I just love using up and throwing out products.  But not this one.  This one has to last FOREVER.

So there you have it.  My favorite lip duo revealed in all it’s glory.  What’s your favorite duo?  Comment and let me know.  I’d love to try it out.

Ipsy | February 2014


Ipsy, you’ve done it again.

Serious, ya’ll … if you’re thinking about subscribing to a beauty box, and you don’t want to pay more than $10 a month, Ipsy is where it’s at.  However, you have some homework to do in order to get the most out of it.  I’m going to divulge a bit of advice, so listen up people!

When you sign up for Ipsy, you fill out a beauty profile where you tell them your hair color, skin type, complexion, etc.  You can leave it at that, and I feel like Ipsy does make an effort to oblige you.  However, the secret is by going back and reviewing the products you receive in the box.  If you get eyelashes – which is snore city, if you ask me – you go fill out their little eyelash survey and tell them it’s “not for me” and voila!  So far, no more eyelashes.  It’s called their Ipsy Match program, and at this point no other box I’ve found has this much of an in-depth customization tool.

Now they better not go screw it up since I just sang high praises and make me look like an idiot. That = no likey.

Here is what came in my February box:


I lurve.  Lurve it all.

My utmost fave thing in the box is the tiny vial of velvet gel from Phyto-C.  This product sparked quite a bit of convo on the Ipsy site, as so many people did not know how to use it.  I will admit it’s one of the more confusing ones.  The product itself says to use a few drops on age spots or dark spots.  The Ipsy website says it can be used as a primer before makeup.  Even the company’s own website says nothing more than to use 1-2 times per day.

If you do not already know, let me give you some background info on me.  Do NOT under any circumstances give me contradicting instructions, vague instructions or no instructions.  I cannot function unless you tell me in a clear and concise manner, with time references and step-by-step bullet lists, what I am supposed to do.  In case you’re curious, it’s very hard to be friends with me.

And yes, I emailed the company.  I do that A LOT.  Turns out this product can be applied all over the face, serum-style, prior to applying moisturizer.  Well alright then.  How hard was that to explain?  Why couldn’t that be printed on the packaging?  Gah, guess I should be CEO of Phyto-C then.  I have all the best ideas.

Anyway, now that all of that is squared away, I love this serum.  It makes my skin feel so incredibly soft, softer than anything else I’ve used.  So soft, that I went on eBay and purchased two other Ipsy users’ velvet gel samples that they didn’t want.  Is that insane?  Probably.

Also in the box is a lipgloss from Pop Beauty.  I’m not too enthusiastic about Pop Beauty’s makeup.  Maybe I’m not being fair as I’ve never really tried much of it, but the displays in Ulta just look so super cheap.  If someone is in love with Pop Beauty, please comment and let me know what I’m missing out on.

However, the lipgloss is really nice.  I got the color Peony Petal and it looks so lovely on my lips.  Perfect spring shade.  It’s supposed to include lip-plumping peptides, but I poo poo at anybody’s lip-plumping claim.  Unless you’re Juvederm and come in syringe form, I’m pretty much sure you’re not plumping anything.  But for a pretty lipgloss, you do good work.

And now you know I am not a fan of nail polish.  It takes a lot to get me excited about nail polish.  BUT.  It is nearing spring (kind of) and Zoya’s earth-toned purple invoked a feeling inside of me.  That is the only reason I was okay with getting nail polish in my box.  The color sent me to my happy place.

I say I’m not a fan of nail polish, but I do paint my nails every other week or so.  In other words, it is necessary to have nail polish.  I just don’t want to be inundated.  In fact, the smaller the sample bottle the better cuz it will take me 15 years to use up what I already have.  And as an OCDer, that fact drives me super batty.  I just love the feeling of finishing something and throwing it away.  It’s like a job well done, completed that task, checkmark on the to-do list kind of feeling. I know some of you out there can relate.

And blush.  I love blush.  Again, it will take about 15 years to use up what I already have, but the difference here is that I love it.  It’s easy to be around a thousand blushes when they are all your children.  Sorry.  You don’t choose love, love chooses you.

Or something like that.  Shut up, Brain.

Got this gorgeous melon colored matte blush from City Color.  I wore it the other day, and I’m not even gonna hide the fact that I stared at myself all day.  I mean, I went out of my way to purposefully walk past mirrors.  Literally paraded my ass around the clothing department in Walmart during grocery shopping just to catch a glimpse of my pretty cheeks.  That right there might be the beginning stages of a little situation professional psychologists lovingly refer to as “crazy.”  I’m mildly concerned.

Last item in the box is my least favorite, although I don’t hate it by any means.  It’s a cream eyeshadow by Tini Beauty.  I don’t wear cream eyeshadows very often (more like hardly ever) as my old crepey eyelids don’t care for them too much.  The color they sent me is called Spiced Rum, and it’s a super metallic-y bronze.  I dabbed the teeniest tiniest bit on my lid the other day and wowza.  Pigmented, yes.  I’m going to try a look this weekend with it, see if I can’t get a little more comfortable wearing cream eyeshadow.  If it can’t be done, I’m gonna have to pass this along to my daughter who can get away with practically anything.  Being 20 will do that for you.

Well that’s it for now.  Only 5 more boxes to review.  Get excited!

Buying Stuff: Episode 6


Got a little coupon in the mail the other day for a FREE Clinique lipstick.  Not even sure how I got on that mailing list, as it is with most mailing lists I somehow miraculously belong to.  One day, I spent an entire afternoon unsubscribing to sites like Babies R Us, a restaurant I ate at while moving my sister home from college (in fairness, I did give them my email), and one of those cheap little doodad stores that sells stuff like indoor poop rugs for dogs.

However, there are some mailing lists – like the Clinique one – that I’m perfectly fine with.  This coupon was the best kind of coupon:  free product, no purchase necessary.  Awesome!  For once, I could go to a makeup counter to buy something and never have to get my wallet out of my purse.  It’s a black hole in there anyway.  Trying to find something in my purse, regardless that it’s just one single solitary large pocket is an ever-loving nightmare.  The thing I need is always buried at the bottom underneath countless things I never need, ie, tissue pack, dental floss, hand sanitizer that smells like the inside of a science experiment.

But I should have known better to think I’d actually get away with not spending money.  I mean, have I even met me?

Walked up to the counter, cool as all get out (you know how I do), and presented my coupon like I was VIP royalty or something.  The girl starts digging through the drawers, and of course she took a second too long cuz before you know it I get captivated by the new Cheek Pop blushes sitting on the counter to my right.

They shouldn’t put stuff up there right next to the credit card swipey thing.  Horrible marketing ploy.

But have you seen these cuties?

I just can’t. Walking away from this adorable thing is like turning your back on a hungry kitten. Who could do that other than evil people? Or robots?

So I bought it.  Of course I did.  Again,  hungry kitten.

But that’s not all.  (Never is.)  They have this product called Bottom Lash Mascara, made specifically for your teeny tiny baby lashes on the lower lid.  Why, pray tell, do I need this?  Tell me, why?  It’s just mascara isn’t it?  Don’t I have about 20 or so mascaras in the bottomless arsenal?  And wouldn’t just about every one of them work just fine on the bottom lashes?

If you can’t come up with one single solitary reason why NOT to buy this mascara, then you may continue to read my blog.  Seriously, why do we buy anything if not for the sheer pleasure of owning all the things.  If you search through your makeup stash and find only one mascara, then you need to take your show on the road because that kind of willpower is downright inspirational.

(And for the record, I used it.  And I liked it.  And it actually did a pretty darn good job.)

Here’s the big reveal of all my lovely things:


Your eyes aren’t fooling you, I literally walked away with one of their tiny shopping bags when normally they need to go in the back room to find some other bag more suitable.  So regardless if I needed that mascara or not, I bought TWO things and got one free.  Not too shabby, I’d say.

Here’s lipstick swatchies:


Aside from my lackluster selfie skills, it’s a pretty decent color for a free lipstick.  I honestly expected it to be a really crappy one, like one you’d find in the bottom of your grandma’s purse, or even just a color I would never ever wear. Kudos to Clinique for not giving away for free what no one would ever buy intentionally.  And for those curious, this is their Long Last lipstick in the color All Heart.  They categorize it in the red family, but as you can quite clearly see it’s more on the pink side.  For my lips anyway.  (That’s my disclaimer in case someone tries to sue me for making them buy this “pink” lipstick.)

That’s all for now lovelies.  But more is forthcoming as always.  I have two beauty boxes sitting on my front porch as we speak.  Yessss.

Blush Mystery Beauty Box | February 2014


Remember last month, how Blush sent me a bottle of bowel regulatory health drops?  And how they actually counted it as a beauty supply?  And how I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and then threw the bottle in the trash?  Maybe I did that last thing off camera.  However, what I’m trying to say is that Blush fixed all that shenannery with this month’s box.


Much better, right?

That big packet is one of those scary sheet masks from Bioxidea.  Serious, don’t be walking around your house amongst your children wearing one of these masks.  Unless you want them sleeping in your bed for the next 8 years.  Just keep it confined to the privacy of your bathtub, ok?

Anyway, there are three versions of this mask, and I got the gold one.  And full price for these babies is $74 – for just three masks.  Well!  Put it in the cart then!  It’s bound to replace my old face with a brand new one at that price.  It does say it uses “nano gold bits” (whatever that is) to do all sorts of miraculous things to your skin.  I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know the results.  Hopefully something amazing happens after just one use, because I will never ever ever ever be able to afford this product.

Next thing is yet another sample of the REN Evercalm Global Protection day cream.  This time it came in pouch form (my other samples were tubes), which depressed me a whole lot.  However, I absolutely looooove this moisturizer.  It feels so good on the skin.  BUT, my love has limits and it’s called one-time-use packet, so I promptly gave it to a friend.  On the upside, I still have one sample tube of this left so it’s all good.

Always excited to receive dry shampoo in my boxes.  Although I’ve already found my holy grail (Batiste, if you’re curious), I love to try different ones anyway.  This one by Klorane is pretty good so far.  I won’t know for sure until I reach about 2/3 into it, as that’s when the white powder goodness usually disappears and all that’s leftover is wet air.  So we’ll see how it holds up.

I have never used nail wraps before, so I was a little ho hum pigs bum about getting a packet of them from NCLA.  I have a co-worker who uses them all the time, and they turn out great.  But I’m not very adept at doing my nails, even though these are like little stickers instead of wet polish, so by that fact alone I should be ace at it.  I’m going to give them a try, though, just simply because I have them, the pattern is pretty cute, and I paid for them (technically).  They are more reasonable than bowel drops, let’s just say.

Got this nifty little bottle of DHC deep cleansing oil, which upon further inspection, seems to be the company’s most popular product.  I have used this several times already to remove my makeup, and let me just tell you one thing:  this stuff is awesome at melting away your mascara.  I can actually feel it disappearing (partly indicative of the massive racoon eyes, but still).  So I like it a lot.  It’s not going to replace my normal facial cleanser – I’m not even sure it’s supposed to – but I’ll allow it to remove my mascara.  Does a pretty good job, actually a better job, than all of my other eye makeup removers I’ve used in the past.  Are you intrigued?  Well lucky for you there are 3 different sizes you can buy on their website.  The mini is only $5.50 and I’m thinking it should last maybe a month or so.

I use an exfoliating scrub twice a week, so I’m currently on the last bit of the Strivectin one I’ve been using.  Perfect timing, as I got this Vbeaute Rub Off facial exfoliator all ready to go.  Does not the words “rub off” make you want to use this product immediately?  By all means, please do.  Seriously, if it could get rid of gaping pores and forehead crevices with just one swipe, that’d be great.  The least amount of effort on my part is always ideal.  In fact, if I could just put a licensed aesthetician in my back pocket, who dispenses products at will, wouldn’t that be awesome?  Uh oh, dry patch, lemme get that for you.  Pimple alert, here’s some cream.  Ooh, shiny spot, blotting paper ACTIVATE! 

That was weird.  Sorry about that.  Moving on.

Next up is a can of water … oh, excuse me, spa water, from Vichy.  I’m kind of making fun of this product, but kind of not.  If you go on the website, it says there’s been 15 clinical studies that show benefits of using this water.  It has soothing and fortifying properties.  With minerals and antioxidants, so unique it can’t be duplicated by science.  So powerful, it can reset your skin’s health.  Quite clearly a miracle of nature.  And if all of that isn’t enough to convince you to use this product, it is also from France.

I’m not sure how to use this product, however.  Is it a toner of some kind?  Is it a makeup setting spray?  The website says to use it day and night to complete your cleansing routine.  What does that mean, though?  Before moisturizer?  After?  Oh my GAWD, it’s too complicated.  If you can’t tell, I need explicit instructions, otherwise I cannot live my life.  I need to know the who, what, when, where and for how long.  Do not tell me to cook pasta for 10-12 minutes or until done because that means nothing to me.  If you mean 11 minutes, just say 11 minutes.  Do I need to teach the universe how to behave properly?!  Gah.

Aside, from all that, I’ll use it.

Got another tube of mascara, ya’ll!  That makes about 20 or so in the stash.  I will never use them all, so I’m trying very hard to weed out the bad ones and concentrate on the good ones.  This NYX one – bizarrely called Are You DeprEYEved Of … – seems okay.  It’s a mascara serum, so apparently it’s supposed to promote fuller lashes.  If I would just devote my lashes to this one product, that is.  The benefits are few and far between if I use it every other month or so, like I am apt to do.  In any case, it does provide some decent length to my sad little straight, sparse lashes.  So this goes in the “good” pile.

Okay, here’s another product that has left me in the dark on how to use it.  This little sample of AFA exfoliating gel.  It says to use sparingly on a cleansed face and leave on overnight.  Mmmk.  Then what?  Wash it off the next day?  When do I use moisturizer, before or after?  Is a serum necessary?  And by the term “sparingly”, how much is that exactly?  I hate my life sometimes.

In my defense, I am terrified of using a product incorrectly.  Especially one that apparently needs a doctor to prescribe for you (according to the website; I have no idea how Blush got their hands on samples then).  What if I burn my face off because I’ve applied too much? Or cause some sort of chemical explosion because I combined it with serums and moisturizers that are simply not allowed?  I take my skin care very seriously, people.  I should probably ban myself from anything too complicated, as the anxiety that ensues afterwards sometimes just isn’t worth it.

I’m calling the 800 number.

Okay, question answered.  After applying the gel, wait 20 minutes then apply moisturizer.  And if I want to use serums with it, that is fine as long as I follow the 20 minutes rule.  I am such a rule-follower, I have no problem with this.  Now I am fully prepared to use this product.  All one-time-use of it. Hmmmphf.

Final item in the box is a perfume by Elizabeth Arden called Untold.  Didn’t stink, but we’ve discussed how much I don’t care about perfume.  Gave this to a friend, so it was repurposed nicely.  As soon as I use up the two bottles of perfume I already have – in about 15 years or so – I’ll be back on track to collect more perfume.

So that’s it.  Blush is still my favorite box, despite not liking everything in it.  I use the majority of it, and what I don’t use I make fun of mercilessly, or give away to others who will take care of it and treat it with kindness and respect.  And that’s very admirable of me, don’t you think?

(You do.  You think exactly that.)